Listeners Play Brad-Oke For Front Row Tickets To See Brad Paisley

Thursday, July 19th


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Warming up her voices reps doing scales miles exercises or anything else you need to do to make sure that you're singing is on TV or better yet for a year I. He has we have another version of Genentech means this could this time Brad O'Keefe as somebody who has the right song is going to sit in the front row at tomorrow's Brad Paisley Payne brown shelled at mattress firm amphitheater. All right we have a chance for scattered shower here and there are more humid upper seventies to upper eighties to be singing Brad Paisley will we get TU. And if you have the right song you'll be in the front row our phone number is 8332871037. And we've got Josie in San Marcos Josie welcome what a 37 KS ON. Go ahead and start singing. Josie turn your radio down and start singing honey. And you can't ask a question like I know I'm yeah. I thought just singers are general's concerns start singing to go away. Sun. Saying. Where and when. That's on the right so we just we want you ABC when we come to you know so go ahead Brandon is in CNT go ahead Brandon. I circuit using bad boy do they go. We hear your Q do you heads there. That's right way to do it brand that is not the right song though so we'll go to Cheryl in El Cajon senior weighed up front row with Brad Paisley. You that you care and Kabul and seen. That screen and I. Agree in. Sorry that's not the right time nice job go move on to Alexis and Lavoy not. Alexis seen your way to the front row with Brad Paisley. Someday I am done at the same. You flat. Don't rule. Should. That's great Alexis that is not the right song enjoy isn't just a joy singing your way a front row tickets to Brad Paisley. Thirteenth pitcher let them memory like. Islanders for ever and that's good it's not the right now so vigilant. And elaborate missing your way Brad Okie go. Well. And. And I. If I end now. It. Is not lag. All nice job Brenda all right all right let's go to Kim in Oceanside Kim senior way to the front row Brad Paisley. It's strange yes Italian I. Spanish spot in the moon my. All nicely on your parent and battered nice job human is not the right song now so let's go to Ole Tony. Okay and that's all right honey let's go to Kelley and let me say Kelly senior way to Brad Paisley in the front row. I've been known. Very and they don't you know Bernard. I. That's a great friend Eliot LOO. Added it's not the right line management Angel angel's and Oceanside angels sing your way to Brad Paisley. And wrong and bad. In. Them and grain and being you know one of them are saying. The yeah. I open the envelope we simply. Yeah sure militants to. Does that songs say beat this summer. In the envelope Piazza's as the summer yet he beat us tonight. Angel. Betty it's true. That's a good enough. How about it front early. Oh. CN NBC really good girl. Nice job Angel you'll be in the front row sing along with Bradley -- to that song and many others congratulations for winning Brad Oki. We are so logic do you want to thank those of you heard it yet she's doing OK excellent summer at 101000 tickets were giants and the in the morning.