Lick The Plate - Lazy Acres - Seg. #5

Friday, December 2nd


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Welcome back to put the plate I'm KS ON brought you back stellar solar and hosted a good and in this weekend hang in it and so need this at the beautiful new lazy acres market with marketing manager Gabby Ramiro welcome back every tie thanks for having thanks for doing this amazing new Marquette playing now really tennis. Raises the bar of these markets that are sprouting up in north coding and it's incredible pain show she can take a look at it grill he sits at whoever's handling. Yes so for people who don't know like what's going on there to listen some some good stuff going on there. How will the best part about the store is thinking can we he hasn't really open floor plan it's very easy to shop and we really wanted to take into consideration to start shoppers' habits and print cut down the middle of tiles are super wives that's never really cluster felt they re in everything we have a lot of categories signed into which was intentionally don't want to be easy for people to find LaDainian rent and they wrote about this in the column I mean everything is merchandise so beautiful I mean I just front elect walker there for letters beefed up local you can likens Newser Russia has a little kiosks and there and some of their retail what's local stuff going on. I'm gonna panic inside dependent. Our coffee bars and Kim couture walloped him did you lose heat there's nothing you can't thank him crucial as cigarettes and then you've got hopefully medium you know national living department yes pretty healthy size he's got he's got these sand and observational behind race which I haven't seen before that's cool in the pokey learned connect twelve cookie bar which is also serve and then you need follow the perimeter and you've got beat cream attack he picked all of our case from scratch even natural OK -- I just building cakes. Educational kitchen yes so people wanna check it out lazy acres dot com yes and we also for social media accounts in the right manner and FaceBook thanks again for doing this is a testament to having learned that didn't concede this that lazy acres American with marketing manager Kevin Ramiro just a few less dollars or check out because tests -- excellent and put them with the place.