Life Lessons with Liam: Liam Goes To Summer School!

Monday, July 23rd


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I need to smile and ready to learn something Timmy is there anybody that you now. I'm meg gonna help me was that. Probably my little grandson totally numb and there we had a chance to talk over the weekend. At arrowhead event. Welcome to another installment in a life lessons with. Right here on KAS. Next in selling. I hated it when did you get so big at a smooth and I'm US current I don't happen is that how you that's a bit. And and so what do you do to get yourself OB eight inch. With pace. And eat birthday he's paid a women have been doing this week. Should. You weren't summer school. It's only goodness you've got to stop growing up which I do I need these little sneaky little. It's been five degree here and a nod against him and beat. A when your five summer school with a bad. Here moments skulls awesome yeah exactly exactly you're lifting is great commitment. That. He get any yet this week. Did you hit the ball this week. Each. You've got a trophy right on this first trophy ever her own and he was excited about it yeah yeah I'm a person on that. Yeah yeah. She. He wouldn't tell us some good jokes were ready for some good jokes it's been a while William. Adam. I don't know the why did they quit giving test and resumed. Well achieve. A. It's far apart Frontline yeah yeah yeah Atlanta. That funny joke and it isn't funny joke at that it was pretty cutie was all over the place by the way I took a lot of work. He is bouncing everywhere he just laid it out in Manhattan he'd just don't listen just ate birthday is the agenda in a bunch of birdies and I just turned five and a half he's got very busy schedule of he bowl and summer school and summer schools and pardon him if you want to Paulson asked. A by the way off off the irritant it was putting it together and I heard him call. Kurt Jimmie husband potluck which melted my heart because I I just love that article my grandfather's pop. As well and over the weekend that it isn't a different direction but. On quiescent I was in a funeral for my answer so we were back in Chicago and my sisters and I had some time and we drove to both of our our grandparents. All the houses and walked around and it was a it's pretty awesome to go back there and see were pop lived giant it was really really cool.