Life Lessons with Liam

Thursday, September 14th


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I was recently on face timing with my grandson Leon not. And my daughter was telling me she's like you got to hear what he's sad about this little girl who who was picking everything she's got punched in the face is living believe it well in. I don't know they were playing together but he she said she wasn't beautiful and I'm like OK what's going on but then I forget he probably has one of the best mommy's around I've. I'm so impressed with my daughter in her mothering skills and what she had taught in which she has taught this little boy. And what comes out of them is really quite amazing on what he means by her not being beautiful and it's a life lesson for all of it is time him. RO hello and welcome to another installment and home life lessons with. Right T couldn T hey this. Eckstein and selling its funny how we just had this idea and you know completely reduced hope. Yeah. It's. Where he heard her start over web. And it. English. Who did it. Do for a printer for you. He grew older he. Yeah. I don't alienate the she. Told thanks Aaron. Yeah. We ran on the inside right yeah that's not a beautiful way to be isn't it. Maybe she Ellis. And. Yeah. So she was nice but then she wasn't nice we do think that maybe she wanna share something maybe a what was the deal. Can he can be beautiful on the outside but if you're not nice you're certainly not beautiful on the inside. Earth. Are yes you are really beautiful and I'm. Bam bam advised by the way tennis now what happened what it she's six she wants to pounce when the things we don't know if that means she likes them eyes followed Sheila Dixon is a beautiful god. Plays it cute kid he's. Neil Young kind of alone you will play lousy for these for me but I love that in his heart he said she wasn't beautiful on the inside that's that. That's a good life lesson beauty is what comes from the in it. Millions Hoffa. Thank you for that and thank you William pro life lesson with John and Tammy and ensuing by the way grow as a journalist and she totally like him a it was my producer and show.