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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations I'm Gary Lee. Susan G. Komen San Diego's fighting every minute of every day to achieve their vision. Of the world without breast cancer komen San Diego exclusively addresses. The fight against breast cancer on all levels and stands by their promise to save lives and and breast cancer forever. By empowering people ensuring quality care for all. And energizing science to find cures. Joining us this morning is Susan G. Komen San Diego director of grants and public policy Lizzy with. Welcome Lizzie thank you for having me losing most people probably heard about Susan G. Komen. But for those that may not know anything about it about a little background information on the organization. Absolutely we are keen nonprofit breast cancer organization and me aren't a local affiliate. And national organization. And I restarted and he's back are found and Nancy Brinker who actually as the IndyCar and as a real person CD with me and people sister and he got breast cancer at a young age that young children. And I am and a passing away from the disease that before she died she asked her sister Nancy. To promise there's we do whatever she could to stop the disease and keep other and and going through that you've gone through without. That Nancy kept that promise her sister's Stevie Mac and house are impeachment born and and the local branch felons and and around. A little over 21 years now. I mean three years. And and so what is what is the the mission Susan G. Komen. Had so it's Timmy and that's critical means for our communities through breast health and breast cancer and we need. Right now and you've got through a couple different pains Hispanic community grants and research and amor grant making foundation basically. A. And and speaking of grants understand that since your inception. I'm Susan G. Komen San Diego has granted more than nineteen million dollars to fund global research and local nonprofits. That provide services to those with breast cancer he. Can you tell slowed the more. On the back so we haven't we call community transcend every year we need fun program Florence gaining that provide free press health and breast cancer researchers found. Everything from education care corniche in patient navigation and and screening him demography diagnostics. At patient financial assistance transportation. Assists then it's meal delivery needs supports that stands and programs. And everything that someone going through breast cancer or need needing to know information about breast cancer could ever need. We found here in any government free an analyst and. Look at how wanna talk about some of those services and programs in in just little bit. Other common has also set a goal to reduce the number breast cancer deaths in the US by 20/20 six can tell us about that goal in the AstraZeneca. Which. Within a big goal yeah I fell through and reduce the mortality rates and that's considered a 50% but I think that is exactly rain and we do that through. And these community grants are talking about and the services we provide through them and also through refit it to the other part of our founding. Finding new treatments or he'll always working towards final here. And for breast cancer and Allan just making sure that we are providing everything is here in our community. And globally we have research projects and a billion throughout the world. And and and that's how we are trying to me that big goal. Is driving everything we can't. And and continued talk about how how things on the research front. Alpha Nino. We're really lacking in Kenya got a house them in great institute researchers here's a lot of our research money and that coming back here America you need. We currently have three after grants and seeing eco Ryan wins and doctor game at that script and I hair and doctor Eugene sand and Jack wall. Over at the filed institute and you see if he fell and locally here with apps and they work on everything from. Looking at. Cell growth and development breast cancer it's better to develop better treatment. To preventative services and also looking at things like metastatic breast cancer and my techniques. A breast cancer tumor breast cancer come back or spratt. So the more we understand about this disease the better we can treat it and Clinton will get that care and we've come. Leaps and bounds even just in the past decade the new and I. Know from press conference that I laughing on the breast cancer and he at a time when she's for it diagnosed and went through treatment and then when she was done without his couldn't clear. And then about four months clean air and how and had just Cain it's still there and it's spreading. And at that time and she went through three field chemotherapy. And active three failed to their feet back and you redeemed untreatable so. Because amount is nothing we can yes sixteen month gap and then nominate at getting our drug trauma that's funded by common drug was coming on how. Any effect on her press conference in a living another sixty as well that's it's yes and if my mom's that was then uncertainty in our segment and that happened in 2004. And if my mom where I fell and thanking us the exact same breast cancer today and fed back in 2000 honey. It's even have a completely different promises she that there I think it should only under chemotherapy aren't having surgery and she wanted to confront yet felt. Just everything it's and that amount that's kind of been incredible and has been saving lives and weren't getting finished with an understanding about deepening military. So aside from that the research that helped our human. Did she use a Susan G komen for other services. You know I'm not in terms of our community need grants and I'm feeling lucky he had a good job she had insurance and human being asked. And that we did you I think that this kind because I actually started I did retrieve that here in 1995 and the nine. And then on that for her friend and coworker. In and then my mom and necessary inning are involved this kind of attention that's kind. And I just remember in my mind even with her insurance and everything how hard it ones. You get things done in pattern at claimants and get a much needed and on the days when she did something that pick up the phone call. I had it yet for her and it is almost impossible and that's when I really tumbled to come and their public policy that fat. There have to be something like India and have to build the changes that have to be like this system might change and my mind. Really benefited from Britney have on the public policy I. I didn't count as a program here. And Californian and Kinney golf though by Aaron. That it's he. What do benefited from Manhattan and we have sent him on path to protect things like the existing conditions and lifetime caps and all that that. Millie called ten pounds in which he had survived longer and he's really animated and her and negative and that thousands of women around the knee out and I'm not fat. I'm on benefited directly from the work that comment as as well everything's fine. And it is amazing research that's being done on on all fronts for for other disease is to eat out a little bit for Lula went on the air that my brother passed way from ace in the reserves that's him that's been done over the years since he passed away he had. Well and you know I mean everything it's like the jab my mum and on the child born this study was actually originally developed the lung cancer. So and a lot has been done I first they asked a lot of things are usually received for breast cancer and it being really great for colorectal cancer or pancreatic cancer so. It really is the cancer community and any research and investment there is gonna benefit people all right. Susan G. Komen and what will people may not know Susan G. Komen is the largest funder of breast cancer research. In the world here's San Diego county's the only organization providing qualified women on the free services they need for every step of the breast cancer journey right yeah. Apparently the lightest and an hour on outside the US government and here's San Diego County again the only organs yes and that provides free services. For every step of that breast cancer journey and they can mention all those programs we have early care. Anything Allan and can mean there are a lot of great breast cancer organizations that specify and I'm being an act as sneezing that we you know only on infineon that he covers everything. So can we talk about some of those so yeah. The that you mentioned a few minutes ago. Absolutely yeah we have Aaron. Really an icon around us and then they kind of grants we have Aaron. Presenting kind of burning plane is. And grieve for unity is that we can't mini profile and and we do an end that needs assessment of accounting for law and not let. Really drag and tell us what programs we need here now we're talking to address to the virus feminine and screening need to be patient and and AM patient navigators got caught it on the hot and says he would act. But we found our target areas and Cheney go back our acts and threats for not meeting this bold goal of ours. And I'm also. Caps and that need to be covered through things like education. You know. Earlier breast cancer detected them are survivable accident and any easier does it tree fell. It's really parents make sure that people know when they should be they're starting to get screened and that they are looking at that ain't. And for the education he is really big just outside of general breast cancer awareness. For unity now when you need to extremely personal risk is things like knowing your history is really important that. And education is key to start. Miami out that program for care corniche and patient navigation. As an intermittent I'm we had a pretty complex medical system here to think. And it can he had an oddity from behind him and if you don't if you are already getting means you mean on the returns are. You're screening information if you think you have a sent them or something like that. They scarecrow needed impeaching metered public thinking millions of people not only ticket screening any other barriers that they can help from the terraces to overcome them. And for us that we've seen the most. That they get the most important area here is really in this financial on transportation Mary here. People not being able day either afford insurance or a fourth co pays out of pocket costs and then. And then off the magic's diagnosis and treatment is expensive. And a lot of times people going through breast cancer can't work anymore iron. And so they're not gaining their insurance coverage or they're just not getting their peak tack and and it becomes tight end this breast cancer patient financial assistance to transportation program is really important is difficult but I'll. And and handle every kind of ties in. Very well we talked about mom's kitchen. You know a lot of women diagnosed with breast camp there and get in that situation mean leaving his job and we'll just can't work arron they're used here have to decide between. Putting food on the table for their spamming or kids or. Buying their prescription are paying for treatment and that's not a decision anybody should look at felt. Definitely green that mosque attendance is amazing you know provide me hot meal that game or woman and her fan me. That's plumber thing chess story and it really makes huge difference. Throughout I mean we have this as screening. Program through which we have this really quorum malvo on demography coat now. That can go to union head to your chase scenes there you're shopping fan and you canyon and rams on the coat. It's not and it's daily iron treaty candidate and that this can even get that a lot of that helped senator athlete he. And you know it particularly at transportation rare at that time you know how many of us now go to the doctor has. We don't have the planet are they didn't put it. There are out that I and then off. If anything is found out Marmara diagnostic tests can you really expensive than in the program impeachment noses round. And just all of these you know anything's someone can I journeyed on the whole continuum of care is covered the places there's never happen never falter and not a lot in this system and and again it's all free right yes it's actually for me. And it's available on adding Brian Feeney down the count means that we have programs in North County down at south vein on the border. We I'll pass east county found and a and any other restrictions or qualifications to get the services may not have. No matter off so come on out any event and we have weeklies screening and and the minimum amount of B coats and I cannot say come and they need a dot org we have a list account violence at the where it is every day. And you just show out where the coach and only requirement is that he brings some kind of ID it doesn't have to government and issued and it doesn't have to be. California and you just have to it like it could be a work ideas from Obama just that laying out the rainy and and and I think that's it you. Let's let's talk a little bit about. Symptoms things that people should look for yet Allen comes breast cancer back. So this is really important we teach math I had knowing your normal than any panic any change whether it's a sentiment vocalists and I. You should report it. And that. Typically the most common. I think in the breast cancer I think you'd be a lump. Which I think everyone is probably aware out of bed Darren from an acting like thickening of the Afghan. Our Aaron. A lot of hand it can happen in nipple discharge our nipple inversion man and turned and eighteen is hot and threaten and stealing. Anything that kind of come out of the blue lake back canyons and ten. Can act and anything that accurately reported immediately to your doctor and get it checked out and. How often cheated death a woman get them on mammogram. Over the well on the average rents starting up forty Michigan program every. Am and then act I mean you should start getting a clinical breast exam at least every three years is an app three run to the doctor's office and they physically feel and check your breath for him it's not the machine. That different screening can be recommended for people. And being plagued them fast tissues especially in young women. Yeah and anagram usually isn't the bath tool for that and has an and I am an ultrasound or be reprimanded. This year hack high risk for breast cancer at 20% are higher as compared hiring. And it's recommended you see that you have a screening American citizens here's screening mammogram every year. Think things that affect and that's by no means your personal risk in your family history is so important. It does it it can be hereditary right yes. So. And a cameraman near the island nada injuring Angelina that they thing in the media in the past and she had that preventative prophylactic double mastectomy and is because he carried the breast cancer eighteen. And she's had multiple plants only diet of it and though that's what she has to do about it that. Your risk for breast cancer does go if you have the breast cancer gained Rocco liner to end. And now that is true it's also import an amount that a small percent of breast cancer patient. A breast cancer cases are and people with the team though it raises your risk that it's not. A death sentence and a lot of promise that you're gonna get it that it does very here SAU union pack your doctor and get appropriate screening screening argument making more frequent anywhere between them. Any other from. Risks or or things that puts you in the high risk category. Yet you know. The kid Davis for about cancer there are landing element. And did he called it giving me knowing can control right made a few things that can help reduce your risk for breast cancers and things like maintaining hope he week. And a healthy lifestyle. And keeping actors that is part of your routine. Limiting alcohol and cape gas may not be enough popular. That those cannot help reduce your risk for breast cancer. Now now when we talk about or think about breast cancer of course the number one thing that comes to mind is women marry but. Net can also get it right outside. Lane one and every hundred cases of breast cancer than in hand and it's not popular talk about it and then it. Obviously and a continuing prostate and there would be it and in their line militants eubanks and Manning can and do get breast cancer and found. It's important. Especially that Monday and get regular screening right. Any time and it's a lot of the same thing then that man can be a math or thickening of the Afghan kind of blown version of a sudden discharge. And anything like adding to your credit credit land as a symptom can get that in effect can. And you mentioned earlier about what's normal and for you can F her that a lot with other organizations have had on the show and how will we talk about other types of cancer that that's that's number one thing it cannot normal for you know what's normal for you and if it's not something happens when you see something that's not normal you need to this year dot. Re not for me that's the key is your doctor does anybody keep the that the exactly on what what's the survival rate of breast cancer. So right now early stage breast cancer at a five year survival rate meaning meaning. Which is that's great it's amazing in. In the past few decades that's come up 32%. That the Greek fat and we love that and any keep pushing and howl. At fouling me. And we get it behind you and they got that big goal you're yet deny Apple's goal is that what you call our people call her at that that everything latter that the bald on mount the hook up. And they ask it's a great statistic but again that's for early stage breast cancer is that I think it's important figure agony screenings and find current me. When it must preventable treatable. And endless with men though there there's no. Re old regular screening that that they can do. Yeah I should ask a provider up matter position and none out. Typically get lake at clinical testing it and write my name noted after their physicals that's probably something and check. Doctor Darren visually talking about me being and that's eminently and a woman I think that's at some point you know it's normal for you and any time there's a change in that reporting it anyway. And on and fear back and you a couple of events coming up yes we do you. You that you had your first one. Coming up. Is dying out for the cure how many years you've been do and is this would be the fifth annual thing out for the care and prepare but here in October. And at Philly fan actually it's an might even think of step a doesn't like Keating I love. Prefer to call us today and ended up and we have finally they pregnancies restaurants come N and me. I pledge to you that the percentage their proceeds from the days and it's not. Flakier after bringing a flier or anything like that you can go out and linking normally land and then they donating a portion of the proceeds and that's really up. And what's what's the date for this and it is Thursday October 12 and it breakfast lunch and dinner and has a permanent rash found throughout thingy okay I mean from. Again are author of the area and are counting down and the south bay and think that they found in fish out and vigilant teens and Donna van and then you've got things like keep the pats kind of wolf they anyone out and play any. And budget and that day after an eighth. Broken you know can and simply adding yeah that's a you know it literally backed Flint and in and I think everybody eat out a bit. Right right and offer because in the money back to Susan G. Komen again what's the date. At October 12 at the Thursday. Okay and you next big event. After that use your race for the cure this this is what the 21 year for this event. Yes it's kind of a flagship that there are best known for that then the race for the care is that five key that we hold them about our park and the here and it. I'm pending an amber then. And it's really a lot of fan I mean and that's for a lot of bad case I have and it's so beautifully in you can't get edit and and they actually shut down Pannemon fifty feet to walk on it for you ahead. Yeah and edit the five K but we also have a one mile option Q for those down and you know while I've came. He can be as competitive are nonchalant about it as you line he confinement he can run runner or you can. Walking with your family and now here's your we have putts and careful about who even bring a pat them and read to them he keeper of the Indiana. And a treat it. And they get to go on it can you take care of your dogs on the main. Yes yet they'd on the whole about the channel one that depends on small now you can get back here more than one mallet and a negative. They'll have their own fan that I activities and I'm fat is making on our route. Yep yep how little water species entries from things like that and their lack. What else can people expected that this event this year. Any any other festivities to yeah have the. The and before the actual lap at Colin that at all Halloween. It's acts now. Thank you lock around aiming at a time are really quote vendors and sponsors that that at that freebies and you can all I think he's today companion about the program in a bunch of cool priest and you know relate to feed the winners in the have been looking different but and stuff for kids and kidney and then. There is amateur battered island cent Fanny pack cancer survivors and con definitely check out the threw back her village. You hampered him sizes and snack think as Indiana got it really anything except. And he can expect a lot of fun Constantin eighteen game really incidents and can Quaid into tune in and quiet. While on Kerry won the acting thing crowned and things like at. It's a lot of fun and they're really at B and then. And get the agony it's in the first Clinton thinking any and it. Even as a kid and today at an it audit settlement and I am really glad that we have a medical opening ceremony we and it that I heard them. And all the people that people are walking in honor and memory. It's very motivating and inspiring and their route as fun and and that's good spirit Mary and it's highly contagious. That looked and is the the walk and underway the rocks at 8 AM if you aren't you at the film Halloween and I'll ask the panel entirely eighth hit it. Is street parking and then there's also perking up and down act a couple blocks and shuttles are bringing us those you know distrust about and parking blocking. Yes nice kid and and what about registration can where they register. He can register online at our web they common theme Nikko top award and am looking at my information there. And rain now and registration cost is forty dollars until September 5 and then goes to 45 day. He can register the day it's not he's shown at the morning that'd be fifty and at the okay and and what time would registration opened the day out of early 630 okay yeah yeah and the day before I'm will be out there at Althorp park setting up on Saturday. Then forests and and people can come just in its. Not a money that's raised from this event. Dine out for the cure and and other events. Where does the money go how much of that money that is raised how much of that stays here in San Diego. Yet that the Bernie is 75%. Of all the money during the campaign he got a friend that's can you need grants and Alice B programs that we have Chris Haney and and there meaning Tony 5% and that me as the local affiliate contributes in that national restart. Though I am I mentioned the three and reach it plants that aren't singing are right now that. That is funded. And prepped and kind of represent that we completely. So the money raised for these events. And any other event that you have yes. That's house broken down yet any donation and eat and raise their all the money that comes down at his house that's enough just from these events individual donation as well often. Okay and and dad know how else can how can people. Healthy with the mission outside of making a donation any other ways they can help you. Yeah absolutely angering for the care and even then they're off and that it we are a true nonprofit grassroots organization he sent. We man that the big brand name that they'd eat and I think I think that's so we can all youth volunteers. We love our volunteers we can get anything done without our volunteers and from everything from her big events like the race. Two. Being in the office and hopping effect in the office tube going and beans are among them tomography event that that our welfare it. We have volunteer opportunities her. Any land at any level of involvement and knock on the difference Marion laugh and agree away. You get back and be involved. And something we really appreciate and we can operate without. Yeah I'd say this all the time that volunteers of the back Mon el out of her thing on nonprofit yet. You know you can do what you do without them now know. And and if somebody wants to make a donation they can do then that you website. An affiliate komen Kenya that IRA and income business and processes amount. Where over in creamy say area. Parents say Arab I addresses on the let's say is that we love meeting people that I had donate or get involved and having himself and. OK once again the had a date for dine out for the cure. Thursday October 12 in end what what's the percentage that people will be donating businesses will be donating back to Susan G. Komen. It's a different levels and being in the restaurant did it and it for 25% 15% or 10% and that's Allison on what's ATP in Phoenix restaurant doing my. And and that race for the cure the data yen. And it's at fending November 5. And he GM and Kyle are part. And we also. Coming up. I'm kind next week I'm a funny thing he hit it pretty evident that sundown I think seventh we have an event at green flash river east of buries interior thing. And Armenia we'll have that going on Muni and hope I PM. And Ed ticket that prefect Ivan and Dan. And he can get them online as well and and then you also have an event called growth picture at this seventeen. Annual event and none of these Saturday October 14. And that is for. Marriage and it piled border attackers an epic I read them and listening to a lot of plan. And that as kind of like the races well. And isn't competitive or not try as you want it to be keen defendant to be kinder to go back and get it. And it it's not a factor in mind but experts. This info on your website for those yes well yes Ollie and airlifted on our ads say Cummins senior or in the complainants and then there's. OK and just before we wrap up one more time com things that people should be looking for. As far as breast cancer goes and signs or symptoms yet. So Barack Annie being that different from your none of them especially me and me. Eleventh. Thickening of the skin feeling is threatened and eighteen and and in nipple discharge arm version. And and again anything's not normal free. Okay and and you mentioned a website one more time. At that comment in Gator got bored and your social media we are on FaceBook and Twitter and. Yeah Lizzy thanks so much for being announced Saturday appreciated in debt thanks for all you do the Susan G. Komen San Diego thank you for having. That concludes another edition I'm living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a town San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from Genesis healthcare and zero the end of prostate cancer until that I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.