Life with Toddlers - Potty Party

Friday, January 19th


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Yeah well. It's a are behind the scenes tiered time with getting blinded by the sun and stuff had to go shut the blinds thank you go blind I'm not we're because it's really see it is their directly into the sun. Commending me with the latest we have an eclipse only. Why don't. Someone took their credit begin immediately diva I hadn't seen anything I'm going at. Talking here on my because I recorded my kids for life what doctors call awesome. And you know what do you look a bit better than you be my might not others and with. That he was having your house of them. Toddlers right now pretty aggressive and I don't try. A rubberized on your opponent and Mario you know. Had a bullet that life can wiggle brightness for the news and you. Are. And our little yeah I quiet. Or every single night what you can become a kid from Jersey everybody. The body every night every single night ice no look beside him out party are Heidi really clears it up well plug into and out. I've gotten everything nice. And cool guy. A yeah the whole. Thing and yeah. I've never talked about the bad they're more in my life and having kids. It's nonstop and then having to deal with diapers and now potty training in out party. And yeah. It's not about in the semi and a life with televisions and he's having a party in the body you know is he went in there Wacey my toilet paper. Rise what are you doing in their that day. A leg up and we guarantee this is not going to be the last time you ever ask your son once he's doing about that well. They get from one and a.