Lick The Plate - Fish Stories - Seg 4

Thursday, July 20th

It’s "Fish Stories" week with Captain Mark Mihelich from Boundless Boat Charters.


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Hey hey San Diego food eats its lit the place I'm Kate SO and I'm post if it weren't this weekend hanging out with captain Merck may elect from the homeless boat charters welcome captain mark. Thank you book are what surface today today's going to be white CBS yes and that's got to kind of a hell of a consistency chunky flaky and its approach in a way Y name. But here a little bit stacked maybe some water and herbs and some supper and just to keep its super moist in the knees sets us over the maybe some green onions and just gonna moist piece of Finnish village and we cut it. It's so good we wanna find out where fishermen like Peter around town hammocks in your pocket. Well my fear plays is notes they would be even fathom these drone shelter island yes I love it had a month it's it's it's a very Kansas on the pier get a really good sausage in a pack of squid is a good view. Yeah he had had. Let's end of the fear that is surely the ten of the best even San Diego I don't know that I actually like sold there and then some news of salt. We can qualify and restaurant that's what they're after the his ways freedoms like the plate to show us collect the place forty print and on a regular basis. I would say be you back groups' lists and it was simply irregular. No not really I mean I do I was in the back here that you could pretty good ones that turned OK so Mexican joint. What's your favorite Mexican joint like just for that garrido whatever it is. Like that is you know be in the mail us at we're gonna go out on your last supper stirred remain dessert. Starter would be oysters. They are moving and to be you back ribs with a nice big chunk of German jobs. Okay again I'd like. Late the thinly than any. I played having narrates. We're going to be that's Meryl learning all of Obama's goat herders because it's more than fishing all right I'm going to be back tomorrow for more with captain Merck and hit with from. Traders check out podcast cancer when that comes in September 5 place.