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Monday, September 18th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Gary league. The San Diego foundation improves the quality of life and our communities by providing leadership or effective philanthropy. Foundation promotes community solutions through research and actions that advance the common good. They're opening the outdoors program connects protects and increases access to nature across the county. Joining us this morning to San Diego foundation director community impact. Katie arrest and county of San Diego department of parks and recreation ranger at Sam Alito would do an ecological reserve. This elevate welcome Katie welcome Michelle kinda think in finance. Kate you are with a yes San Diego foundation. Let's start with a little background information on your organization if we could. Sir the San Diego foundation is an in San Diego for over forty years we are known for having. Through the generosity of our donors of course given over a billion dollars angry making into the San Diego community. And we like to say he's set the San Diego foundation maximizes the impact of charitable giving. So what what is the mission and that. San Diego foundation yes so when we save maximize the impact of charitable giving him that means a few things in means that we work. In the community with our local nonprofits to support them and the great work that they're doing in the region. I an also means that we work with our donors to help establish. Funds both Stanley signs individual contributions and also I'm corporations and agencies contribute and we. Make sure that the donors are knowledgeable about the great things going on in our region that they can be a part of and and there's lots of some nonprofit status in San Diego how do you choose which ones get get that the funds and they're really good question. I get are over 101000 nonprofits functioning in San Diego. And you know we are actually just recently we're at we would San Diego was identified as an the most charitable communities in the nation in fact I think it's number one. Which is pretty exciting and a lot of that has to do with the fact that. Our nonprofits are trusted buyer community and that has to do lift their leadership qualities as well as transparency and some other things that they. I showed to the communities so. That is one of the factors that enables our donors to now and to trust where their money's going. And ultimately we also have opened our p.s for certain grant making programs retirement programs. It's one of those. And I noticed on your web site. Several values. Com of the foundation can we talk about those her. First one that I saw was stewardship what's in them so we are the Steward. Of these funds we're we've been entrusted. I had to make sure that they last. In perpetuity we want them to last into the future. And when people trust their money with this in need a foundation they can no. It's growing and ultimately. Growing into the future to support non profits today and tomorrow. Okay and and another core value of the San Diego foundation community. Absolutely so community is of course at the heart of what we strive to be supportive. You can identify your communion so many different ways through the opening outdoors program for example the program we're talking a little bit about today. I'll we realized. That some. Even though we have so many wonderful open spaces some communities. Especially lower income means don't have access to parks. And we went to be sure that everyone in our community had had access to these wonderful resource is that we so enjoy in our region. And what about collaboration. Collaborations so weak none of this would be possible without our partners. You know missing eagle foundation is able to support convene. And often times bring people to the table and I think that's one of the very. Lucky positions that we get to play. But. We can't do it alone 100% everything we do is made possible through partnerships and operations. And then there's inclusion and equity he asked so you know equity is something that. Really is important I think to so much work that's being done in the community today in this this really identifies the need to be sure that. Things are accessible to every line and really looking into what is at accessibility means so. For example we might be able to offer some free tickets to an. On but if people don't all have the same access to transit. And to the ability to get to that. Wonderful show that they might enjoy and grow from being a part of on then we have to really ask is that equitable and how do we make sure that it is most equitable against the that our community members have access to these wonderful resource is that. That we can all benefit from and another core values service. Yes certainly. You know I come from a background in the nonprofit world here in San Diego for the last fifteen years and ultimately see this. Which you need to have to be part of the San Diego foundation is another form of service to our entire community. And lastly. Cannot legacy. Legacy right so. As I am a donor you do have the ability to set up the latest he finds some people really do planned into the future. And some people do. Plan with the financial advisor and a way to enables them to have gifted at some times. They're able to plan. And that and what we call legacy format but I think you could expand upon the topic of legacy and really consider that. As some new anyone can participate in as a philanthropist and it could be. Large contribution it could be a relatively small one that everyone can help ensure that there's this legacy. Going forward in San Diego and it supports the nonprofits in the groups in charitable actions in the community in the future. So you say you've been with you've been doing nonprofit work for for quite a few years Dan yeah and how long you've been with San Diego foundation. I under a year actually owe him a millionaire. But what they're agreed to the foundation. Really wasted about service honestly it was great opportunity for me and I really believe strongly in the good work and non profit. Organizations can do. And I I was I felt very. Privileged to have the opportunity to join an organization like the foundation and so. To me it was it was truly another way to be of service to the community. Both sounds like gather at San Diego foundation does great work some great value there for sure. Before we had talked to on the shelves and get into partnership that. I'm sandy a foundation has for the county of San Diego apartment parks and recreation can we talk a little bit about some of the programs that you have it at the foundation. Climate change and I'm big thing a big topic of conversation especially in most recently list. Hurricane Harvey and here's San Diego County even people talking about it because of how when we just recently had a heat wave community here that we usually don't have I'm so what is it that San Diego foundation is doing. As far as climate change. NASA says Sanyo foundation has been taking a really active stance on and working with partners in the community to. Bring forward strategic change around climate action and we'd. Are very lucky to live in a community where our elected officials and most of the municipalities and make of our region house in fact adopted climate action plan. And certainly the city of San Diego. Has adopted a very progressive ones so we really. Our. Regional leaders I believe in in not type of action plan. And this is something that I think we can be very proud as San Diego ends to know that not only has our city. And I'm for the eighteen other municipalities that recently the county also is has pushed forward to adopt a plan. Does the Foundation's San Diego foundation do you act as advocates in in any way for things like this. Email in this case what what were ultimately doing is enabling. Convening to take place in helping to support things like research. That shows feed and that helps move policy and influence. And not even influence but really prove. He undeniable facts that we see before us which does help influence change and does help influence local policy makers to say. You know not only. Are there real environmental. Issues that we need to deal with that this affects everything this affects our workforce our economy. Our urban planning everything and so so the ability to. He would convene our to bring all of these wonderful groups to the table and help support these actions that ultimately lead. Two policy changes something that the Foundation's been able to. Around this issue now known Michelle. Puts on the spot but I'm going to that's a little little birdie told we were talking about climate change a little birdie told me that. That you sing climate change songs. At the park that you work right I do IA IE writes I'm an eye it's he's in and climate science education songs two teens of popular music. And share those with park visitors and hopes to inspire them to act on this issue. And you can share with us it's OK okay you say how guitar player with these but I love it it's a cappella. You might recognize Dan morality. To this song made it's called anymore and it says climate called action and focusing on solutions on to sing a little part of it. Well either no mayor and you bad Santa in its greenhouse gases is so hot that and man at seeing the oceans. So lion. And its ties into. She is cease song times. He saw the cool down and run out I'll be hoping for a solutions. We have the ingenuity. To stop carving entirely since. It takes that people's. Plan. He clan his men of terms. News and led me. Alone hand is and tastes. Milk more line. Not home Miami is king and not delayed. Her name mom. 100. F. And if so you're saying he's at at your park. Yes they do. And other festivals schools. We did earth fare this past year with climate science alliance. He had different venues conferences are science educators is well spiritual. Katie yeah. So just tell us. Can tell us a little bit more about the foundation the foundation what is your your age friendly communities program. Yeah at age and the communities is really looking. How communities function and how their plans. How really ultimately they're designed in their foundation two. Beneficial unfriendly across the ages so. While we're thinking about older adults and and and half topics like transit accessibility. Access to health. And closing in other things that are so on par and we recognize that when those things are accessible to sound their generally accessible to many. And so age friendly communities is really that idea of aging across the spectrum and how we can make sure our communities are. Our friendly. Two law. McCain and another program wanted to touch on before we get into your opening the outdoors program. China says science and technology big thing here in San Diego county and you have a science and technology program tells you have weak do we have a science and technology program. That makes grants to support. I'm research and scientific excellence and one of the things that we've been able to identify a that in not pursue we want to be sure that. Everyone has access to that opportunity in that everyone's at the table to become that great next researcher next scientists. On target to do that we're really taking a pipeline approach to making sure that traditionally under represented. People are asked that he evil and so. We are. Working with nonprofits and academic institutions. And ultimately businesses. To say how can we be sure that there is outreach training opportunities. And then professional experiences such as intern shift there really helped grow our innovation economy and makes her. De young people young adults on the and we to some great careers. OK so now the opening the outdoors program he ads so opening outdoors is a great program. And it really has to do with making sure. What a wonderful green spaces that we all love and enjoy is seeing eight pins are accessible tol. It also. Focus is on the protection of these faces an op often times making sure that these spaces. I'm not only accessible also clean and you know that their wealth taking care of and that their places that communities and families can enjoy. Now London PM the foundation San Diego foundation put out a a reportable us via a greater San Diego vision report absolutely yes men and what did you find in the fourth. Still you know that's showed us quite a few things we also editor park called parks for everyone and end. Those two coincided in terms of showing let's see NDA gains were focused on in terms of areas that they wanted to see impact on. And parts for everyone really showed that. While we have so many parks and our region. Many of what we might call part poor communities don't have access to green spaces. And so opening outdoors really addressed this issue by making sure. Diet on neighborhoods. Had the influence of enjoyable green spaces that families can access. And then this is a partnership then with the the county of San Diego apartment parks and recreation. Yes there are one of the partners and together. We have collaborated. With with other partners as well to make sure that. There is a web tools. It helps sandy ins. Understand where all these creek green spaces are around them speaking for myself when I eagle on this. But this tour online I find that there are places around me I didn't even know I had access to their so many parks in San Diego. Ryan and world we'll talk about that too and just in the first Michelle had a little information on the county of San Diego car parks and recreation you are a arranger. And deaths generally hold them. Ecological reserves right that's cracked and tell us about the county of San Diego apartment parks and recreation so are we have a. Award winning park system we have a 125. Different parks and reserves located throughout San Diego count me. And this includes 350 miles of trails that are accessible for hikers bikers and questioning ends. We've gotten each of senators IDs picnic parks. Nine camping parks everything from the coast. To the mountains desert valleys in between and you can find out about all of these parks on our website as Steve park stop or Eric. And then it even from there there's a quickly to our reservations page for you can find out about camping opportunities. As well and with Paul. Right around the corner anything special going on Ed you or Parker other parks that we should know about. Yeah so you can could be seen anyone of our county parks or go to our website SE park sour again look at our seasonal. Activity program activity guide to find out what's happening at different parts this follow we have is finally whole again or eyewear. An event called not so scary estuary. It's a pretty big event Halloween themed obviously. And that we do a lot of education on. Critters that are out there in the park in how to respectfully. Co exist with them learn about them and how beneficial they are. Cells are county park on lake site also has. An equine. This harvest festival coming up in November. And that celebrates the coming high and how they use different resources in the park and and really goes into the importance of of the oaks which are in trouble now in many areas. I'm into the command as well as us today is just a wonderful resource in. They provide recreation she'd opportunities for beautiful wedding sites in our parts. I'm just a great resource. You can learn how to plant in clearances and is about preserved all these can be found in our in our guide. Program guide and we also Arlene it's with the get outside San Diego you'd go to choose an adventure. Section and we have just we have a few of our programs highlighted on air but a program guide has complete listing. What's the difference between reserve and preserve. Well that preserves we have many San Diego County park prisoners. We it's not only are called are reserved. Because we are actually part of a lighter partnership. I'm so we are designated as a marine protected area. Let's see if California's that we come and it's. Our thousand acres. With California fish and wildlife as well as the San Alina looking conservancy is which is the nonprofit. Organization that started the efforts you'd get. The area set aside as a reserve and a county park packing in the early 198384. I think is when it became a park. Instead of becoming. Private marina. Our. Another water parks. We have lot of parts in San Diego we have very few saltwater estuaries that was an important place to preserve. As cancer through the suspect. And now. This new online tool. Which after sand into the website it's what get outside San Diego down lower right track that's a very cool website let's talk about that this you can. You can go if you wanna find park fit. That. As a baseball field. You just click on this one ranking and it brings up. All the parks in the count them baseball feels right. They served as so we have a 125. Parks but. You can inserts on this website and find any at park close this year that would have a baseball field out of B. What is 11100. And those would be just doesn't include you know C and national monuments and I'm you know politics and city car exit the inning it's pretty comprehensive. And it. And it's in this a whole list of different types. Not just him baseball fields are so it was something for how to find kid friendly parks. Stay patient in the woods and that's on silently. Justification in the words that urban canyon hikes. This is like like 01 stop shop for parks is and her. I think sound can even find Don Don many places as Nazi tanks he can canine companions out. And and so again the the basis of the reason to start something like this what was the motivation. He now I think you you hit on the head when you reference creators and he's a beige men and you know how are residents identified access to outdoors as one of the things that they love about San Diego. Again we wanna make sure that everyone and enjoy is that access and in some cases that means. Taking action. Working with partners to take action to increase that access conserve. The land clean up so Landis sat chat. And in a lot of cases I think we just don't always know what we actually have around us and how. To find it and how to sort based on what it is we're looking for you can. And with this tool you can find difficult hikes are you confined playgrounds that are kid friendly. I he can find great places to serve or like he said urban canyons. And so there's really ends and wide variety of items that you can can look. Through this tool and I think your right to that did and I never knew we had 11100 am I mean the San Diego County that's that's a lot of parks. And and you had to fight to know where they all are and you know three do you wanna try different areas of the of the city the county and to do something differ may be with family. Right exactly as I can act as a great way to. Great way to do it when when did this this start when did the outside. We get outside San Diego dot org website began and went to this whole program it's an eagle foundation began. Yang of the web is is pretty new it's been around and think about a year now on phenomenal that he already has yet it's come through our most recent around. Graham making related to opening outdoors coming out Doris however has been around longer. And really was in relation. To information that that we found about. Seven or so years ago to be. So specific to the need to related to this park accents and conservation of these. These park lands. And you know 45000. Plus acres have also. In conserved and and through these through this program as well so it's. It's beyond just identifying parts it's also hoping to be sure that some of the critical access points to those parks are concerned also. And this sounds this web site. Mobile friendly so people can get that on there and on the Smartphone or. The tablet right yes absolutely see me on the go looking for a heart can. And and there are maps to. Our idea on the the website to is Paramount and you know one of the things that fill the web site does it doesn't recreate the wheel it. It helps you sort and find things it's kind of an aggregation of all this different information. But then ultimately sometimes it will point you towards the website of that. That regional and park for example are. He acid that you can actually kind of hone into all of the information in the events calendar and other things that app partners have to offer. Now I am Michelle. Get towards the end of of the Saturday and and any advice tips. For people that maybe heading to the parks this fall or any time for that matter was sir that they need to know things that they can do that they can't do. Yes as a park ranger that's one of the most important part of my job is that we. Protect people from the parts and parts from the people so it's part of our missing and two. Provide these high quality outdoor experiences and we want people to get out there and enjoy a are exceptional biodiversity San Diego counties of biodiversity hot spot most people don't realize that as well. But we also want to protect those resources. On the plants and animals so. Any time you're visiting one of our parks would never see any of Tony parts just note that everything is protected in the park. You may be tempted to pick and the K and beautiful wild flowers don't please don't do it. We want those flowers to be there to reproduce and for future people to enjoy so that we we ask that people admire. You know take pictures and leave only footprints. And also be aware when you're visiting our parts of what the potential hazards are Alps a plan your chip in advance. Find out. Let tales might be open and what might be closed so you don't get this point when you get to park in not easy defined as steep parts dot org find out. Open closures and just events that are going on. And then talk with your Rangers find out of you learn about the floor in the fine. How to react to feud in interact. For if you come across something like a rattlesnake that people have a lot of fear and misconceptions about. So that's just that's part of our job and we want people to come out and be prepared. For the elements for the heat bring lots of water. Keep yourself safe from and have an anti ample experience can help a lot. And no carving your initials in the trees you know carving your missiles in the trees and no carving your initials in the sandstone slot canyon is channeling Willie can. We opened a beautiful news challenging trail. Unfortunately. It has become. A place ECB. Graffiti is a closed off area when we opened it up and fortunately now we have people carving their missiles are. That just breaks my heart is varying hair that's found Katie. Man how can people help. The San Diego foundation. With its mission. So I think it anyone can be a philanthropist you don't have to be a wealthy individual or family you can give 25 dollars to a cause that you believe then. I.s in you can visit ST foundation dot org to see a list of impact areas at the San Diego foundation is working with community partners. A rounds and certainly you can see if there's something you'd like to partake in byte by being assigned to pads. Now can somebody actually. Pick any in particular that nonprofits is to donate to so donors can. Two donor advised funds. And then also on our website if you're not quite ready to make that step yet. You can pick a fun that you can contribute to. I even through our web portal Lincoln safety against 25 dollars fifty dollars an average comfortable. And you can actually see it drop down menu and you can say I want arts and culture are I want. This topic of bulk of impact and you can actually choose accordingly after not necessarily a particular nonprofit that a certain field. Record air actually exactly a canned answers you can also of course contribute directly to nonprofits and many of the of the donors that. Work with the San Diego foundation that's from the sings it that they do quite a lot of his say. Hold and Entrust their funds to the foundation for growth and then they decide where they want those to go over the years OK so what is on your website. As Steve foundation dot org and are you on social media yes we are. FaceBook Twitter isn't back yet as they ended the best thing to do is search for the San Diego and nation on und. Face that's okay all right and Michelle website for the yet. County of San Diego department of parks and recreation ST parks dot org. And social media yes and there's links from our web sites OK and of course one stop shop website for anything parks oriented in the county. Is get outside San Diego down or right. There take our right Katie and Michelle thanks for being on Saturday thanks for all you do at San Diego foundation county department of parks recreation. And making out like simpler for park levers of levers of the outdoors everywhere. With the new get outside San Diego website thank you so much or haven't I don't think you have a wonderful day. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. A Vienna count San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guess will be from health sciences high end little college until then and Gary they have a great week.