Life Lessons with Liam: Living with a New Baby Brother

Monday, March 19th


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RO. Welcome to another installment and home life lessons with. Right here on Cheney and it's. Let's tuna salad. Now this timely and just hit me right away with a joke cooked up so we're gonna start off with his joke and then he's gonna talk about his new baby brother Rory. Crying. So. I normally am where do you cows go for entertainment. S. He is I love this kid because he's got a great delivery I now the dealer any jokes and media tell let me read. How did you learn her arms and his mom helps them learn how many of its problem I don't run this kid's personality at EA area. So I wanted to know how life was like now with his new brother Rory. And how he felt about them. Lehman Rory by the way would greet via. Irish or Scottish sounding mean whenever I Irish tenor. So what's life like and brother what's changed. I haven't seen her I heard that you tell everybody he's your ability. It is. Yeah. Is this cared. He. A bit in the for these changes don't Briere and. That's a definite effect that might affect a. I. One week. She should begin a neon. She would you like most about your new baby brother. You love him. And what's your favorite part about him with the cutest thing about it and wrote. You love has had wide it's so. His pads and also good when it smell like. Let's let's play some Harvard Rory. I'm telling you right now. I am in love with this kid and I know exactly Isa sniff my BBC heads. All the talent in the matter of fact I had NB ingenuity at the house yesterday and and that is notable they're still via I'm still that guy him. Now there ball let's hear let's hear very sweet. I know you're gonna be a great Big Brother. Morgan is here and miss you and is cutting you off probable. You do world Paul and I let you go. Cold out here and that I can kiss his first. I love you. Don't talk too soon okay. Yeah. Including Athens you're you're cutting off their love Hewitt he has up practicing fixing its share whatever that was so that's he was busy and in a little tool I was making it up it was great love this kid again. All right my aim is my mom baby.