Learn More About "The Bachelorette's" Peter!

Tuesday, May 30th


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Who on the bachelorette Peter Peter is from Madison Wisconsin in the course many people watch that the counselor assume that we know him. Because we also came from Madison Wisconsin he berm and Il. And I. Yeah stories from everywhere maybe it's true. You met nobody by Mike I Barbara Jessica know him okay. So you pay Peter I picked Peter and Jimmy Kimmel picked Peter as their right off Jack he lives in Madison we've known Jacki for awhile Jackie is great friends with Peter Wright and. I do I act he used to be my trainer and I actually we're at the U lent him the news they collect up. Jackie are you single lady. I am okay where you every single when you as you've known Peter. I didn't know I was not a single thing. Until despite the fact that you Ari taken lady is easy to see why so many women are going crazy this Peter do the trainer from Madison who people think Aaron is gonna win the bachelorette. Not yet he's gorgeous. X ray on my acting bad can we get per cent he literally at. Talk about how it's still available to talk about eating out back that we were trying to keep it should go out there show. Like this because it may be that the can't actually find that one that set them. Now you said dating drama. On what kind of dating drama did he have. I'll keep you had grown that really can sit here is. Personality can only act he. Love hanging mountain goat to you know like the Packers gamer bird game like it's am Helene. They've got very family oriented person. Any about the outdoors. Kind of person though he doesn't mind and it laid back on our ticket don't. So would you say he's extremely picky. No he's not picky I think it's right here I think you try to you know out of different kind of people they did then they just didn't match strict hands. I watched it last night couldn't get past her her fake eyelashes are too long in my opinion she's a beautiful he's beautiful woman. But those eyelashes and he could take flight it's crazy Jackie are you worried dad your boy Peter for medicine your good friend of the bad source is good he need to look bad somehow. And are bad. So that's really that's really good endorsement because it. It usually seems like someone who's seen throwing ice is always something hiding in the background. So it's nice to know someone who is known him a very on time is like now he really is as good of a guy I know every film the bachelorette so is Peter have you seen Peter in Madison. Since dissolving go down as you laying low. I have not seen in my talk to him but I have not seen him usually below per share. That means you next bachelor I think if he'd get the final rose he's in the actual and saying that right now and honestly she's I'm confident around. I'm pumped she's just an opera Tim Peter. But you know Leo hey we are reaching Peter Lawrence Celestine Peter read out a marriage as an every. It seemed to yes. Weird things that. This month and.