Local Tattoo Shop "Mums Custom Tattoo" Gives Free Tattoo For Donations For Abused And At Risk Youth In San Diego

Thursday, July 12th


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There are children right now school aged children. And don't a place to sleep that are on the streets that are homeless and we. Are trying to do something about that with a business owner here in San Diego cold hacks for hacks. Packs for cats I should say I'm sorry. And that's coming up right now John team in the morning of 137 KSO and. We do I human warm day again today upper seventies to upper eighties. Our friend Mason is that mom's custom tattoo and he beat. And this is something that is such a cool thing for so many reasons but here's the gist of it. Mums custom tattoo in July. Giving away free tattoos for donations of backpacks filled with school supplies for homeless and abused use. In San Diego Mason good morning it's great touch again pal. Perrier or are now we know you're asking for people to bring in backpacks filled with school supplies which is for a fantastic cause and ample. If you're already out buying some for your kids is to an extra one or meteor. Like I am your kids are out the door I can go buy a backpack and fill it with some supplies or even if you don't have any kids just knowing that you're gonna help kids. Who are homeless street and help them get to the right spot they need to. Mason tell us how to get the tattoos for donating this. What we get a partner infinity and youth services which hopes abruptly from 191000. Homeless. Are rescued from San Diego 2000. Yeah. Every year and it is so people can bring backpacks we have Russell's play list. On our answer grab it bring it back packs so the school supplies to advance. We're kicking results on Friday the thirteenth at 8 AM. They bring her back accent and very they have or slushy second cheers from their captors. Were also downgraded credit thirteen. And using that as a way to kick off this shop backpack truck. This is happening at mom's custom tattoo in Pacific beach. And Mason has teamed up with San Diego youth services uses the non profit here in San Diego. That helps raise donations for these children over 500000. Homeless runaway abuse in at risk youth in the San Diego area. Have benefited from this. Mason not to get too personal but you are one of those you if you were helped by Cindy who youth services and now you look at me give that we love that about you man. Yes one of their successor. When I was able to I was more. You know go. When I grow up I want very give back and help other people. Become a success story I guess so you know San Diego County last year estimated. That there is over 23000. Youth on the streets. Where should I mean if you look around this city its mind blowing. Yeah absolutely mind blowing and if there isn't someone to just. Give them a handout. That that's sometimes all you need is that they have nobody. And if there's someone out there who can reach out and give them a hand up that's going to become. A very successful young person may soon enough is still brings in a backpack donation you and you've got beset tattoos that you are willing to give for free. Could they also use this donation. As he came into if they of sorts towards another kind of more elaborate tattoo that you're not offering as part of the tester pack program. Sure we're gonna continue accepting backpacks or tattoos. All the way in Seoul August 15. After crediting those are part so because there are only minutes out tattoo time in the shop and they can pick anything that they want. Perfect okay. Again mom is custom tattoo dot com you can also find their FaceBook page there instead Graham page. To donate to find out the list of donations needed and of course the ten teams that you can get. Mason from moms custom tattoo you bring him back. You're gonna help sandy who use the services distribute these backpacks to kids. That need to end their lives might depend on the stuff inside that backpack and you'll get a free tat just for doing this is a great deal as how I got my first at duke rape and you don't even have to get a tattoo you can just donate just to do the right thing. Yeah that's absolutely right or being accepting donations so that next month so unit united their body or through free drop off backpack persons also. All right thank you very much Mason giving back to the community. Where in in all in all honesty Mason didn't have to do this you know grew up in a horrible childhood and it was on the streets and and you know turn his life around things sending youth services and he's given back now it's a wonderful thing anymore information that you need to give us a call here at 8332871037.