Life Lessons with Liam: Liam Had A Garage Sale!

Tuesday, August 14th


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I've always loved the opportunity to sit down and face time with migrants because he lives in Wisconsin and it's just nice to be able to have that. Connection and it doesn't feel like we're that far away boy did he bring it today earns another lifeless and firmly on the. Carl had known them and welcome to another installment and healthy life lessons with. Right here on Cheney as. And Eckstein and selling it. I. Hi hey I heard he might organ and yeah. So. I. Then why does this superhero what's that we. And behind me you wouldn't. Should food. A man video I heard you're at a garage sale. What did you sell. And T and then how much money did you mean. And play out. And out. And does she really know. The one. Course. Girl you wouldn't need to move down. Oh you made a latch key kids either way that's very nice of you. Near comes the shakedown because apparently made key chains and give away until now ten line and Papa say that they would like one. We he wearing. Your. And there. There now do you think a lot of run. She at each. Downey if it's. Well on her eyes darkened room ICU. Should get. Yeah I sanity. And or that there are represented. Told. Okay well that's a lot of many don't have to see if I haven't gotten an email older and look at. And. Yeah. I am. I Leo you and miss you I love you are girl. I love you most list handy little. While that's awesome I love that you mean more than toast. And you can't let him more than toast I'll take that any day of the week. They're major school. If she cannot happen down. In any 37 he tees 7000 dollars and any tells you he loves you more than toast I went to the site. Love you so much I'm Marty dollar write exactly like that account from bank can't.