Life Lessons with Liam: Trick-or-Treating and Some Jokes

Thursday, November 2nd


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Still I love it when I get the opportunity to face time with my grandson who lives back in Wisconsin and of course. I wanted to check out some how they went with trick or treating in the middle of it. Not only do we get some jokes but we also get a life lesson that. Carl had a note that. Welcome to another installment and home life lessons with. Brian T on Cheney this. Sixteen and shouting yeah. Yeah. What are you doing and you are. You gonna have a sleepover at the Williams. Well that's super fun who's Glenn Glenn is his other grandma she's alama I'm T Emma the competition. And competition. At. That. This year bristled when I. I don't know she is not competition she's army should not competition he loves you up all known known known I know I would never say that she's awesome she's an awesome glam. The mean hate Leung only what happened when you took off in the sputtering Preston went trick or treating us. Still. A card and eat and how. A. That is not good. Not yeah. Yeah. I don't argue in what we are written any. After getting ugly and that is just proven my point on Halloween Hokies can't wrap their minds around again area. I'm very candid and well it was. All hypocrite. Every single morsel. But did you he had gone. I. Let's tell. You have a new joke for me. The only. Sure. I don't know William weird doesn't she go for a haircut. Won't want to miss him. Delivery perfect punch line and. Yeah yeah these kids really. Get you know you've got another one of them will be an unreliable. At. God love them and includes design and the greens yeah you know and. It's what kind of bees make milk instead of honey I don't know Leon Tellme. I. And I have doesn't look good. It's hit me. Okay so hey. And this. All right we. Oh man. Just like that world you know and a half years old yellow. If it if it.