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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Gary late. Sharp healthcare is a leader in critical cancer research offering access the latest cancer treatments. They're sophisticated diagnostics and cancer treatment technologies. Helped provide the best possible outcome with reduced side effects and recovery time. So much progress has been made the lung cancer detection and treatment over the years which were you talk about today. Joining us this morning is sharp healthcare carding a drastic surgeon doctor seem all mob ties welcome doctor mom tells thank you for having us on the air show. You are a a car audio harassing surgeon with sharp healthcare. What is that. But courteous plastic surgeon someone who does surgery on the heart and lungs. Essentially Sergio the chest there other structures and the chats including the food pipe the breathing tubes so surgery on all parts of the test. As this tenure of your round. Field ever since you got into. And since he became a doctor. And after I became a doctor and you surgery was my passion when I was training during my surgery general surgery residency. I assume that I started rotating on the heart and lung surgery specialty. I knew about the fact that's my calling who can how many years you didn't and now. And it's band mound since 2011. So. Sixty news and. On our gonna talk today about lung cancer sharp healthcare also has an event coming up soon that we're gonna talk about. A little later as well I have the American Lung Association on the show several times before. In the past according to statistics lung cancer strikes nearly a quarter million people every year is that number going up. Or down. And it it does appear that that number is going down ever since the campaigns regarding smoking and labels on the the cigarette boxes started showing up fund cancer incidence has been going down. It started going down in women and and ninety's this was about a decade after it started going down in men. It's what happens is that there's a lag of about twenty years. Since about 80% of lung cancer as some hollow or the other associated with smoking. So we've seen about a twenty year lag. And the number of people who are smoking and when how many people are developing lung cancer. And that's that's a big stigma. I want it comes to about lung cancer as I've you know as a management and the American Lung Association on the show before and it that'll seems via. A topic of conversation stigma on that you know it's it's only smoker's disease and it's not. It's not it's an absolutely is not their multiple different risk factors for lung cancer and there is a large number of people who have never smoked. But never been exposed to smoking and it's still development. Cancer is just a terrible disease to have our environment is changing around us people are developing mutations. In breast cancer is on the rise. And similarly lung cancer and non smokers is on the rise as well so what what are some of the other risk factors aside from smoking. Any kind of London disease itself is also a risk factor for lung cancer including high smog or CO PD. As well as pulmonary fibrosis that increases the incidents are the chances of developing lung cancer. As we get older the chances of getting lung cancer are higher like with any other disease age as a risk factor for I. There are other and environmental X exposures that can increase the risk of developing lung cancer even secondhand smoke. With secondhand smoke also it depends on how frequently someone is exposed to secondhand smoke. Other environmental exposures are like asbestos. Nickel. Arsenic uranium pretty Don. And even people who have had a family history of lung cancer. The are at higher risk of developing lung cancer as compared to someone who doesn't have anyone in their family when lung cancer. And I I had to put my father passed away from lung cancer back in 1986. And endow. I'm guessing that you know smoking again is is it a major risk factor but he had quit smoking probably. Probably thirty years before he got cancer does that happen a lot I'm assuming that that the cigarettes have something to do with. It does like is that about 80% of lung cancer is somehow associated with smoking. After people stop smoking their risk of lung cancer decreases exponentially. But it never really comes to the same level as someone who has never smoked before. So smoking is a big part of it that's likely sent their other people who've never small and they are also at risk of developing cancer. And as you mentioned there are it's not just lung cancer but there are. Several other lung diseases to be aware of what's what is CO PD CO PD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Essentially it's adult asthma so to say and in Lehman's term. CO PD can develop because. As a result of smoking as well where those tobacco it destroys the tissue with in the long. So instead of it being a close knit lung tissue which is like a sponge it is a sponge would bigger holes and it. It doesn't function as well the ability of the lungs to get oxygen into the blood. Becomes less the ability of the land to take carbon dioxide out of here. Blood becomes less those are the two major and functions of the line. And so CO PD asthma and those Serb lung diseases what what other. Lung disease or should we be aware pulmonary fibrosis is one other one it is aware there is. Like scar tissue you can say within the lung tissue so instead of the lung being able to X and all the way electing to can be deep breath you can feel your lungs expanding. People left only fibrosis they're not able to expand their lungs us much about that that's one other risk factor for lung cancer also. OK so so. These other diseases are risk factors in the car the car there and risk factors in terms of from people who have yes people who have. There's not a direct link they aha. That hole if someone has CO PDB will develop lung cancer but if you compare. All the people with CO PD and everything else the faint and then to and other population. Everything also the theme of the don't have CO PD the population that does have CO PD we'll be at higher risk of developing lung cancer passing so. And then as far as those other lung diseases are the risk factors for those about the same as for lung cancer. They they could be the same only by both of those one of those diseases where wean don't always know what exactly is causing. The landed about scar tissue with him it's OK so so where are we now with with lung cancer and 2017 I know we've made some progress. As far as. Diagnosing and in treatment where are we as far as finding a cure. We we do have cure for a lung cancer especially for early stage lung cancer the biggest problem among cancer why it is and number two leading cause of death. Of all. Reasons why people die in the United States the second biggest cause of death as long time Miller. Yes and the problem that the problem when lung cancer is that by the timing symptoms develop from lung cancer it is advanced stage. If lung cancer can be detected at an earlier stage we have to store already. Surgery is one of them I'm very passionate about. About it early stage lung cancer. Because if you detect colon cancer early enough. We're able to kill or lung cancer completely we're able to take all the cancer out of someone's body. Just with surgery and the surgery as. Nowadays they're able to do it minimally in cases with indecent but comrades and little poke holes. Where people's recovery is much faster people I have multiple home within a couple of days after this kind of surgery. So if we're able to get to know which is where in 2017 or getting too. And to detect lung cancer early. For years people have focused on how can we decreased the death rate from lung cancer and every time it came back to the same thing. The lunch and lung cancer gets diagnosed too late even in this day and age. The first sign of someone a few weeks ago that I saw she was doing her daughter's wedding and just pothole I'm having a little bit up coffee error there. By the time she came to us at stage four lung cancer. Her symptoms are just a little bit up caught off it gets diagnose very very late so it's very important that little bit off cough if you're at high risk for developing lung cancer. A little bit of cough is symptom or lung cancer it's very important to note notify your primary care doctor. Of that symptom because what can be done is screening tests for years the screening test that was used was a test answering. And chest X is great it's very little radiation and gives us a picture of the lung and at and the heart itself as well. How ever it does not show as little tiny nod yields little tiny lung cancers within the lung tissue bank one. So until a lung cancer which. And appears as a little nod deal on chest X ray is two centimeters or greater you can't really even see it something even to sentiment or not you. Gets messed up on the chest X him because it doesn't. Give a slice by slice picture of what's going on inside the body. The biggest advancement and 217 that has happened is little dose CT scanning million both cats and so there's less radiation and a regular cat scan. It gives a slice by slice about by monetary thick slice. Of the land itself if there is an ideal that even once sentiment here that you wouldn't even see on the chest X and we can see. And we can figure out what is it that we need to do for us as does not heal associated with other abnormality and in the chest cavity. Do we need to go in and do a biopsy of this because of this not ideal let's only once sentiment and where able to do a biopsy up and prove it to be cancer. We can join and character. Last week I had a patient very similar story previous history of smoking. What seemed that your primary care doctor because at some hot that it cats and there's an idea that looks suspicious we can tell based on. The features of the nod if it is suspicious accounts or not. We got a biopsy we found out it was cancer she had surgery feed is later all the cancer is thought upper body. All the linked fonts that. Accounts and potentially expect to out of the body the national cancer within them and there she hasn't. Are out. He mentioned that that early detection very important absolutely and and that's with with I've heard that with pretty much all cancers. Early detection are important and I guess for lung cancer early detection you can actually. He cured. You can actually be cured it exactly and these tumors are so small you know once sentiments tiny tumor. It gets unnoticed for so long so. We asked positions we as a community as a society are very black man we now have something that we can screen people for lung cancer. Went. It it should help us detect lung cancer early we may in fact see a right eased and lung cancer incidence just because we've seen more people. We detecting it early here. In the past these people would not have. Mean efforts to a thoracic surgeon or non college that's just because no one would have no it's like an answer until. Two years fears down the line when. They develop. Large back about a little tiny nod you'll develops a large mass beacon. Stride coughing up blood they can have such severe shortness of breath that they can't walk and I that's hanging. That cancer is not curable anymore. OK so you you mentioned just a few symptoms are things that people can look for what else can people look for as far as. An indication that there there's something. The biggest thing as the half especially if there is need line when people cough up dispute and that is. That is a red flag. Nothing is right if you're coughing up blood. So you have to see your doctor right away. Even once people start coughing up blood it me or eighty beat gone too far and so if you're cutting costs and you haven't had before. Even if it had flu announcement two weeks and it's not going away or three weeks and it's not going away you have a history of smoking see your primary care doctor. Both for the lung cancer screening questionnaires. We we have lung cancer screening questionnaire that gives power to the public peep looking on line. They can put in their risk factors and they can figure out if the are at high risk of I developing lung cancer and if they aren't making. Take that results to their primary care doctor and say. It looks like I am eligible for a low dose cats and a lung cancer screening test should illegal ahead and do it. Mrs. what we want to do a chart is to be able to raise awareness and add this disease does not go undetected anymore. That is terrier the free assessments that you offer as sharp. Yet that can be done online right. Absolutely they can be done online. People can I can tell you the website it's shark dot com forward slash lung cancer screening. You can go on there I myself went on their extremely user friendly. All you have to do is click off a mouse or if you're on your phone app your finger on a few different buttons put in your age putting your risk factors and it'll give you an assessment of what your risk of developing lung cancer is and you can. Inside I'll take a screen shot off your phone ticket here primary care doctor and say it looks like I am at high risk of developing lung cancer. And I should be getting. In lung cancer screening test. Especially if you're having symptoms cough. Shortness of breath. Weight loss is one big one people developed week plus an initially they're happy they're having some weight loss net but it's a bad sign if you're not. Trying to lose the weight and you're losing weight it's a very bad sign it means something else is eating those calories away. And 99% of the times that is answer any part of your body. So who else should be getting. This CT lung cancer screening the screening anyone who may think that they're at high risk of I am developing lung cancer. The screening is simple and easy you just put an all your numbers you put in your age you put in your if you are a smoker if you're nonsmoker. And then it gives you an answer asked what your risk maybe than the lung cancer screening anyone can take I guess I took one. Adds that a couple of days ago you can on anyone. Anyone can. Well on that you don't have to have symptoms in order to just take their screening questionnaire. But as far as the actual screening the actual. Actual path and right so people who are high up between the ages of 55. Fifty to 55. 55 are above. And less than 75 to eighty people were otherwise generally healthy they've had about thirty pack year history of smoking. Thirty pack here we calculated as smoking one pack a date for thirty years where smoking two packs a day. For fifteen here isn't so any of that realm people who are doing now I. People were actively smoking now or people who have been previously smoking. But it's been less than fifteen years that the quit smoking those people should should definitely. Once they fill the questionnaire and we'll come up and give an answer that there at high risk for developing lung cancer and they're eligible to have them load those cats and so these low dose cat scans. Relatively new then. So seeks fanning has been used for a long time the concern for using it as a screening without pity was that you're exposing people to too much radiation. And protocols have developed we have better machines technology has made significant advancements. Where we can give less radiation. Not have to get any contrast in the IV which can sometimes be damaging to the kidneys. And still get good picture picture that is good enough for us to detect lung cancer. And this study that was published than the biggest study in the United States that was published. It was published in 2011. Which actually proved that doing low dose CT scanning on people like I despite do you. Who should have literacy keep happening. As compared to people who only had chest X rays. The people in the Lotus CT scanning group died 20%. Less they were. 20% fewer bets in the people who have a CT scanning so it's not that we're. Decree easing the incidence of lung cancer it's that we decreasing the death from lung cancer because we detecting it early enough where we're able to cure. That's great I'm so what what are the treatments. For a lung cancer have K there there's a cure if you detected early enough but what other treatments are there. So surgery is Mia for early stage lung cancer surgery is the gold standard. These days the way we do surgery like I was telling you earlier as well it's a camera and small poke holes there's two or three little tiny incisions. We don't have to spread opened the reds we don't have to crack their reds. It's just going in between the reds that we can go and and when it just for the camera and his little things that look like chopsticks where you look to. Worked inside the chest cavity and we move. Only the part of the lung that actually has the tumor or the concert and it. So sometimes even people who half CO PD who have bad lines and we're worried if we take a week too much length issue. Are they going to be able to beat on their own are not where able to take away only the part of the lung. That has the tumor and it. Not the whole lot movies sometimes even not the whole load up on only the part of the lung that would lead to cures and most people. Chemotherapy. There is a lot of team therapeutic. And agents that are available and the biggest thing and lung cancer treatment is immunotherapy. So personalized medicine it's at a thing so now it is and we take a lung cancer we don't just say all of this says this type of lung cancer and accidentally gotten. There's only two or three different tracks that are available for no that's not the case these days. These days those tourists get tested for genetic mutations. They get tested four different immune scenes. If that cancer has developed mutations that in the market there's a drug available just for that mutation that person can have that medication. So not everyone will get the scene chemotherapy either it's going to be different chemotherapy depending on. What kind of mutation your cancer. And they're able to perform that act at sharp. Across the board re able to perform that wearing lead to genetic testing we do immune stains to figure out what is the best. Therapy what is the best chemotherapy agent that is gonna cause the least amount of side effects and the best among a cure for this person. Radiation is also used it depends on how advanced that cancer is. Early stage one cancer like we talked about it to have inspect to the lymph nodes it hasn't spent any other part of the body. Surgery YouTube are able to get care. But if it has spread to the lymph nodes if it has spread. Too bad very close to the breathing pipe. Or if there's some tumor cells left in the body then radiation as important for these people. And again with a radiation a lot of advancement has happened and where radiation can be focused only on the part that. Needs that radiation instead of having to mediate double chest it is focused its focus being. That is given to the part of the body where it will Wear the tumor are cancer has been detected. We have a lot of different techniques that we are able to do we work in collaboration with our radiologists. And we are able to put a little markers and the age gap that needs to have them radiation and so again. A small area of chest gets radiate and not doubles chest to decrease the site. So if that's happening now progress that's been made is is incredible it absolutely is an amount of again going back my dad passed away from lung cancer in 1986. He had his his lung removed. And I am very sorry to hear that and yak. Having to have a full lung removed merely happened. If the detect the lung cancer early enough like this that only the part of the land that house for lung cancer gets removed. And again the technique is so much different these days and a small poke holes. People go home and two feet four days. And are able to goal walk around to their regular activities without any problem. In the old days in the eighties I'm sure they are splitting the reds removing reds. Just to be able to look inside the chest cat and I can be moved to remove a tumor cancers of back pain of did Billy deed that comes with surgery no longer exist where able to do this or dream in a minimally invasive fashion. Where people are not with are are not having to have those complications. That you're at risk of having if you were. Cracking someone's rents and in and out of the hospital in the attack in and out of the hospital in time so before we get to your your event that's coming up here since. Just real quickly what are com. What what can people do to minimize their risk of lung cancer or lung disease. The number one thing to minimize as smoking we know we talked about it but they are people who don't smoke. I would say yeah it's our right as human beings if they're not smoking to be able to tell someone else the smoking near vicinity. To not small infant if you secondhand smoke again is linked. Talent concerts not a direct correlation is linked to lung cancer so being away from other people were smoking as well as important. Two overall being aware of your health you know we talked about this screening questionnaire being aware of what's happening be aware of your symptoms. If any symptoms did not to reach out to your doctor early in up rather than waiting on it for too long. Those are the important things that can be done. I had several different organizations on the show with different types of cancers and I think the number one thing that everybody says is if it's not normal for you. See your doctor absolutely absolutely any new symptoms see your opting. Okay now you have Avaya a big event coming up. November 8 Wednesday November 8 this is your breathe easy seminar tell us about that. We are very happy and excited to do this event for the public. I am is a free event open to the public on Wednesday November 8 at charts equity office and Kearny mesa. There will be physicians including myself who will be there performing. I am. Not necessary lectures but informative sessions sharing information and also available to answer any questions that the public me half. Again this has to raise awareness of lung cancer about lung cancer knowledge is power to give the power to the public. People are able to register at shark dot com forward slash breathe easy or 1800 dash eights to bash sharp. I am in order to register for this event you have. Free open access to multiple positions where specialists and lung cancer treatment and what time is it being held. It is being held at 6 PM and 6 PM 6 PM okay and the location again. It's sharp's tech win at office and Kearny mesa OK now I. I understand that at participants will also be able to get a free at risk assessment done there. Yes absolutely we will have a book where participants can comment and the screening tool that we talked about will be available for them. I am. And you'll be able to get the screening done to determine whether they should have that cats and an opt. And as this is this something new that you are doing or is this something that has been done before. I believe it's something new that they're doing with lung cancer being the number two killer. For our public it is something that sharp is really taking on. Creating awareness within the public creating knowledge of all. Then new techniques that are available so that people are able to access health care easier. Since the number two killer overall it is the number two oil men and women for men and women it's the number two killer overall it's right there after heart disease. OK so. Again this is cell Wednesday November 8 you breathe easy seminar and two I register ahead of time they can go where. They include a shark dot com forward slash green easy or 1800 dash eights to dash. And and before we wrap up one more time. Some things people need to look for. As far as lung cancer or lung disease but what can people via on the lookout for. If you're at higher risk of developing lung cancer anyone above the age of fifteen you have a history of smoking. Being around secondhand smoke. Having even if you have to quit smoking before you develop cost. Shortness of breath. We lost he noticed blood in your dispute and that you're copping up it's something that you need to notify your primary physician right away and get further past and that's. I heard in May be wrong but I I think I had heard once that when when the idea of secondhand smoke came came up. That sometimes it's sport or it can be as bad if not worse then the person's actually smoking. It's not the worst and the person was actually smoking that is definitely linked to lung cancer and is linked to other forms of cancer as well. Because you're still inhaling that smoke even though it's secondhand. You're still inhaling that smoke it can cause. Those mutations that can lead to cancer formation in the body. I'm once again you know the web site for sharp than breathe out breathe easy seminar you mentioned. I'm what's the website and for sharp for us to find out more about lung cancer. Am it's sharp dot com slash lung cancer screening people on that website there are able. To do that questionnaire that will be able to tell you whether you're at high risk of developing lung cancer and if you should have. The low dose cats and that has been chilling to see you flights. I am in order to register for our free event you can go to shark dot com forward slash three easy or 18082. Sharp. OK and that that website for sharp. The the website to find out more about lung cancer they can find out. Everything they needed to know about lung cancer and what Sharpe health care is doing absolutely in that area right yes yes. That month us thank you very much for being on Saturday thank you for shedding. Setting information in light on this important topic. About lung cancer we appreciate all you do sharp healthcare thank you Graham is thank you for having us on the show. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and it counts San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guest will be from the San Diego center for children. San Diego's oldest nonprofit serving children and families but the mental emotional and behavioral disorders until then I'm Garry lake. Have a great week.