Lick The Plate - Fish Stories - Seg 3

Wednesday, July 19th

It’s "Fish Stories" week with Captain Mark Mihelich from Boundless Boat Charters.


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Made a San Diego food needs to flee the plate I'm KSO and I'm host David weren't this weekend hanging out with captain Merck manipulated from the homeless vote characters welcome captain mark. They consider its music Wednesday but gimme that fish that we've cut the Toronto over the Toronto my name IA so fund the cash or so break in the fight in fish -- looks beautiful. Tickled that fish tacos just cut him into strips like on chunky strips and maybe to stricter tobacco and they get tango or whatever your trenches back in the day and back in the tango. Does that more than triple. And our right hand man that's like music anyway he'll figured out you can you know it's like Megan fried chicken. And that justice activists. And you know little saucer Italy saw us on the made for you that you never damaged ivory fish we're talking about here right caught on your vessel thank you it's so. Some music let's say first cancer who have where was the brokerage employees and has been stupid at X. Nothing we haven't been with your parents of course here's. Nice but what consulate with the boroughs and my school actually the first concert ever was the Lollapalooza. And I ended residents here that it did look. There was Oca journalism alum who's a memorable shows through the years a couple of sick ode to see one in red drafts it was real good. News and into this that you through is great but to see anything then you may Perry dream has a plan at three bands on stage one night and here are dead or let me look at. I would save public enemy. With the sublime and no flavor of they have very little I have Ohio split the defense gets its. And Sarah was excellent tool it there's sublime with tool nice you know to get Maynard has vineyard in Arizona yes and went to my university. We conduct musical they were back to Merrill where hang in there. American from Obama spoke carriers check out podcast cancel. And put them with the play.