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Monday, October 9th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Veterans 360 is a local organization that focuses on supporting young veterans who have struggled with transitions and mental health challenges. There currently working on a new app to help veterans and others in crisis in the San Diego area. Joining us this morning is veterans 360 founder Rick Collins welcome wreck. Good morning Rick tell us a little bit about your organization veterans 360. Here we started this in 2011. Lost two strands Suk. Post combat stress suicides. Or so they have a lot of stroke was sort of transition in general. Also they left a wrinkle. And dom. It was a good time on had enough of a corporate environment night you know I've always been involved in veterans' issues so I said I'm Pamela do this full time and try to make a difference. What is the mission and it there are 360 really just to help. Young 031111. These types who are struggling we've transitioned struggling we've combat stress. Most of them high school educated. Infantry types short term military service and I'm unhealthy dose of common. So who come when they get out there really lost you know many of them have been in the military since high school. So they really have no civilian sort of education. And numb it's been tough for me you know suicide numbers bank this out but a lot of love and distressing numbers underneath. From you know incarceration homelessness. Post eleven komen breast pretty distressing. And in this is for a veterans 360 for all branches right. Yeah I think we try to try to stay the post 9/11. We try to help those who. Kind of fit that demographic that's the thing we've ever turned anybody away. But primarily. High school educated combat. Veterans because I think syndicate created from burden. And what what is your background I hero a bit of an accent there yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm British veteran myself. Com. That my issues I'm so I've been seen and done it and I mean here a long time that a friendly there. And I just feel for those young vets who are just struggling and not where you in the military ten years so again you've you've been there done that. Yeah am I had the same issues when I got out Starwood transition. For my proverbial. You didn't stink and and all of a sudden in another room or kitchen eco I hope I am known in the military and more I you know I'm coming. I got to find a way to navigate dispersants. And. It was new stuff. I hear that a lot that this transition is tough I've never been in the military I would never know him what that's like that but then again my savior in it for any length of time. I was thinking at that transition could be rough. Well you mission buddies. You know you spend this lady joined eighteen you know you've pretty much had somebody's telling you want to do. Each and every day when they do it how to do it you know you. Whose comedy that you wages and all of a sudden you're out in the real world there's nobody there is is going to news item. You know and it can be a pretty lonely experience Alicia connected to people. And that's what you're doing it and veterans 360. Yeah we we really mean I wouldn't call us and and we don't have the resources so. I'm I'm really voted pretty powerful network across country so that no matter where somebody contacts us. I composed fighting together I can bring. Resources to bear whoever's financial whoever's Korea. Legal we can generally help there's a lot of good people out there ready and willing if we connect the veterans to them. So your bureau of Cadillac and go between. Yeah organizations and to put people in touch veterans in touch and other folks can help them he amp is it's it's such a massive. Gel that we have young veterans are reaching now. And they get to me. And I am recess or anybody else then I guess connect him. A lot of these young men so they really reminds service says I don't need. And then by the time they come to a decision that they do. You know emotional support financial support has been exhausted. And it's pretty far down the road so. It's really tough to get him back on track and we're about transitional readiness application we want to be able to communicate with similarly. Educate them early indication. If we can do that we can maybe prevent some of the crisis is inevitably become unless they get help. Are there any specific. Requirements qualifications for somebody to use your services. No no really I'm. We've helps a diverse range. We had the first warrior wise conference where. I felt it was necessary to educate the wives about what it meant to their husband should be. Struggling to combat stress you know I haven't served then and coma. So it was important that we educated the wives and that was. That was amazing athlete who I think the average spouses no idea what thousands have been true because husband's been I was translator and tell them. All they know is that they have how system played the kids anymore and I'm not happy and then on engage show that drinking too much so. We've kind of been passionate we've run the whole gamut for about six enough news. And now with folks on these two big initiatives that we wanna see the completion. So that we can help thousands system of you know the hundreds we felt over the last 67 years. Do you find a lot of vets turning to alcohol. On the surely turn now calling out calls a big part of their life for a lot of them. Especially infantry. You know there's a standing joke they can drop the F bomb 1212 times in the ten and was sentence. You know that there they're rough and ready people Pannemon less than Joseph pa you know they're not meant to be. Quiet general shy you know they're trained to do a particular job and wind when you come out of that environment you come home. The routine is polish head up that has been upon the war should civilian in this on so. The challenge of they have the challenge we have is that when they leave the military there's I was sergeant major. To get him back track and there's nobody show on animal get a cut put Iraq on and get up the hill again. End the process to go from. I saw a young man who follows direction. Who understands what the mission is understands what they do end. But they embodies the impart of a cohesive team takes another etc. to somebody who's now stuck on the couch without Jerome. Playing video games can be a lonely because you know connected to the bodies. This is a pretty quick transition from positive to negative. You advocates for veterans. And their families and you working on specific case now Archie. Yeah we've we've we've been involved. We've actually had a really good relationship here in San Diego within the day. I don't Smith is great about this contact him in this this somebody is struggling he's done everything he can now. But we have a situation now and Boston Massachusetts where young marine died. Wiley was in the psych ward of the lockdown mode you Q Shannon. And dumb he shouldn't be dead and yet somehow we got access to some street drugs he was on a lot of civilian prescription drugs. And you know he's left the wife and three kids. And sadly the prescription problem poll most combat veterans is this future. And there is thousands of people outside of the VA's system who are ready and willing to help. Worst alternative sports roots alternative medicines to Everett's. Anything from you know legislation suits us clinics or high candles amount. But who did the day I think it is so overwhelmed. That they had their policy of least resistance issues. Give these young veterans who are struggling with the anxiety or it may be because of the co funded job or might be combat stress. And AM and they give them a lot of film off to fail in this particular young veteran had been on on prescription drugs attend the shoes. And thirteen fourteen different drugs every day. So we can't be surprised when they finally succumbed to whatever is going on. But we we have to find a better way to help them so you know we want out of the game most unaccountable. Please dad. And do and as such a way that is destructive where we can say yeah this is the kind of things that you could have done that and he would still be alive. Thus is saying well it's okay you can make changes now but we want we wanna see these agents right. It isn't is that lawsuit that you got movement we've now we've now called a legal team again. I'm nice to have taken the case pro Bono. And though there's some very interest in total rules are about surrendered to government and of the day. On how much they can take. They can take maximum 20%. But they ought to take this case and we'll probably cost them a few 100000 dollars when his hadn't done. It's not okay this a week week and changes in now when I should that situation should never happened. And I think right now that's taken the attitude just says oh well gonna you know we're gonna. Sniffer dogs and narrow we're gonna do this we're gonna do that with more cameras and that doesn't help it doesn't help grocery babies and he's dead he studies find no physical limitations and and he's dead so. Sometimes the only way that you can impact massive organization like the DNA is is via the media or via the legal system. Because they want this enemy and they want this. So this is more than. It's it's not just China guess I'm kind of monetary settlement it's it's changed to one pitched yeah I changed because hopefully people talk more about it. If we don't share what happened with people. I've had so many people that say don't similar thing happened to me. The lockdown almost an hour of the day is all. Hell I've seen dogs treated better and come shelters. You know when a veteran sometimes gets put in locked after 72 house. You wouldn't want jewel song and and I think sometimes they forget why. That young veteran is in lockdown. There is people who do stupid things of their own you know their own choice but a lot of the veterans who are struggling with. With drugs and alcohol have legitimate. Push manage stress and so you know the attitude of get an aggressive room. And drug in a mall. He's change. You mentioned. T wrap them tell us a little bit about that. Over the years on landed it three key categories alone. It does lead in problems that the mostly young vets that. One is that they don't. Get connected. To the information they need to. They are given huge amounts of paperwork and presentations. And morrow shoes. When they go for the tiara sort of steps process. Most of them will go in the bin. Anyone make it in that kit bag when they walk out of those states. Second thing is they lose. Connection to death to their Brothers. Their sisters. This fellow veterans they serve we're. Everybody's is who keep in touch me there in the reality is they don't. And that is going to be a big issue and and what prompted the pop this component was that a veteran that we news. Don't hide and work calypso from Pittsburg he was a mile from. Somebody is sort of inclusion with. It was a mile an office from a VA is full council. And that the three never knew each ever existed. And while you know hindsight this is great. I believe because I never I haven't lost anybody that we've been engaged is also it's after we've engaged in two suicide. But I firmly believe it appears support counselor. Had been involved. There was a comment that. And if his brother who served them of Fallujah who had his own troubles so that they could opponent. I think that young man which will be with us today. And in the third component is that we have 45000. Most non profits in this country. Deals specifically for veterans. And just about every Tom my hero suicides. A veteran suicides and it was a maybe she'll suicide recently. They haven't connected to these people. They don't go to the DX extended depend upon who you believe sixty fives in this country of this post on them better as Donnie register with the B. Quite frankly because why would day where everything they hear on the news is back. They don't register with the VA so a lot of them say they don't wanna go there be acres and wanna get drug. Then not being connected where it's like fish and wherever it's India on wherever it's people who do stem wherever it's it's a clinic. These young men and women around this struggling on their own. And quite frankly than dying because. They've lost. The war drove them to succeed in the botched. And eventually they give up and I don't think it's unreasonable. For them to do that you have people who tell him a selfish sick like throw line while. You know you don't know they've been through to get to that point they generally when they leave to military have a huge positive attitude that day. Ones who succeed it. They're ready they're excited to Palin you know John that I take care of themselves and take care of their families and within a few months with a sudden. In the incomes not man the pay is not. They haven't got the job yet they've lost their Brothers who communicate with and go have a new way of mean. If we would to develop a process that would encourage somebody to kill themselves. We pretty much delivered that you know that process. From from the day they will Canada gate and we can change that is through a simple Smartphone application. There isn't a general Smartphone that. That veterans can use to connect. This to different people who have different apps maybe he's just got a connection feature. He wrapped around and and move and into San Diego connect industry is really. Power application that we on developing and we received a big grown from cal Berkeley. With a computer science team to develop the apps for us we want you know we we we apply them we wanna ground. And it's simple they should be able to. View information it is important to them in Nance. Ninety plus percent of people have Smartphones you'll most self of some kind. Stigma prevents. Then I'm going to be imminent or cooler and a hundred lines or go and offices. They can look at documentation that can tell them one on the Simpsons associated with. Anxiety or post traumatic stress they can maybe do some self assessments. As society we we have a propensity to focus on crisis. If you are homeless will find your house if you an idea of a drug problem will get you in treatment. He racquet is really designed to be proactively. Educational were also. Very pause. So once you register which he wrapped you'll have access to a lot of information and you'll have access to a lot of positive. Reinforcement. You'll have access to a lot of positive organizations you can. You view career guidance can give you fiscal responsibility education. Can help you were resiliency training can connect you to fellow veterans who have been where you're bent. And who have succeeded. All the way through this process we can connect to them. And then because we've built trust with them and we go to level of communication with them one minute crisis kicks and Indiana we have the access to to resources they need to depend on what level that might me. And so as we've being going through this process from the past them in we have some major national. Veteran centric organization as you say yes on the warning them I want her information they wanna live volunteers to use excel Centre. And a friend in my symbol. Wouldn't work for victims of domestic market and so much well absolutely why wouldn't it. It's a generic. Technical application. So. We talks you know amongst ourselves and we decided we want to shoot a gift for one of the better work. The application to the city of San Diego to San Diego in the oaks the San Diego County. Though we don't want it to be veterans centric only. We want to invite challenge groups to take advantage of the application in San Diego. As victims of domestic violence out there they don't know where that's they don't have information to see. All the victims of domestic violence is amazing what you can get older so when you read a document you go while honestly. I'm we have huge amount of organizations are ready and women held the suicide prevention. Trouble you'd. Find a common sense yet if we can if we can deliver desperately want it. Because slime and have the same problems today they don't want to combat trauma. And I spent a lot of time we've moved where my lives telling them you know you don't home PC yes. Yeah you were in combat but think about refinement he stood up scene and a fireworks burst on scene with teenage suicide they they. Police officers young nurses. I you know. You know people who dispatched a police officers. So did the challenges are with trying to overcome and it's for the San Diego connects. Our common sense ones. The bigger organizations. And should have but they haven't yet develop their own that. But when organizations develop her own apps they generally are exclusive to. 211 for example is a good one I didn't know two woman existed for many years. I've been registered on 21 month before it is and I'm never had a wrestler. And and two on one as well to homeowners is a great resource for people call 211 and get informational food. All housed in or mental health support and so sort of what is this city code amber now. But if you develop a 211 app. You miss and all the people out there who are saying I don't need to one more. One is to warm ones they have commercials on TV. And people still don't know. But when you develop an app specifically the mental health will suicide prevention all. Domestic violence you marked increase in a statement by the very nature of the yet. Because you are saying now wrapped his armies of people who need to when I want. All our app designed these victims domestic violence here trying to expand on that we will expand because I guarantees that. In the system India. That people who connect we have of people can help other people. They don't need money he can be a common denominator. And if we do it in the gap and we do it promptly and we do it as a community yeah. We can have a may be young lady in you know a teenager. Who's the victim of violence you can go into the gap and get information and all of the sudden find themselves connect to maybe to a 45 year old woman. Whose the whose abuse when she does it all maybe somebody who lost somebody this suicide. Maybe somebody lost somebody's suicides who's willing to talk somebody else the proverbial ledge. Are there going to be tough. Yeah absolutely I'm. We treat it like technological. File cabinet if you will. If you go into the library and you want information on domestic violence you go to a section and you'll pull a book or pull a piece of paper. There's no reason technically one of the small app cannot do the same thing. And I'm so when you navigate your way in that we will lost you some very basic questions one we do not want to be invasive. And we do know one interrogate people that just increases a statement. So we want them to come in. And we want them to study and look and browse around. But we also wanna communicate to them positive things positive community events concerts. Five k's in hey tribesmen and has a five K. We need volunteers we can do push market in the way users. So there's so much positive communication can be done. The key thing is the small percentage of people who need. Crisis support. Need to have that venue. In their hands. May need to be able looked down and go you know hey I might be struggling with posttraumatic stress. I'd go to that section in the library and pull up a document read about it well that sounds like me. While in the app they can do a self assessment. So we haven't been invasive yet. We want them to come to us and say I think I'm much struggling with posttraumatic stress rather than society telling them hey your an angry veteran who's. You know I don't want your ram my kids kind of thing. And this is easy and of this week's Indy put the terra mine on a you know on a cell phone nowadays. So the backhand. Can be as complex as we want. But for the use Steve Jobs set. He's gone to start with a user experience before you worry about technology that's Apple's whole thing. So this this is it is really idiot proof on navigation. You know we don't come mastermind and opened down you come and you walk troop virtual door. And you see different plot pet and it's. And if you want information on how to buy a house before you buy and a houseful how to buy com before you buy a cup. Will connect to the San Diego financial literacy. And the professionals that are ones that can help. This sounds like a a great source for four support system for people that needed such as Danson and others that are going through. In crisis rooted in the challenge like this are the challenges that. How do you eliminate stigma or had you removed the relaxes them they have to leave an unidentified they need some kind of Zapata. Would now inevitably. Increase it. And I think the best way to do that this community. Why can't a veteran have a conversation with them climb and more iconic victim of domestic violence have a conversation we have the troubled team. And within now that we can't connect these people that we could connection to the Kagan is well. I have a 500 of Maria a hundred times over the years where somebody has taken the time and travel and invested the money to put on camp. Or treat for family. No one ever and how many times I've we we did that we had empty spaces. The principal counselor position the DNA so great great position as a great program. How many young men it's don't know about how many young vets don't know about the adaptive sports program the via. How many elements don't know about the stuff clinic and Omar every Thursday moment. These are the things we can't communicate to people who are struggling. Where all the confidential meetings for the victims of domestic violence. Where the positive events you have Tim McGraw is coming to town in. Great show I'm Sharma Q off coach from your app. And you get in for free. There's a lot of venues for people on positive communication. But we don't seem to do it for the challenge people and I quite frankly I don't understand why. We tend to know communicate with them the same way we communicate with people who are not challenged them we can sit back and way instantly hit crisis Phil's too late. And well a lot of times it has to but this always going to be a battle to get them on track. If we don't build a level of trust and we can't speak to 101000 people. One the ones who we have to find a way to do that usually the smog that. And in my field it takes is for them to be. Walking out of the gates of that second street where women are application on the iPhone. And they move to Kentucky and when they land then geospatial mapping a pull up all the local resources for. Oh somebody gets a full Manning in Georgia. And he moves to San Diego when he opens his app in the San Diego. This is the day that is the best salmon there's a US there's a local DA DA these. This impeach yes some people. As that veterans centric softball team was a clinic or is the best jam and hole has a coffee shall mean every says. This is an excellent information that day neat. Two to communicate. About what's going on. We have just a couple of minutes left so. This is an up and running yet right it's not entered the than the Berkeley geeks is like Colin and they are way smarter than me. They're working on development they'll be. The local drops to come out probably in the first of the year you know in the first few weeks of the year. And we're working on the national T rep program we're talking this summer come on folks shouldn't DC about trying to include as a transitional. Application. We come provides active duty folks before they walk out of the gates has once again out they tend to go underground a little bit. And how can people organizations. Or professionals. Get involved with its well I think I think everybody says she. I would be money well we will save money we've got a big potted them because we're become a pro Bono by cal Berkeley so that's a huge way to semis. I think the most important thing to meet today is I'm very veteran centric and have been lost six years of so. I would love to see other people that I've already started process to help communicate through. The groups who do we domestic violence or suicide prevention all teams fall homelessness and you know. And and bring them into the mix. So we can build this community wide net. And and the value to everybody in town is that they also get to see what's going on within their communities. So even if I'm not challenged. The chances law. Most people have been a victim of some sort of charmer and a life or knows somebody or knows somebody. And convince adults I mean nestled in this and it doesn't have to be complex. If you're K give up and you wanna be included in nappy give me a PDF. A web site and found them. And you're in that. And if one person connects to you and that's to win this next week because you are helping them then it's worth. And where can people can can people go to your website and get information on this well if this specifically wanna go to on the San Diego that then they can just go to San Diego connect they'll all apology. And Tom if they want to learn more about he wrapped which is a veteran century version they can go to T dash wrap already PP dot org. And how main website is carried challenge to oak so we have a website specifically for the lead snoopy veterans century national. And for the San Diego connect. Okay and and veterans 360. Anniversary sixty future on that and I'll get right to us know if you try to carry the challenge again to this election had been around. Can close seven years now so them. We're not hard to find okay I get calls from wind and wonderful places. Who finds Andrea on social media. Yeah we've got to veterans 360 on FaceBook. Vets 360 a long way to. OK but I'm a little old for dinner. All right somebody young where that. Correct thanks for being on Saturday we are unfortunately at a time I think we could talk a lot longer. Nonsense I went provisionally and I appreciate. And great again having on the show and and for all you do it veterans 360 and this says new album looking forward to CNET thank you. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the N com San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from home start. Until then I'm Gary Lee have a great week.