Life with Toddlers - Don't Waste the Toilet Paper

Wednesday, January 17th


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If you're thinking about having children. And really looking forward to that delightful sound of two that the cooling baby. I'll wait because Bruce is just presenting a life of toddlers here on a tough time. San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS OIO. Yeah I've been using this past take a lot in all my social media post test take life with toddlers right. Any tip bringing guys back to the timing your kids were lit non not a year teenagers. Then that you have adult children out cameo India and you have scenes and you closed because a life with toddler I was what you pass I was. Really appreciating that. When we were at your son's birthday party last Sunday because it really is. With UN chef Brad your husband. It's like it's it's totally a team effort Brad couldn't bull cry because. Beat you his foot surgery but he also his ex was gonna watch these kids have. There's a pony Miller Lite in the meantime. Much needed by the way and every Sunday morning Canada. But you know I mean. Put their hands in the ball retriever. You know all the sudden Telus has gone right into my parent my chair and if I really exhausting is it not. And I literally slipped and some spit up I did a banana peel tape of flip going downstairs yesterday my room my breast pump parts gulf lying. And I got to elicit a UMK I'm fine we demand owner but you have horses leave the Wheeling and lake legs up down to totally totally dozens of spit up. Well. NN arrogant arrogant and a statement put a little have been recorded a moment in time here's a life with toddlers you. Ranks. You better not be wasting my time pay per. I think he does and there are. Really doesn't that's an itself. Better not be wasting my to a Bieber can you explain that as an individual to know her toddlers are now it's. In repayment well Paula white is your toilet paper. Soaring I. So the person who is using the bathroom that's not their pregnancy your toilet paper my husband has never loved you more than right now at that mall for me I think that with the toilet paper I'll point out. Just in case you wanna have kids. You better not be waking liked it singer. And why is the bat girl. You'd still only ten minutes after I recorded this. He's a boy you just get used to that Jesus who runs do his thing. Go on and on all right it's the beginning so I believe five truck yet and while he didn't about they're not Stella sees an opportunity option. They. Knowing you're not an easy embraces dinner. Hey yeah yeah. David beat me and big V in the bathroom and all of a sudden I should. There was you don't. Get off this class and he's coming back didn't. Think he'll. Police and so yeah Huck but he shouldn't. And London and not an owner didn't. Plural. No it gives your weekend actual. You drinking. Given her going back. Ahead. I love that she steals the whole thing in the gives it back item and get your own is something there meanwhile will be still gonna get. And then she turned to sneak is eight rules of super cheap Dele Bieber being wasted way I love her broccoli toy. The. Saying. And a yeah map. Thank you for taking I'm. I'm. Meanwhile Brooke it's. He better not be wasting my time they earned. Life which others who does have that. Engraved in my mind every time I think I'm having a baby would be so grating they. Me out keep bringing you a little statements relate with others to really Beckett.