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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Politicos discovery center is a nonprofit zoo and aquarium located in the south bay. Offering visitors an incredible setting in which to explore the amazing animals and plants the caller coastal region home. The discovery center inspires curiosity and exploration of the living there. Joining us this morning is living coast discovery center marketing and communications manager Rachel harper and education manager Elizabeth Argyle. Welcome Rachel welcome Elizabeth thank you for having second morning. In morning that nice to have both you on the show this morning how was the living coast discovery sent have been around. So the little justice every senator has actually been around for almost thirty years were celebrating her thirty year anniversary next year. And Phillips started in 1987. But it actually started as the Chula Vista nature center. A lot of times people might say I'm never really because of every senator don't you tell on the Justina two of us need to Senegal. Have plays lazy and out of Taiwan I was a kid and this so we've actually been around almost thirty years now is pretty incredible. And why the name change yes well I'm to make a long story charts the two live as the major senator was obviously owned and operated by the city of Chula Vista. For a long period of time but in 2009. And we had to becoming nonprofit organization. And sound shortly thereafter we re branded ourselves as the living those discoveries Anderson's there were no longer run by the city. And were you locate your arms to the Vista aware of where into the yes so we are actually aid nonprofit zoo and aquarium and we're located. In Chula Vista on San Diego Bay so it's really beautiful we're right on the bay. And we're actually located on national wildlife refuge which is really cool it's really beautiful it feels like he'll look at different world out there. The most what's the mission. Via living coast discovery center so we weren't too inspired the care and exploration of the living earth. By connecting people with local plants animals and habitats. But I mean honestly in layman's terms that we really just trying to connect people with nature so that they care about and they wanna protect wildlife in the future. So that's that's what makes this so important for people to learn more about this yes definitely and it's it's hard as you know we live in the big city. And a big area and sometimes it's it's easy to forget that meters out there you know and it's in your own backyard there's pensioners animals everywhere but when Luke Massa leading host. Like I said it's it's it's secluded. It's different team and you're right there on the bay and you're surrounded by all the wildlife and it just really Canon makes you get in touch and respect nature. And and San Diego really I mean. Yeah this you know big city that we do you have so many trails and yeah waterways definitely and that's what's so beautiful about Andy does one of the most by a diverse regions. In the country. You know there's so much to its Florida so much to learn about I mean you're you're never demining. I'm when it comes nature and wildlife in science and those sorts of things and so it's great to be able to go out and just you know learn it well all of this is needed of to Southern California you know you never would've really guessed it that we live in a beautiful environment we're very blessed to be able to live here and we want to make sure people onto that regretted. And how long you've been with the Yemeni coast discovery center I'm Ivan yeah I am almost a year and a half now. Now and what what drew you to them gosh I mean ever since I was little I just I loved. Animals and love being outdoors and running around and hiking and plain words and so I just mean today you know my career had a bead wildlife oriented you know I had to be working with animals and cell. I saw this and I digestion so quick you wouldn't believe and I am I'm thrilled to be there is a great place toward and you Elizabeth yes so my back. Is actually an education. And but I always knew that I wanted to do more than just being in the classroom. The teachers in the classroom I have so much respect for them they have. I'm so much on their play and they do such a great job with our kids but. I just really wanted to connect with families and went. Diverse groups of people and so I've always sought out opportunities to educate with wildlife and an animal's. But in an area where weaken we can really connect with those families and so. The living 'cause his carries and it was just a perfect place to work because. As Rachel mentioned it what's really unique about it is that were right on a wildlife refuge. And that you don't really see those as much anymore and there's not that many around and what's great is that we have great partnerships with US fish and wildlife services. Which helps to protect that wildlife refuge we've got beautiful walking trail so you're you're really encapsulated reins that in nature and the exhibits that we displayed ability necessary Sen are all local animal also. We really focus on those that people really realize that they've got major write their own backyard and that's what I love seeing as the families with a grand parents and they'll. And their little I grandkids just coming out enjoying our steam RA is an hour sharks and we've got a bald eagle and a golden eagle so getting that close to an Eagles just. It is a while as the kids everyday and such just such a great blessing to be asked me every day. Athlete were you ever classroom teacher. I was shortly say I healthy and some afterschool programs and stuff like that so that's what I am. Helps me see you do you what I do best which is working in education apartment and I helped lead a lot of our school programs. As well our family programs and so I really know what's the teachers need in nine and the expectations that they have put on them. For their classrooms and and their standards that they have to meet in itself. That's really really strive to do an educational programs at the living 'cause discovery center week try to create programs that is gonna really tailored to the needs of our teachers we have converted all of our programs sent a new science standards which is known as next generation science standards. And that's gonna help the teachers to meet that. Meet the standards they need to do at the end of the year Sony bring their kids out for field trips they are not only having a fun day with the kids in connecting him to wildlife. But there also getting the resource is that they need to take it back to their class currency continued that lesson well into their school year. Now on talk more about some of those field trips side and in just a little bit that you mentioned about. Families coming out and in seemed to join their their faces and everything in my my daughter and and grandkids where Theo living coast discovery center I think about a month ago. And they loved it knack I gotta tell you though one of the biggest things that they they liked the most out of it. Wasn't the animals it was that the shuttle ride from the. Part of my yeah center ES we always say it's an experience right from the parking lots now. Not because relocate on that refuge so we keep talking about we actually do have a shuttle service that comes and picks you up right from the parking lot and brings you into the center. I'm and that's because we're located on over 300 acres of protected lands and so the kids they really enjoy that settled because the wind at their in the air and they're just looking out the window they get to see marshes and wetlands and bird hunting profession. Birds flying overhead and little bunny rabbits during cross the red and it's just it's really an experience rate as your drive and up to that stability because discoveries and so it's so it is an adventure from from the start from the get go and it's absolutely. Well and sometimes it's really interesting but as where we. Where it's located. The tide can completely change the scenery. So daring I tied it looks like you're on and it's basically near or just almost driving on the water. You know which is kind of scary sometimes now they say hey you know and when it's low tide you did you see all that grasslands and all the different animals and they are all of the birds and so it's really cool because you realize wow the tirade. Alone so greatly affects the small you know piece of my. For all of these animals and academies and like how what they do when the tide comes in what they do and tide goes out but it's it's great to see an obstacle for you guys Alex every day. Something different yak it really is it surely as you never know you know you drive up in nearly all its high tide plus it's beautiful. And the kids love that they that low that they love the yen petting sting rays yeah that's good the hearing gas that we have a second ray experience is really popular with kids. And we have attached taint any good to go in and needed to fingered touch like we all now. And he gets you know touched down the rays back as they can swim I and it. And we also due to shark in race feedings every day in their public and so they need to learn a little bit about them as well. And the two finger touch the tipping your taxes very specific to us as can be ten sullied the tipping your test on the back not near the base. And we also want it and I teach they guessed that. These animals there are animal ambassadors there. They're representing animals are you would seem a wildlife and that. When people go out as a wild run a silly saying I'll go pick up a snake her go catch a stingray or saying we want to appreciate that so here are animal ambassadors. Represents see the animals that they would see if they win it's snorkeling and in the plant clover if they went hiking in mission trails. These are animals that they can go and take pictures of and look. And and enjoy. But sad we do have animal ambassadors that they do get to touch enactment which is really awesome and they server really great teaching tool for a lot of guests we have. Animals such as our reptiles which are often times. Taken in as pets and people think that they can have a pet reptiles or pet bird. And then those animals in a really long time and it takes a lot of care and and sit and they realize soon that they'd they can't really afford to add to take care of these animals for so long. And so that's why they end up getting turned over to places like our senator where we're kind of a forever home for a lot of these animals and we do have a lot of funding now we have to raise to use support all of our animal care and that our animal care staff did an amazing job and making sure that they're healthy. And that they're safe and living at a really nice life. There at the living gusts every senator to the summer you're animals then are you consider their rescued animals and right exactly yes we are sanctuary for our. A lot of animals there are are birds of prey are great example we've got. Falcons and hawks and Eagles and owls and most of those came to us for one of two reasons one. Being that the were injured that they. Got hit by car ran into a building. Something like that the other is that dean might be imprinted an imprint it means that somebody picks them up as a check and thought I can racist. This bird it's just like any other birdies yet the pet store. And then they quickly realized that falcon aren't. Hough that they brought into their home it grows big need space and they really are taking good care of this animal on that they do need to turn it over and they do they turn it over to a rescue place who helps to kind of rehabilitate the bird. And but because that bird is. Has been with the person for so long they've not learned how to deal wild animal on how to hunt and and go out on their own in the of rely on people announce on. They have to have forever home and that's what we are aware sanctuary for a lot of our birds have politicos discovery center. Can I once came upon a man injured hawk. And I called project wildlife to come back and rescue it from me. Perfect and that's you should the aunts and unfortunate you know that back kind of thing happens in a lot of times we did get some calls that people. Saying over the causes every cent you know I found this animal and it's injured in. You know unfortunately we're not we don't have operation silly though and take that animal and Dan revived as we say okay here's process wildlife number you know they take care of that itself. We're always letting people now they re resource is to go for those sorts of situations. Right not to call you you're right maybe get the animal later in the you know in the future maybe the way out you always want to call project wildlife if he sees an injured animal in San Diego because what a lot of these resources in San need to do is they actually rescued animals and are able to release them if they're able to. And give them some surgery to help fix whenever injury they have and then release him back in the wild. But then they're does come a point where some animals aren't considered non at least double because. Injuries to an extent for example are Eagles both of them have amputated links. So they can't fly they can't hunts like us and I heard there not exactly so they're story doesn't have to and is there instead they get to come to us the living closest every senator. Where families and guests get to come in it and enjoy these birds and learn about their wild counterparts and so. There animal ambassadors such as help to teach the families. What to do to help not only rescued Eagles that they might see injured. But also help protect them we used to have a huge population of Eagles here. In San Diego and now we don't see that many anymore and a lot of that has to do with our development and has to do it. Encroachment of ads. Humans as we build our our homes and our cities into their homes but there are ways that we can co exist with these animals that we can help protect them. Whether it's something as simple speaking up trash after yourself or. Reducing how much waste you make by using reusable bags of it doesn't go in though into the water. All across the country we've been hands DDT which was a pesticide that was. Hurting a lot of these animals and reducing their populations in and things like that so there's lots of different avenues that people can actually. Helped to bring back these numbers and we have started to see. Couple couple pairs of Eagles a bald Eagles in east county we actually have a huge volunteer. I am now or do you think you can have a huge volunteer network and at the living 'cause discovery senate. And a lot of our volunteers. And go on hikes together and they even going to cleanup slot a hike. And often times they see these animals in the wild life and it and we get to hear great stories that. How many of them and the animals and plants do you have at the living close discovery center so we still we have over 350. Different species of plants and animals. And that represent all of our local wildlife here and what's unique about is that not all these plants animals are necessarily. In enclosures on our site as we've got our walking trails nearby where you get to see actually see a lot of these animals. In their native habitat EC birds that are migrating carrying. The winter and spring seasons when they're going back and forth between. Either breeding grounds or feeding grounds depending on what kind of bird they are. And I you see those along the shore eating in the mud looking for her. For different animals in in progress that they can get out of the mud. In the water or sixteen in the marsh and I am as Rachel was talking about earlier with high tide it brings in a lot of space up close of the red. And then you see eat grits and other birds waiting not water fishing for. For their next meal so it's it's really great and we get to see. This wildlife. In in the habitat that it is supposed to be and yak and for those that aren't you know those that maybe you haven't seen AC's turn on the wild but is very few people get to and it's such a rare experience you know. We have Clement so that's clay is so special and so unique is that you can't hemming you can see sea turtles and occupy and see courses and he's tired and you know all kinds and acquire they can reptiles median species that maybe you don't get to see in the wild because there is just not as great numbers as there used to be. And when you get up close or you get to touch something that you never thought you would get you. And I think you really just instills a sense of passion and people that makes them go. Well I should recycled you know it you littering it is that an Hannah actually impact this animal and what if what if I threw my trash on the ground and an animal eat it is something happened how terrible about the insight I think it's really just connecting those dots. And to get that message across to guests. It's cool because. I wasn't aware that dead. I was thought that they were all in in enclosures. But because you're on the wildlife refuge right yet they come and go and you can just observe them. Yeah in their cats so we you have like the living because discovery center where they animals are in enclosures at an outside on those trails in the refuge you can you can go out and you can watch any conceived Lenny Kravitz and lizards and all of the birds and not sort of things and it's kind of just had a really unique experience school yak and let's greatly offer these trail backpacks now actually free for guests use have to ask about him and check them out and and they've got resources in there like binoculars and bug boxes so you can bring your family down and just start exploring right right from the very beginning. And on weekends we often times offered free guided tour is where we'll we'll take you with a backpack and teach you about the animals you're looking at so. Ellie you have questions you can actually asked one of our experts name mentioned field trips school field trips you you do a lot of these aren't you. Oh absolutely we serve over 25000. Kids throughout the year both on site and off site. And that mostly comes through our field trips so we have a lot of schools that come with their kids. And their chaperones Annie get to really experience the living coast in a program known as our living latins. And living labs as I mentioned earlier our next generation science standards. Based they have a lot of steam curriculum incorporated into them with different science and technology. Depending on what the lab is an age kids. We might be dissecting fish that looking at an iPad app that shows. What human anatomy looks like inside and comparing that to the fish that we're looking at I'm on our table. Or for younger child and we might be getting to actually hold a live crowd for the first time I still town it's laying eggs and look at it's a little. Pensioners. And so we've got lots of different programs are tailored as I mentioned to the standards of the teachers really are I'm required to follow throughout their school year. And so they can she use they have a lot of choice and that's. Were very flexible with their programs as well in the sense that teachers can also cater the programs to their kids if if they feel like they're students need a kind of higher level program they can definitely choose that option. Well let's. The best part about our programs is that a lot of them are actually sponsored by some of our really great partners and I'm the US Fish and Wildlife Service. As well as the unified port at San Diego. Have both offered it basically money to help us offer these sponsorships that we can basically give these teachers three field trips. Which is incredible because I know that a lot of schools have. Tight budgets these days with I am just so much that's demanded on them and that transportation and bust the funding is very expensive. So the fact that our admission and our program costs are completely covered by the sponsorships. Is this amazing so it's really easy that teachers can just go on our web site. The living Kos dot org. And they can apply for these sponsorships. And and I and I mentioned the word apply. Because we do you have to kind of track what kind of schools are coming if there's a need a lot of a lot of times organizations that helped to sponsor these schools they wanna see that there actually making a difference. On but for the most part a lot of our funding I am really covers our field trips so if you go online. I'm you pretty much almost guarantee that your inning in a field trip as it's very very rare that week we don't have a free field trip to get away and so. That's really great for the teachers because they can bring their entire class they don't have to worry about raising money for a field trip. And so that this really helps them and it helps to bridge that. That hurdle that they would have had to overcome so. And how much stuff is free now it is like actually free yeah like there's not think you make there's not you know it's free you just tackling those records and he just register your class and it's free and you come on down. And you get a free program I mean it's it's incredible and that's why we're so so. Grateful for our great partners like he was an an any school then Kim can now apply yeah absolutely any school can apply and they just have to talk to us in education apart mentally coast. And as Rachel Manson make sure that they register because we are filling up with our field trips and so. Our spring gets very busy so we definitely recommend teachers get on that as soon as possible and any grade level an angry little K through twelfth grade. I am that we he will do our field trips there we've got amazing instructors they come from diversity of backgrounds and and we also have these wonderful docents there are volunteers suite we have over 300 volunteers at the living closest every senator. And a lot of them are what we call docents which means that they not only just signed up to be a volunteer but they committed to. Over six weeks of training. Where they went through extensive background about Alvin native species and about our history and about the son Aaron all kind of different information that they gathered over the over that training course. And then they are the ones actually lead to students through. Guided tours around a senator and the kids just love it they get to hear stories about our animals and learn how weak. I rescued an animal or learn about our endangered species programs or our research or. Not get to learn how to safely go snorkeling infinite with a stingray and all kinds of different different things that they then they would not normally get if they were just kind of visiting eleven selves or with just their teachers in there. Sap rounds because they are actually being guided by these experts and so. And then on the flip side they also get to come into our living lab and work with our instructors and do you something cans on that. They don't really realize that there are learning we always say it's. And hit in learning like. ER. PR EI they haven't so much fun to play you know you go home and you tell your parents I learned is that I did since they had no I haven't you learned yeah. And a cancer remains an end and rally. Because it just happened Abbas it's it's great announcement Philip because it's all about is really connecting those students because they are future and and as Rachel said if we can get and connect the dots and realize oh mom and dad let's bring in as reusable bags and a grocery store or I wanna take that not a sack Lanston schooled at a lunch box. You know things like that that they they start to make those connections and and it leads into their adulthood and it went there actually. Working in our businesses and helping make decisions in in the business world as as they get older and things like that so I didn't really it really makes a difference especially when you're reaching as many kids as many guests as we are. And I'm also you know you talked about not being a lot of fun seeing her for her you know schools and teachers how hard that is. And that's why in addition to field trips we also have outreach programs yes so are out reaches our another great thing that teachers can actually go online and register for. We also have funding for that use of funding is limited. I'm they can apply for our outreach programs to get free outreach is coming to their school. But basically we are bringing the wildlife ratings have their classroom that way I don't have to deal with buses or shop around her organizing all that. But instead they get to have that whole lesson kind of brought into their classroom and taught one on one with our with our instructors to their students. I'm and the kids to speeded up they just love it where they get to meet an animal not a war need to dissect the fish are squid. And damn and then they go home and other parents about it so it's this is great. No we have we have just a few more minutes left in and I'd definitely want to touch on. Couple events that you have come cat definitely have you what are wire life gate can't tell us about that. Yeah that's so I'm does cancer are coming up and you can actually register online now at the living coast dot org. And they develop kind of fast and those are December 27 through the thirtieth. And so it's really awesome but has kids again you're you'd you'd just get to drop mocked as a parent rates. And then based and the whole day with animals just with our instructors learn about the different wildlife going on trail blocks. It's incredible because they have so much fun and we hear it all the time. Parents sell. Oh my gosh my kid got at a camp and came home I was like I wanted to back it can't be you know early when there over the kids are actually a little bit sad and so we have we have seasonal cancer is that we had and summer spring or fall. And Windsor. And we get so many kids who go every single season and still without fail what's the age group. All of our camps are for an eighteen and typically ends so the camps Ford December are actually anywhere from pre K to use third grade. And then we also deal offers them teen camps throughout the year called keeper when a when Reid gets sent. Can't pretend to be like a zoo keeper it is incredible I wish that that existed when I was a teen but anyway is. I'm no so bad the cancer just our grades and so if if he do you have somebody who's you know I can use it pre K the third grade. And and they love animals they love wildlife. Definitely look into aids and they do fill up really fast because they're super popular and and again we haven't seasonally and those ones you know are open up all the way. I'm for teens so pre K through teens all ages really really enjoy it it's really awesome and they can senate that you website yes they're living close to got port. And that they didn't get enough ability parents they can come back and join us on December 31 for our our New Year's Eve. Party it's a celebration that's the only friendly and you don't. You don't see a lot of family friendly it and New Year's Eve parties around San Diego and now. This is a great opportunity to bring out your family and celebrates. That coming of the New Year's 2017 it's going to be an exciting year for the living Kos because were going to be celebrating thirty years. But the name is eve event at the living coast is on December 31 and it's from seven and 9 PM are gonna basically be watching me. The East Coast ball drop in Times Square. The way he couldn't get home with your kid doesn't get and tucked into bed. And that when they're not up way too late and now we want an item in dealing with drugs other yeah exactly and it's good faith. Well there will be ash campaign for adults and sparkling cider and kids teens and karaoke. They'll be all kinds of different fine as well as of course they'll wild life are birds are going to be outs are reptiles. People are gonna get to get up close with them and honestly a lot of animals are more fun in the dark. Because our owls and towels you know same day nocturnal they come out tonight. And are sharks are a lot more active in the evenings this is really cool to us to be there I'm on New Year's last year we sold. Outstanding we asked we sold out like almost a week early so. Definitely look to get your tickets yet so those are on sale now I am at a living Kos dot board. And you are nonprofit. Yes so. Or not you have a year end campaign that's up and running out yes definitely is I am you know as a nonprofit zoo and aquarium we are just so grateful to all of our I am our sponsors our supporters. And really and it just it comes down to people who come in the door. And people who are willing to volunteer their time and willing to donate that ties. And and if this is a costly care about it he care about animals he Kara wildlife care about the environment. You care about educating kids so that they grow up similar to care about these things as well. And we do have I am I hear an appeal and so for 2017. We are very excited to announce that we're going to be opening a native pollen meter garden. And what that is is is basically. And neatest pollen eaters are. Fees and birds and some butterflies and basically. Anything that really is is attracted to plants and so our guardian is going to be featuring native plants. And hopefully attract a lot of different native Paula leaders and of course you know that's a good thing for the pollen meters plants but we also wanna educate people again nine. On how easy it is to have. You know some of these plants in your own backyard. And how you might be able to attract pawn metres and how he can really help make a difference and so I am different and if pollinate your garden. You know you can donate right now we do you have a campaign I've been running at the living those dot board. Or at the Libyan coast on our backs slash Tony. We make it pretty simple. And again it's just it's going to be really really cool I'm super excited and and we hope that you know that people do care about this cause and they are Wellington to give back and hopefully they'll come through our doors you know concede any of kinder garden next year. I think you're ten San Diego's best kept secret definitely and we. People tell us all the time you know and it's a frustrating that's going to be like what we want these seeker you know we want everybody to Mel bay. It is he now and we've been around for our for almost thirty years now. And is still a lot of people in San Diego don't know who we are it's real easy so I mean if you haven't ban. There's no reason not to now I'm you know just come down. It's not that far away promise is right off a five super super simple and it's I'm telling you it's a different world it absolutely gorgeous it'll take your breath away. And and you know come down consume a sea turtles and not buy into the birds it's fantastic. I like I don't know I love the fact that again trying to wildlife refuge where you can see the animals coming going. Yes and and it's all about education to which which I think is as great as well not only just. Going to observe the animals. But teaching. Yeah it really as we really wanna get that message across you know if you love these animals you love wildlife. Then you know here's here's what you can deal in your everyday life makes her that we conservatives for the future and once again your website. Www. The Libyan coast got bored and your social media are definitely we're on FaceBook Twitter instead Graham. I'm all of those backs slash about living coaxed. And if somebody wants to volunteer go to website yeah wait for the west is a great resource if you why social if you wanna separate email newsletter is if you want to volunteer. Don't meet separate camps. I get tickets to the New Year's Eve party. All of that apply for sponsorships I very gadfly for iron and green field trip. I'm more an outreach tier school all any events the living Kos dot org. And you have a field trips also for other organizations to match schools right. Absolutely we we take any any group in a sense there's a church group or community group YMCA. All of those are great partners and they can definitely come on down we'll dude tourists will do the living labs with them whatever they want as I said where. We are very adaptable to the needs of of the groups and Natalie and we just are here to serve them as well. Oh great I'm gonna have to make a trip down there myself because I have yet to be all my god seat in that's doesn't play any. My daughter and grandkids went but I'm now gonna have to email address definitely have to do where we're gonna drag down all right sounds like it I. Racial and Elizabeth thanks to be announced Saturday thanks Roy do politicos think guys how much that thinking perhaps yes. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the income San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guess will be from the professional alliance for children. Until then. And Gary late. Have a great week.