Life Lessons with Liam - Shout Out to Liam's Ladies

Tuesday, May 15th


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I like it when I get the opportunity of face time with my grandson only on the he is five I have a second one now focused Lehman is a little baby brother Rory whose who was born in March is he talking it can be get him on the yours no he's just born in March from Andre Carter top. Anyway. So we we're kind of all over the place we we're talking about Williams lady is he had some. Some things he wanted to let them know he also had some jokes and some things that great about having a baby brother in this edition of yes. Yeah. And two others. Died this week. Really key on tell us. She didn't didn't. Leon Howard isn't your little brother. Now. I have a question for helium and so I was speaking in tongues and there's. He was just cut all over the place that day all over the planner as you'll see when he tells jokes and off with more understandable then. I question for helium. There women called Williams to ladies and they weeks hear from you is there something you'd like to tell them. And a boy and I understood. And he's so good. And you are awesome William K I know you so. What is the best thing about having a baby brother and it's X. What are you gonna teach him anyways and who likes all the things and then I like all the things about a sport. You hang an analyst for where track okay will be eighty feet yeah a giant baby feed on this one what do you that'd teach him once he can start talking. I'll about it. OK gentlemen put better putter now. And feed you know well we feel about being beaten us this that's a gateway and National Mall Kate. I heard you learn some new jokes fairly easily these. And we have one. He. Asks in that eighty. How do you get an astronaut baby to sleep I don't know William how do you get an astronaut being discreet. And fuel racquet out all my guys. They're a you. You seem redundant. Do you. Why can't pick how do math I don't know the why can't pick how do you man. Well. It doesn't manic calculator. I graduate graduate this conundrum to analyze and Jill Carroll would care are okay meanwhile Roy's big. Yeah when I first faced and he kept stick and buries feed in in the camera in my coming I wanna talk to you about the baby. But for whatever reason is obsessive little flat and Nolan no issues as far as like more attention towards roar than him during the year he's well he's typical five year old UC starred at temple little that we had a little discussion yesterday did you did you lectured him I can. Sure and probably made him the difference in the five year old's life well we'll see okay. Graham you listen to his two Emma.