Leslie Works Out With Carrie Underwood

Monday, April 25th


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How nervous would you be with. To work out next to Carrie Underwood and her personal trainer for the race clearly intimidating George's grasp. Another exit. Act experience Johnson in the morning as Canada's number one for new country KS couple months ago we gave away a trip to San Antonio to work out. With Carrie Underwood and her personal trainer Leslie one that trip Leslie what an experience. So he I guess I'm feels kind of people had been in shock that I actually got to work or would carry underwritten Kerry I felt like I've known her forever. So what happened here in the GA near the workout room and all the sudden. The doors open and I'm thinking like angels start singing or something has got is an insult or there I guess is that is the soundtrack of Carrie Underwood career following her she walks and. Yeah well I actually should pull that made us turn this old beater white truck I didn't even know it was going to be her and she gets out and it's unity we see each other appreciate his giving it is because it's. And we just start talking like we've been friends for life and we just go addicts for an hour. And I swear it might not options and types could not keep up. All really amazing how well yeah what is going through your mind. As you're working out next to Jerry and I was thinking about what I mean like how did you pick me I didn't I didn't feel like they're. I'm lucky person in the world did you ever did you ever worry you're gonna make weird noises during an employer could. So what other types of noisy. Hi I don't watch my diet before we shot. I don't feel comfortable as you heard anything can happen in there we can talk about anything. And I did electric that I felt like I know there forever and I wasn't intimidated there was no pressure that's so cool idea man and yeah see you. Keep your iPod how we got some music going and she's working out and keep hanging all he'd like vanity lands and I exit. You know. Beating itself so. Great pick. The types of exercises that you guys did and yeah it is in Swansea valley it was that call herpes or the of the third birdie there ET Cammie California and needed a barrage. There isn't serious weights going on too long. Wait oh my gosh I would do it like finding the fairway if you would you like pointing out here. Oh my gosh she she didn't leave behind me and she's beautiful and she's perfect okay Carolina actually and we we sell here release. Easiest way I don't know you know I was weddings to kick ass like drenched in sweat this girl was legally for the yeah of course you'll. Because he's your English yeah I want the how lucky she playing. So I don't know it's going to happen. Hunt. Yeah. I mean like a minute and a half OK if I think I would do and really did yeah and I was right and on the treadmill and she's a lanky read bills. They don't play. Girls I had a bad experience and I have to tell you can't join as the better. That happened sending me and San Antonio with a fabulous and I your seeing a lot of theories I've always been a fan yeah and they want him out of American Idol. Leslie let it sounds really cure the exact type of person that should've won this prize were thrilled for people who really didn't win again so I don't think. Absolutely can't fill in the basket and I I can't think you're fairly efficient and carried you know it should come to San Diego someday includes. Cannot amateur schedule in a brand. And nobody ever call into a ball he'll lose your age out Ellen yeah they're very much yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Always you're playing just curious did yeah. There you go out and but just like crazy Ngo and quiet today and abortion went oh my god she's if she's drink. Russian and yeah. I will hold a joint and several Russian oil and Gary and I. You guy did you keep playing here. Coming up his fingers Leslie appreciate your experience the gag you guys heard about it. You are. Hold on hold your own and secure new. An amazing experience holy country music and mentally we're gonna. Only crew.