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Monday, September 11th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Gary late. State Madeleine Sophie Sanders serves individuals with developmental disabilities through nationally recognized the innovative programs. These programs provide liberal arts education practical skills development employment and dignity that last a lifetime. For decades they've helped people with developmental disabilities their families and communities discover and explore. And nurture potential joining us this morning the saint Matalin Sophie Sanders CEO never Emerson welcome Deborah. Thank you. Thank you for having me it's been a few years I think since you've been on the show yes to have those pleasure having you back again from saint man and so he sent her. Let's start a little our little background information on that same analyst Sophie center now when you were first founded folks from preschool children with developmental this goes to us a little bit about your. Back in 1966. Sacred heart guns help form a nursery school for children with disabilities. And they help parents good parents and how many relief because they children weren't going to regular school. So this none stuff tend to help them for daycare when their parent might wanna go to the doctor. Are they were caring for other children. Things like so after that in the 1970s. We became an adult day program so we surveyed adults from the age of 22 to eighty now today. OK so against you start with preschool kids writes only if that's exactly. Now now the organization's been around for a while yes fifty years or 51 years this year. And many questions out where Al preschool students still go to our school so they really think that there are over fifty years while so so in that time. Aside from expanding and in helping those with. Helping adults with developmental disabilities what other changes that have have occurred at saint balance over the last fifty. Well mostly our program designed to be really. Are interested in quality programs. And personal plans for the student we want them to reach their goals and dreams. So we provide. Really I think service that it's a wonder ones serve us. When we look at what that student really wants to do and we work with them so some persons might get a job. Other people might want to go to the art gallery so these art gallery Al Capone. Other people might want to go working our kitchens that they learn skills that help them find a job are also help them at home. We have a beautiful organic garden so many of our students worked up in the garden and learn new skills on in gardening called a culture. We also have local politics. And we even have a vineyards. So there's just many opportunities up and the different programs we have missing Madeleine stand and so over the years expanding on on those programs quite a bit. Yes he can't now we have five solid programs that depending on a person's disability. And it what racial our staff are to students of somebody has high needs they might be at three to whine because of their physical disability. Or maybe they have a behavior disability and we work with that student. To help them progress through some of the other programming. The ultimate goal would be to get some brilliant job. That's the ultimate goal and we have many jobs that we are students qualify for a and we support them in those jobs so what is the mission and at this team members of the senate. It's to empower adults would developmental disabilities. To realize their full potential in the greater community. Okay and end you're located where. Where I'm located in east county. Off of Madison 2119 east Madison avenue and alcohol. And has been the same locations please pull fifty years the whole fifty years we've been at that same location. Our campus house grown at about six acres. And it's kind of I would say the best kept secret and I'll go home or on the side of shadow mountain and so. Also you probably see Benny purposes we have about fifty passes them pick up for students every morning and then we drop them home. And during the day we take them out to their job sites are in the gallery are. Community based integration so we have a big fleet of buses solves so your bureau programs at the same and so he sent their. They're all day based there all day basically where we hear from eight to 230. And people arrive around 8 o'clock in the morning and we start loading the assistant to Perry. And from what I and stand what I've seen on and on. In some releases that I got when when looking at saint metal and so he sent for the show quite a big staff there. Yeah about a 130 staff on during the swim season our staff goes up. Probably about another ten or twelve staff members helpless we have the swim programs for our children with disabilities also. We serve the public with arthritis of people from half arthritis. Also learned to swim. And then we worked with muscular dystrophy also in some other programs. And when you say disabilities and developmental disabilities. We're talk and all. Developmental disabilities. I'm most disabilities or something that person was born as like Down's syndrome autism suffer policy. And other disabilities like it's McCain and and then you view that. Anybody with those disabilities is welcome. Yes they usually qualify for services through San Diego regional center and then we would get referrals on a person. If they meet our program guidelines and if we can meet their needs icicles okay now and how long have you been with something and so senate. December 22 years sound Holland long time passed I love my job then I go in every day it's just a happy place there. The students urchins wonderful and they greet Chu and they can tell you what's going on even on our on our grounds like we have a new pool that's just being completed it. And I have one staff on student land she can tell you everything about the pool. And what's going on on campus who's driving what bus and all those kind of things she's a great commercial. And it you know it there's so many different organizations like. The same analyst Sophie center in San Diego County that it help those with developmental disabilities why it seems members besides maybe needing jobs. And I think we have be neat programs I think we're like a liberal arts college for this group of people. They're really an unrecognized. And unnoticed for their talents. So I think we helped bring out their talents and the public conceive after so many of our programs. Especially our our program people working in the community. We just had our fashion show we have somebody sing the National Anthem. They walked down the runway people concede disabilities and different light that's great. Now how many how many people do you serve there at some analysts are about 410 are on our rosters and about every game in the 300 seat pans. Many people go out and work our many people go right out into the community. So every day approaching in the high 30385. And is it more adults now and then than kids. Yes mostly during the day it's adults that are swim lessons are learned just man and also of children with disabilities to come to our Special Olympics and other programs in the pool. Okay and it could you do is say that. Students there are 22 and yeah basically you know it's a light program people come to us right after high school. And then some people even come to us say eighteen. That most people come to us after a transition program through that school district. And they states with us till their in their eighties we have a senior program that and here's senior. If you come in at 55 and that's more of a rec program yet there's no job requirements for many of our programs there's. We're trying to get people jobs and help them earn a paycheck. And now for person to again you said that they're they're referred by. San Diego regional center yes OK now now the race an event for certain plan. It depends on the person's disability and their needs so say somebody has a high behavior that they might be an RB mod program behavior modification program. And that's a 31. Staff three to one. Three students to one staff but some students with behaviors might come men on a 121 where we're trying to help them get into baker group. And then through our programs. And then we have a senior program and that's had a six to one ratio. And then we happen ABC adult center program and that's I support a wide. So it's really depending on the person's needs but there's but they they get an individualized plan when they when they come to you. They get an individual plan and it's based on their goals and their needs and what assistants they might need some of them might be in wheelchairs or they might have lockers so we might need extra stuff. To help them in the community or get on and off about us or get their lunch or even go hunting to go to the restaurants. Things like that let's talk about some of those those programs you mentioned a couple of them already let's start with failure activity center. Tells them that this this again like your other programs a day program right. And that program is the one to six ratio. It's our activities senator is our program where people really move around like a school. You know they're going from maybe art class to computer lap and then they might go to the swimming pool. So they change every couple hours going to different kind of a lot like a lactose but they've chosen the things that they lie car their skills that their working. So there at that groups probably our biggest group it's about a 170 students in activities center. And they're going out in the community they working in the parks and working in day care. They worked at the shipyards in a litter abatement things like. Also of their training to get a better job they might be in the computer. Doing their resonate are learning skills that will help them get a top. And this is all in the activity and activities and is catcher. Oklahoma okay incidents. Now again can any anybody. Go to the activity center and it's part of your program there it to. Cancel their disability if you know if they are able to work and a one to six ratio that six students to one staff that means there are more independent. If so it depends on their disability. If they need help. Most likely physical health or maybe have behavioral help and there are more limited. They might have to go to adult day care center which is how wonderful. They still do a lot of the same things that our activities senator us but at a higher supervision. That's the adult daycare center yes they senate okay now I'm at the activity center there's a variety of training. I classes I guess you'd call him at at the center community work training there's art vocational. Training landscaping. And this is all talk right there. It's all talk right there are mainly our art is that so he's art gallery in downtown Al Capone on Reyes street right by the city buildings. Com where we bused them down there alum twice today. And they stay there and do their art some people stay down there all day if there and there they consider themselves an artist so they're working on their art. Went up our artists mark Rivlin. He is going to be signing his book or having an event come up cause Alley cat art block. And it's at art gallery and he's going to be signing a book he wrote about the secret lives of its. And he's been under senator for forty years so he's celebrating that on September 15. Fallen men and and that's going to be at the gallery gallery in downtown El Cajon yeah. Trade in and so so at at the center or there at the gallery. The worst that they have their from the students that for sale yeah all the work is for sale on the students get 40% if they sell a piece of art and say it's a mosaic PC do a lot of mosaics and we do we've been we do painting. We even give Houston Klaus. So there's just a lot of different mediums that we how we have a lot of great staff down there are a lot of them went on bachelor's in fine art. So we bring a lot of different types of art to the gallery so to keep it interesting for our students are mosaics and had a big cat. And we just hit a big piece of fraud. And it's Honda plant arm was implanted in the new pulled buildings so it's something to sail again it's really sweet piece that's pretty collapse to check at the end of the gallery yeah. They don't come to the pool to the point that rocket able to talk about Fiat of Italy are just little bit. Now what kind of training that your staff get before starting to work there. A staff and volunteers can a lot of the similar training so we have there's we're mandated on CPR and first aid. If were dealing with people with behaviors are also additional training. To help work without person and their behavior. So they peak at about forty hours of trading and then you're really you're training on the job with the students and the other staff who helped me entry to. Okay and and and now you're adult development center. Then he says is pretty much the same as as the activity center. Well it's a higher need it's more supervision a person might have more needs might they might need help to get their lives they might need helped of the restaurant. They still can go to the art gallery through the you know to the pool. Two other activities as just depending what they're capable of doing. And just more supervision and more supervision and a behavioral modification program you mentioned that a little while ago tells them that. Poke ever really proud because for a long time we didn't deal with people that hot behaviors. But our goal is to get them into the activity center or get them into the adult day care center. Depending on their disabilities so we work without student to work through different behaviors so that they can go out in the public to Carl's junior. Are you know to the parks are two other activities and even have a job they might be working on a crew crew. That's delivering flyers are litter abatement. Those kind of things but the ultimate goal is to move them from not work with the behavior so that they can go in to the public safely with everybody else. Now you students a day down. A lot of them live at home or they had in in in eight home. A lot of people there was a period of time where people were living at home but a lot of students Livan. Group homes because parents are aging. And they wanna make sure that that person is taken care of and so a lot of parents are moving their dolls into the group homes I guess as they get yeah SA counter I don't see it probably. I used to say 5050 probably 60% of people living home in another 40% went in group homes. But as their parents aids in there's not a family to back up that parents died and they go to crew home. And and again as you mentioned too that did all these programs they're group based but they're also you can also do one on one bright. Just once again it all depends on the person and their really their goals and trains. And if they have a disability that might might need some more assistance. Like a person we just got a couple of new jobs. And a student went to work it to explain yet. And some have people out Albertson's and we have a lot of people a lot of different places so we're always looking for jobs and opportunities for our students though they may get these jobs are they still. Part of your program yesterday it's your your busing them over to the jobs and on and we helped on that but normally when a person gets a job there it's an individual job and everybody's on board their family or their group home helped them get there. And so we work with them through all the different things that go on when you get a new job so we're really excited when we do it gets new jobs. Now you're a senior program he did mention that also and again this is for people 55 and older 55 and older or if they have an agent disability. It's more direct program they they have fun down there. And so they go out in the community and they also volunteer in the community a lot of our students do volunteer. Our students do fund raise also every year we get a lot of things to Salvation Army we ring the bell for Salvation Army. I get Turkey's in my X altering the Christmas season for different groups. So they put on a dance. Reportedly in just about quarterly increase money from them it's nice and then they pick and choose what's. Charities you can make him too. Spicy yeah they have given up on racing for six yeah there usually fundraising for something else. And they have a student bodies has elected office you know a board of directors kind of and they help monitor where they gonna give them money to. Yeah that's critical it is like you know and again in the we just senior group no it's all the sports all the students trying to help raise money. We just believe I believe and you can't which you can't so the students are getting back to the community house. And against the specialized. Programs that you have you mentioned computer. A computer training. They have a whole computer and we have different programs that the students can learn. Different skills that can be now be spelling it could be writing a journal that could be writing their rest and just any skill to help build up. Also we have speech and reading which helps also. Work on some of those skills like in the computer up to and culinary arts. Yes culinary arts the students worked on the kitchen they have to pass. Tough first aid down in the kitchen and food handlers so anybody working down there they could go work in another kitchen because they've past all these different house. So they help cook chop and on deliver food to other students and clean up the kitchen we have aid license and markets and leave you serve meals. We serve poppy close to 300 mail today. And so we have launched their everyday and so that's a big deal food is a big deal on campus and as for the students felt that the that the cookie and yes they help with the cooking and also students that need their help. They'll deliver the lights to about. We're known for our cookies. And the good thing Andy have. Jeff font size and now we have a chance against him himself outside a whole culinary crew and the and the students were in the kitchen to him. And this again is on site you know and then we have grow vegetables in the garden so we do farm to table and when we also work down in the community gardens hampering the thing about and use that it also. Great and an employment services you talked of course that's a big gold it's a big goal to get people jobs especially people that are capable working out in the community. To break down some of those various. They're good employees they show they work night indicated dedicated. They wanted to. And and. And it's in its any age group that you working with as far as employment goes down well when he anybody capable of winning a job somebody that's in a senior program wouldn't monitor right. They wanna retire right some of them have worked in like sheltered workshops for thirty years. And so there is there and their retirements. And then another program and you've brought this up as well Europe quad X program. And at first tells about the box program that we talked about this this pool which. Okay our clinic's program it's been. Earned. I think since 1985 we've had a pool a that the center. And this last year we just got to raise money fund raisin capital campaign for new pool building. Also that included new pool equipment in Austin doing new plaster and wiring and plumbing for the pool. And so were getting ready to unveil it on September 9. And that's really exciting our Special Olympics team has been swimming out another pool right now so we have a Special Olympics team. And it slams and also all our students use the pool as for health you know exercise. So we're really excited about that. We had won south from and one shower in women's Herman the man's rim now we have like three or 48 side. And then we have a family bathroom too so it's just a state of the art building. And we're just so excited for all the people that helped us make that happen. So not only just renovations. And fixing things up but expanded it expanded the building. I'm bathrooms and showers some locker rooms are really needed it especially if we have the public comment. Has to also meet those requirements. You know I have a family room so they can change and I arc. Changes that are sensitive things like and and it is open to the public for swim lessons right we have some lessons we probably won't start to the first thing here because of the weather and things like now but then we'll get ramp back up. For the whole summer. And it's a busy place over there it's like a village is people coming and going all the time especially when I mean how the holes lemmings. So the main thing can and also with people volunteer people bring their schools in two up to the garden to learn about what we're doing. We want people to come there to break down barriers about people with disabilities. And and you students were there as well yes this a lot of our students were there. They do laundry and they do different things that the pool. And if I'm not mistaken I think I read that at the pool is the only one in the east Canada has a wheelchair ramp. Yes it does we have people that are in wheelchairs they can just we have water wheelchairs we can will them right down relief yes it's really neat to watch. And then we also do have a lift but we the wheelchair ramp really helps everybody he just kind of slowly move in. You are walking and you know if you wanna walk in that way too. And and has the quotes program a year your pool always been open forum for the public yes calm when I first came to save islands. We weren't open to the public and I here's this beautiful people and so I kind of knew caught expenditure needs can halt. And so we open it up to the public with swim lessons we've they've been doing that at least fifteen year is at least. And and do that people sign up for for those yes they sign up for sunglasses and also we have contracts with the arthritis. Our muscular history aren't the school district two companies are people. And it's and it's open and for the students all the all the time you know there's a schedule you know time that they can go in the pool. Based on their programming. So the new pool opening up. This Saturday the ninth right yes the ninth is the ribbon cutting the students are jumpin they'll start our season. Eight yes exciting. You have a Special Olympics team gets beat you I think it's about fifty people in and and to think it was last year whenever students went all the way to the world responsible of the night. And so that was very exciting to you on now you are nonprofit. Yeah yeah so where does your fund income for a. Our funding comes through San Diego regional center through the department of developmental services. And we get hated gay raid based on the person's disability. So the average day rates probably fifty dollars a day so we short haul. About 4500 dollars a year per student about a million dollars so we have to raise money. Every year to keep the quality of programs that we have seen now wants peace until you have do you have fund raising events and throughout the year. Yes we just completed one hour fashioned sound hook hotel with hearts. And it's leper because clients and we've raised nineties there refer. Just for general operations and then we write a lot of cramps and we have you know really a good donor base and and if somebody wants to help you with a donation to help you with your mission and they make a donation at your website owned yes please yes and our come and visit us I think if you come and see what we do. You might be Kleenex I always an ethnic or you might be greeted her hugged. We need everybody's help volunteers are so important Chara cons. Just during the game helps relieve our staff you know things like are gives a student at different opportunity it needed to from person. And that person's experience on all of that is so important. Well yes that's headed. Many times volunteers you guys and couldn't survive without the volunteers that strongly profits they're the backbone of non profit organizations. What what kind of volunteer opportunities do you office. It depends on the person lightness of them we just have our fashion show we had over forty volunteers. Which helped us because we didn't have to bring our regular staff and help so just saving and labor costs is really important with volunteers. If they just wanted to advance earth they have a particular skill. We have many volunteers that are our program maybe they'd like to do something special in art and they can come and teach arts students that particular art piece. In and speaking of art you did mention that there is an event coming up. On the fifteenth yes September 15 this Alley cat are often. It's in downtown El Cajon. In our in the Alley. It's between Maine and Andrea. It's a great event of an exciting and what what time is that I think it's from five to ten and now this is this a fund raising event. It's a fundraising event for our community we will be partnered with. And the city of El Cajon and downtown district so we're trying to Jim Gilmore murals there. And we've been successful so far and also there's an art show we do it took outlets and how handed out pallets to. Different artists at that they will be auctioned off also up. This great artwork so that is in September 15. That the gallery yet so these gallery downtown El Cajon yeah so it's an art it's army outside yet outside. And there's wine and beer or things like that and all the galleries have their doors open. Also downtown El Cajon house concerts on Friday night so I'm not sure what who's playing that night it's at picnic down. Yeah should be a lot of fun and it's always a lot of fun and for a good cause to pick out what what what is your you website. Visteon seat done pork okay and are you on social media yes BRC a sea island SE senator faced. Okay and and again if they knew anybody wants to help you out. With your your mission they make a donation at your web site. And you do welcome folks come in for tour yes all the time just give me a call at 6194425129. Extension 101 I'm always available. Right Debra thanks for being on the show great seeing you again. And thanks for all you do in the communities in analyst Sophie said. Thank you for helping us. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the county department of parks and recreation. And the San Diego foundation will talk about San Diego system of public parks and open spaces and the foundations opening the outdoors program. Until that I'm Gary they have a great week.