Little White Lies You Tell Your Significant Other

Thursday, January 18th


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The last time he told your significant other a little white lie always okay. Little while like you heard me right frightening. Sometimes it's for the good at. Most times I think little white lies are for good reason why they call little white lies not as blatant lies ray you're hurt someone's feelings or you know what they just are. And listen everyone's happier we don't need to know that for exactly what John timing of the morning good about that 6195701973. My husband is notorious for our liking his keys in his car and my card has always liking his keys in the vehicle owner why. It's thirty think college at that may be just how staying. He's a damn college guy and that's our only been married for almost ten years and it's still happening so sweet failure as an adult and so then the other day. My husband did tell me a little white lie that I busted him and said. Yeah it's coming to the restaurant let's get some family time money better look at those. Also sweet yet very swift oh sweet and then I get through that can barrier keys. I. I like my keys in the car that's I want you to come in all it did just said that you'd been like sorry dude you gotta learn nearly somehow who have lectured him an elderly and I doubled Hassell was hit all the three kids in the car price as your dumb college here. On dom. I'm not grown man and a father of threw me responsible worker Billy season three is this a little and then I'm voting to keep the ball see anywhere from our angle has Angela they why you're probably thinking maybe. Forwards are so sued to. I currently. And are you. Other phone numbers. Our code number is 619570197. Injury on the last. Little white lie you told your significant other Monique yours has to do with the Sheen dead even like your man's shaved head. I didn't like UNJ pet that you know that followed by it. I have isn't really should. For five years you'd you we met him I think for her that you like to shave tendon and in deep down inside not solo stuff. I eventually partner Aaron bat for the longest time I did that are at a bank at it like how it might say I even really call them back. I eat their battle like. It a lot of the birthday. Yeah it sure. You know I'm thinking now I used to have a shaved head. After a scene you radio fine as we we got our heads Shea and I thought I like him to keep it from did you guys did you guys and I think that we Obama shaved it. No I liked it when you have that Mohawk with a long moustache I don't even it's really tough. I really do I Allah cool but. Now I know I've been saved had no one you've been so why did you ever tell that because you did for charity what are we see a lot of them like two years what about you step that you don't Alicia and have a bald head for two years now is did yeah two year. Now all or a year. Those early ball but my head he was super short it was like really really should do better with your hair longer than with its super short. Because you have hair so guy to tell appeared in Barbara Berry mad that you might not shaving nineteen Greg what. I think Tony you bet 6195701973. Little white lies we tell our significant others sometimes just not make him feel so bad for you Rachel you guilty of telling you significant others some a little white lies. Yeah what's your most recent I didn't spend any money at a mob today it. And that's what do you get away just now some people lose some people don't buy you many now not in Philly. Yeah. We've been married for point by geared so it got my number as a. He knew it then yeah now doesn't your sister like hide closer car I will share that story coming up next because it's really quite in depth it's in a way so that she doesn't feel like she's. One or not that's what's probably the beautiful thing about a little quiet like 6195701973. Share with us. Little white lies that you share with your significant other. They produce your staff it's me your husband Jeff Brad which of course Ali and I unified I had yeah Ohio listen and we miss you and I and this year. I'll let us somewhat critical over accuse me in the cheek you work and in just bring the kids went and hugged them too and you first sir I can't wait I swear this is nothing to do with the fact I locked my keys in my car that was stupid guy and I. We'll playing there I'm wrong about little white lies that we tell our spouses or significant others system. Avoid hassle who beat us I mean that's really what it is as the right man the incident was on line spirited race in Indy ads case it was brilliant it was a very Smart because and I came in so. Happy that they can't. I think it would be cool. It was puts on looks to me and endlessly repeats. Can you disappear keys I locked the keys in the car again let them understand the part relationship between the UK. Oh right keeps talking I don't know Elena minded our phone number 6195701973. K Linda is in Vista hey Galen. I worried I. Doing very well. Would you tell us light lies that you tell your significant other. Out when I'm singing you. It at I am IR. EYYY. Altman. Like all right you read our can't all. Pick you out. What acts. And how high. So what do you mean deal with you'll lose your mom and hassle of baseball audience is you really intense manner what. Yeah aren't you had a month. In an act. And that's like I have a. That's hilarious isn't it Dan that I like that happens mom dad canceled honey sorry don't worry about it does you like. That's funny. And awesome thank you for that Larry is an Imperial Beach Larry with little white lies you tell your significant other. I'm my wife kind of found out I'd buy extra tickets to go he Gary Allen this weekend. OK so. He's kind of guy you want to know. Well no I was gonna surprise either and I got against. Couple weeks ago or pennant this spring because he Gary Alan and I were kind of far away from the stage. And so last week I got on this FaceBook pages and she saw that I commented and bought another pair of tickets. Policy have better seats yeah I got aren't pretty silly what you want to lie about burger rethink who you wanted to surprise her to get better seats right. Yeah yeah I still haven't used that money. Big big lie but I mean yeah it's been a little bit extra money. But it was well worth it. That's our right on nets are losing Geary on line drawing own time were you plan. I have got to edit this spring down here now I'm. Ponder. Oh nice yeah. It's too close now Lucy Gary I know I missed your yeah arrogant and well leery of it taken so in Jaffna. I want those nose bleeds. I have bad days enjoy the show you my sister has a little white lie I have it. On the you'll always find something new in the trunk of her car. Probably 80% of the time issues my sister has issue addiction Syria issue addiction she turned her little spear Benjamin to a shoe closet. I don't hold bedroom. Yeah a shoe closet and I think if she might have scars or may be some I don't know some like at a nearby. What she always does when she buys something new it Posner trumpets it's an effort to three months. Then she brings you never ever wears it takes it out and she brings it and how most that we would her husband sent over the ocean is new whoosh she's like no. You cannot rely. He's now he's never picked up on the I'm sure he dies I think you just probably stopped asking. Patient never forgotten that she has new shoes no oh sure some pro shop around Christmas. All but I have great. It is awesome.