Life Lessons with Liam: New Jokes!

Monday, May 21st


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What is five years old. Because he smashing. New haircut. And has his own fan club. Named Williams ladies. Of course you can be none other than tame his five year old grandson. With that beautiful new haircut millennium a lifeless and hopefully M and if you're not careful you might laugh as well. It's right now John came in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS OS. Yeah out my a presently has been a little rowdy lately kind of get a model little hard time he's got that new two month old baby brother. I was had to settle down a little bit before finally got some good jokes out of on this time. RO hello and welcome to another installment and home life lessons with. Right here on Cheney this. Extremely challenging. What flower box the most this. I don't know in what our talks the most just. Soon a bag yeah. I. Any nation to lipstick talk great thank you very long time. He Indianapolis winning pitchers as a little life less because they have to lips get it. Something he was afraid that I wouldn't get it that's how they talked you need to let shirt and I appreciate. Proper use of the word most as 2 AM we'll let them. Up and most of its favorite Joseph yes yes yeah. And it's the street I don't know we what is the difference between a teacher and a train. She shares to meet cute. And I thought. Finally I might like O line up I love you. Shouldn't are you going to be good. Promise me let me see who is your promise face. A good if Obama lump pink you're great. Beautiful boy. I love you. Actually real worried about the cute I like Jerry says I promised me a promise me up up up. Theme rowdy to mom and you know mom's got a two month old and in. He got to just bring Donald it. William Tammy you know me I'm a study here of all things young children and I do believe that what Easter. Was a funny that I'm I'm concerned with the proper wellbeing of love of all children. Especially ones that are involved in our show we all lose yet another one like we lost three kids of our of our former Bruce who's you know I forgot. But. It seems to me I know these things that Lee im struggling for attention right now. Hence. The rowdiness. Look at me look at I mean really normal have momentum on my god this is completely normal yes I noticed. I'm quite aware as a reason to concern. I'm not concerned all my god and then it has had in a little stern to animal what exactly you're talking about maybe some understanding all of my. It's our hope is trying to help the helper app as you know.