March 29th Write A Tune Tuesday Country Studs.mp3

Friday, April 8th


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My attitude to. John and Sammy. On the show in the west come local musician Greg White juniors and it is her triumphant return. If you yes. Poses this last hour of your life take us there follows great man I you know sing and about country says that. I'm not now Greg's first that's the first go to topic right at the bottom of the UK bracket not carpentry. So after Obama you had the idea to tell we have FaceBook live right now night quite aware about the FaceBook live this week you know you can watch Greg work. And others on the U helped create about Jimmy's beat K bracket. Makes you want a cigarette and I don't smoke I was fine for sure. Parallels that fuel efficient as I could drive three I've not made up not mighty ET good looking Lisbon in my. All that's Justin Morneau blatant attempt to pity. Yeah employees. So I know you've got the word solution they're Greg I don't know I got it all nice nice camera. He doesn't. All over the place. Now we're gonna live. Can we live on FaceBook and this is Greg White junior his song is called country studs that you helped write for righted tune Tuesday taken away greater really go here. Hello Chris. Hello Sam. I'm defending champs will be dead man. Hello Luke. Hello blades we won't beat me down reduces this please. No serious. In my house. And it's Tammy got her way. She's never low mountains. Cute little food sees no running alone around. Because players. John C Stearns. In the house. Now John. It never have a beautiful list. Jane and caring. And Miranda alone is. Tammy dean is the way yeah. With the doll clothes. It is because things. Had a blatant. There believe okay easily and see where. 'cause she's third. And the house. Hey and if damning gather weighing. She never let amount. Cute little deserve Z is all around in all around. Because Ayers. Conscious. It's in the half. Gators. Countries. It's. In the house. Craig why it's a junior her. Great white Amanda Lynn Morris and look like there's another country's done and they can't Joanna. On the story. I didn't thank you very much. A great light junior I understand you're posting songwriters session what's going on this sailor dad says songwriters showcase actually we we're going to be doing her on the initial submissions for all song writers and also been in the SN eight county area and also Orange County area. You can go to long road records dot com and submit your songs your initial rounds and if you're chosen the top fifteen songwriters the top fifteen. Best songs will be chosen to compete at the Horton grand theater here in downtown San Diego. On in front of a panel of industry judges and an audience listening sells cool heroes in this whole thing down most in this in my team had my brand new company long road records and Reid gonna do it Andre you know so yeah the initial round ends on April 5. So song writers always songwriters out there against his songs in and no be judged no man. And then the top fifteen songwriters who goes to this a showcase a court grand theater on April 24 you can allow a good reaction from us so we aren't you you know and everybody is getting really excited about this week you know were were trying to support the local songwriter organizations. Honest you know there's a few of them out there and they're great organizations. Com we also have a lot of people they're very excited about. He'll be a part of the judge panel and we have a lot of songwriters they're like you know always hungry for opportunities it's immaterial heard. And now that's what we wanna do this is all about the song writers. So are right and that's what we're about here is well on penicillin as far as write a tune Tuesday does all morning local musicians also congratulations on your seem to be little baby boy whose. Is going to be saying are you very much sooner than in Nelson coming sooner yeah every day by guys have a good day.