Life with Toddlers: Dumb Things Kids Fight Over

Wednesday, March 14th


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Kids fight over everything we're gonna get to that in a moment we have clouds right now still few sprinkles this morning I don't go away for a while the rain but it comes back this evening look for highs. In the sixties. Guarantee that staff producers stepped your kids are fighting over something solo artist is another edition now for cash to make life without third. That's not where that goes out and again the windows and my name is not okay. That side. Life it's toddlers to use game. I'm not up yesterday it was one of those days. You wanna get what you think are fighting all I had to Bryce. Stole some food from Stella please the people back to stop. Yeah that's got to line. Not it out Danny what's your gunman aghast they fought over a two point of some sort that every day says he needs. It does claim they were literally fighting over construction paper. Oh yeah magnetic. I want decree construction three real degree construction paper yeah just. To Brent rip it and have it go up. Why don't. I don't blame me though when kids fight over the lame is saying is it really gets on your nerves 8332871037. Bob what's going missing your kids have been fighting over recently. My son. Always fight over the best like a creature like if we get couple Roni before acerbic I have to raise the pepperoni so that there are the same number of pepperoni on. Right. That's a victory at those very obsessive compulsive do you have kids because it's they think one person out while mark these pepperoni. And you know the fight they're gonna continue by the way is not just kids about it how high. I am in the biggest piece are it is national body after all are probably used to live as being your kids that might know recently. K heir Adam. I think helped Oprah has this been really comfortable on it and might sit tight about it. All that kind of watching Lou. You really haven't blamed on his living room and you know they can't figure out what it is is gonna sit there. I have to sit and be. I was totally I'm at bat. Are you take a comfy spot my sisters and I used to fight over who went to sit on the home. In the backseat of the car. When my mom used to have Ford Pinto. In the middle part was this home and we all fought over that has Nolan what is it. Can't believe you're gonna Ford Pinto and Allen is survived those things are called not my sisters and I. Used to fight over who wanted to who got the biggest fork. As you know he Rhea dawn comes up I commend you by the way and you lost your temper rip the paper happened gimbal we also taught them some problems solving that you know. And me and it is yeah is it. You really shouldn't let your kids learn how to fight it out properly because that other ways they don't learn how to get issues when their old haven't quite a build a box already in your house. And I think my. My me my guess is that when you're not dance were played that and not butterfly won't put up up up up up up up up up up.