Mama Barbara is BACK with Olympic Coverage!

Wednesday, February 21st


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To play do what Jesus had dignity. Give us. Do what do what juice. Had dignity it's about. Our current market in San Diego. Mall. Yeah you hear that I'll remember welcome finally where all the Olympics are almost don't worry never get it the chance to talk to you. Now pop that. You are. Hurt. I bet you are pathetic you have some health issues that that we're pretty severe that you dealt list. And now you're on. The good side of everything so we are so glad we got you back once again before we get into the Olympic talk mama Barbara did you feel the warm cable soup I had sent to you. I certainly you know boarded it wore my army did you get the two dozen red roses and I I essentially the John I don't know they might still be on the way okay did you get the comfort alpaca I had sent to you via the Milwaukee zoo hello my curtain. The popular perfect. Awesome clothes what you know that I've come here for you there was concern for you. Daughter logs into the stuff for you outright it could be edited cited progress yeah. No kidding no kidding sweeter still have it all series we're very happy you're feeling well your fans have been calling out for you they've missed you this Olympics yeah I met effect earlier this morning young Ryan called asking about you wanting to know where you've been so he's. Patiently waiting to hear mama Barbara and her Olympic Medal counts. Last year are well would you like right now to average parent trying to make good grief. Norway. Thirteen gold. While they're really movement now in my grandson missile threat to these gap little money in Norway. New mob are during the Summer Olympics you're crushing pretty darn I'm Michael Phelps. A Somalia I believe there restraining order was talked about. I put. There anybody you aren't sure aren't. I'm Karabakh is there anybody in the Winter Olympics that catches your eye that you perhaps as you said that they would like to pitch some cool whip. Bush should the email or X or lynch. I haven't had anyone slip might trigger like at the. My golf ball up up up up our Mike Gartner a bigger part. It is good to hear yours too what did you think about the Canadian ice dancing couple that everybody thinks should be dean. Or you know lack look at march China based band together practicing maybe there are only down everything that's all I mean I am maybe better. Adding. Maybe they're not dating person able perhaps they know each other but that's what I broke our back. Well let other honor I would certainly expect to be looking up that's. What happened. When. Jack I'm sorry I cheered on. We'll provide a thanks Jerry Jerry and I think you so much for calling this morning we're so glad that your feeling better we love you and we miss you and sold in San Diego. Thank you very much have a great day San Diego. All right we'll see you soon sweetie and thinks your city or county Toyota dealers we've got what it takes bringing us mama Barbara is Olympic Medal count.