Listener Connie Parities On Stage at Brad Paisley

Tuesday, May 24th


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All right so tell us what you got to experience Saturday night at sleep train during the Brad Paisley concert on me. Oh god I the most unbelievable evil ever I still cannot come down on for my I mean being on stage. Been there like at the bar so that the brat at 1118. And feel that I'm not a high partly it. So take us there what was it like being on stage seeing the crowd seeing the entire scene from the performers perspective. And I'm unbelievable. I mean it still feel like it didn't pack and yeah aren't I I look at my dictionary and it right. And so wonderful I think I had shut the leading nine inch being down in the tent and being back gave little. I know I never done anything like that the concert at that particular shell. So now when you're onstage with Brad and you're getting brats perspective. Did did you feel like a rock star yourself. We had that we have met he'd like. Kitna who these people down on the planet and then when they're out there like. Like duke. Connie can confirm this producers Jeff said that you all were warned to not leave the bar. And to keep your paws off breads bottom and I I can you can covered by the that happened. Or what. Really Suze I'm he's been an issue politics is onetime NC have to do the warning to everybody Betsy behavior that you had a fantastic time. I mean even so close I mean I can't be caricatured like. What I apparently parents and get great thank you think you're. We think you're being degree kiss on loyal listener and an experience that he'll never forget we love hearing about that coming. Yeah I don't get our teachers our heroes. Our partners. And yeah she. Does that mean that we're gonna see you at BC world celebration just a couple weeks from now. Yeah me my car link and leave them ray however in my family we teach. Don't elementary and clarity technical grade my niece and and I've been that you're trying to hear that oh I love seeking. It's my life. So we can't wait to see you out there to gradually you in person and to share more about your experience thank you Connie. Let you can't and moody back.