Lick The Plate - Lazy Acres - Seg. #1

Monday, November 28th


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Welcome back to put the plate on KS ON brought you back stellar solar unlisted McClellan in this we can hang in and and Sinead just a beautiful new lazy acres of market with marketing manager Gabby Ramiro welcome getting kinda nice we hear what an amazing market anyway and allergies it like raises the fire seriously so you're gonna do like to highlight of the stores or highlight each day and what we have on this Monday. Monday I am choosing the pokey bar we have it ended at twelve cent cookie bar has also served with the freshest tuna and all the toppings you could ever wants to. It's amazing I love that it's like the perfect introduction and. And totally. Perfect incident had a great so we're from high growth NB Paribas they've donated. Exactly don't Macy and. So was going on grown food Lesnar. Well my mom was a caterer has seen him having small catering business in the east lake some racist in Ankara in a commercial kitchen things go out and help out thanks in Antarctica everything from scratch the earlier consumer emerged early on. Yes we're your specialties I would saying EXE and advanced. Probably if anything to do is stick and I admire growing up could something. Very pretty so grown up and paper where were you hanging out lake is a teenager food. As you think we're in the restaurants and those who would agree that you definitely am I was there when I was a teenager was just landing area right behind giant was just kind of stay out here in heart since March it was on campus jobs and thanks for that whole area that's run right there became popular and what we do not just America and. It was the first hostess. Yeah its it was just a link amenities 700 square feet. Layer for your strength gig yes officials. Good stuff we're gonna pick it up there tomorrow you're gonna tell me about how this child happened. All right I'm back to Merrill and its leaders at lazy acres American marketing manager Kevin Ramirez teachers talked about stellar solar check out podcast canceling. And put them with the play.