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Thursday, February 22nd


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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the at a town San Diego radio stations send Jerry Lee. Reality change yours is a local organization transforming lives by providing you from disadvantaged backgrounds. With the academic support financial assistance and leadership training. To become college graduates they're committed to helping San Diego you've overcome challenges they face on their journey to higher education. Joining us this morning is reality changes vice president to recent Cunningham. And reality changer supporter Andrew Martin vice president of sales at coastal payroll welcome Teresa welcoming Andrew. Good morning and Teresa tells I'm sure there's lot of folks out there that have not heard of reality changes lunches Phyllis in with some background information on the organization. Sure is so act reality changer is weakly back Collins changes everything. And I opponents started a while ago with our founder Chris and Rihanna off he had been working between 1996 and 2001 with tough guys and gang member isn't any ego. And really thought that his approach wasn't working and I am really saying don't do things still into that. Was really amplifying the dangers and and native influences that he thought that a lot of his youth are facing and film. Throughout his award I am he really thought about new approach and instead of being a gang prevention program. I'm trend that messaging instant college promotion program and realizing that the way forward is really. Giving use an opportunity to strive for and changing their reality or the dynamic of the environment they live and to be something better angry at themselves. Says the outward key can cost eighty program that you CST withholding during the summer caught academic connections. And listen for you so he started working with since 2001 he thought they had an opportunity to attend college as high school students and that really. Birth organization and we're that he dead and so. I'll with those four students in just 300 dollars he started reality changer is and since then we've grown to serving over a thousand students annually. On a path to college and so we requests in transpiring first generation college students. And those two iron high potential plus crater is we just I'm looking access the resources says. Push him over the edge and get them to you to a higher education for your two year. Universities that's sort that we do and this journey has really been 1. I am learning and growth and one of the ways that we work with our students is we take an approach that we like to call our entire group theory. And what that means is if he imagines is walking across a tight rope and not heeding adolescents using that tight rope. When you say don't look down would be doing your amplifying the danger is flat on the exit straight and so saying don't don't do drugs don't being beings. On don't be involved in these things all you're doing is calling attention to those behaviors don't wanna see. And so and so we talk about is on get involved at your school your community to come to the classes that are gonna challenge you. Do you connect with peers who are positive influence in your life and so on these dude you do things that are gonna really help. Since navigate through adolescence and aunts their variables that only the moment and the fact Cairo sound actually contact group of or Syrian it's really don't use as underlying philosophy on Dover that we do with students. Really honing in on the positive and sharing with them at this people cheering you on reading for them and and we are just sent bouncing Pavel. That you can use hoping he did after that's I like that that. The type of the area and I think that's pretty cool and what what what is the mission into reality changes. Chill I'm with Kurt by an academic support and leadership training and financial. Assistance to help students come on their path to college in their dreams and so. We offer. 3 dynamic programs I am. From students in eighth grade all the way through college and beyond to really support them on accomplishing that and and that's something that we do so these groups then is is from eighth straight up. Correct so CDs can join our programs and a number of different ways. With college town we serve easier eleventh grade students and the way our eighth grader is doing the program is actually hold challenge assemblies. At a couple of local middle schools and so we asked those schools to give us all of their eighth graders who have a 2.0 GT or below. And be able to do something for Imus and now gathered in this phase and they don't know why they're there is little guidance analyzed another tough guys and class clowns in my group and what are we are here for are we in trouble. And semi permanently saying no you can specially selected for an amazing opportunity. On to go to college and actually achieve that something that nobody in your community or in your family has done before and you are here for a reason. And and we Cheryl exciting things that we do through our programming within that leadership camp in the summer and academic connections seeking. University level person as a high school student of the scholarship awards and you can win. On the TV service activities and fun things we do on the weekends with the student to get really excited about. Becoming a part of this community that talks about something completely different. And then we tell us and we say you know. You might be having a zero point one GPA that doesn't stop there you have an opportunity to turn around and racing grades and if you do a show is he want it. He actually John buy 300 personally use for college talent and join the program in the street and so that's loneliness and conjoined. I'm doing arm is we have an application of the students who are in eighth ninth tenth or a lot of grade can apply. And we had a ruling waiting list I was traveling application and we reviewed got in the summer and until we see this depending on how the stocks have available around. Interesting like that is that since I am impressed you know we just get started here yes. With what you're doing there at that reality changes. Since you open your doors Hal has reality change yours changed or grown since then. Suddenly. The number of students should learn. I think a lot of what we've done is really partnering wins. Different groups and our community DAX. Volunteer groups so. Students at different colleges who had an amazing experience. And wanna give back as they come and volunteer as a tutor during the evenings. We have folks from. Skinny Justine UST. Lots of other schools the kind backing give their time and resources to use a pretty the next generation coming up. Other ways he drone is the ads have expanded our staff so we weren't very small team to begin with and now we have Welker. 33 employees on our on our staff who are working with students and with our administration's so I'm honest some of the ways and then also just partnering with. The schools themselves so like I said he CST academic faction has been a phenomenal partner with us and come over with as the host academic connections every year there are students as well as others that we're building and going deeper ways. I'm suspending a speed and others to offer either. And guaranteed admission in a war. Opportunities for students to come and explain that campaign is. And San Marcos has. Different programs the difference to determine to fleeting and she's so we figured out ways and really expand our reach here as an eagle and also even up in large Sunni Islam and I'm have begun making. Partition with incomes up there in school something to support students kind of expanding we are yes the gas. How long you've been with reality changes I had in near to simmer three years now Newton and years your vice president. Vice president Paul what else you do there so I don't fancy tiled. But it just means I Wear a lot of hats and south south organizational development. I oversee our HR. My house is serving kind of a chief of staff capacity so really working with thirteen needs across our programs to make sure that they have. They're resources staff development and training and all its strategy to nation they're able to. Scale of their impact. And sustainable manner and really unity or the icy there it's human. And did Aslan is he really like about our programs as that is something's not working we're not afraid to Tyson's new. And it's people crates so. The people come Eudora is every year and yet teachers saying it to students in every year looked different in the has different needs different. Streams and so making sure that whatever we're doing it's exciting for accidents wanna be there every evening for the program and see their achievement culture their instructor. Ahmanson and being. Other places are doing other things now. That you mentioned college town. That's one of your programs who. The tell us little bit more about how it all works. Shuler is so college town is our eighth to eleventh grade program. And students like I mentioned earlier can join the government and too lazy NT challenge assembly or an application. What's he about college town is. Starting two years ago we implemented what we call our achievement coach models every student program has a dedicated staff member or meant trading work and so. No matter what you have to go to present reality T is is an eight hatred here. Grades are staying. You know treating your goals that you're coming to program on your assigned night. On and that you have somebody who's championing new and supporting you and pushing you. I'm through rot your time in the program and the way college town is structured is each city has an assigned program many. So if I'm a Monday night CNN dot my night to come once a week. I'm program is sent out for students begin the evening went. How where it's which is our eight CT vocabulary so. You have a blended students a deal on the great looks wanting their but he hasn't commented. Literacy invoke cab right it's hard to teach math those different levels but are they can improve the vocabulary public speaking so we really focus in on that during the first half where. Then we break free dinner every student knows the minute they come to program their guaranteed home cooked meal. Provided by our families so we offer the program free of cost we just apps are down incident should be a meal twice a year for students and so they know that. And it becomes her coconut and again food. And then after that they have Ted talk inspirational Austin led by our chief integration officer who'd delivers that cost a number of different topics that could be. Said he skills and pig feed perseverance it didn't mean how do you not keep your pressure is still mentioned that you daily expense and to accomplish what you have sent out for yourself. On just daily talk sense to supporter Stevenson and motivate and encourage and make it exciting the kind of program the last space he wanted to feel like. Is another class you may you're not really invest that are interested in what's being said. It's a place a transformational learning and so we really. Take in our students feedback an interest having a college at the week featured I'm hosting different scenes stories and make me back to share. It's about that last half hour before as a groups on the students in college on the they start the evening as a group in any break off into separate study rooms this in the last hour and a half is really their time to study and focus on the house that's home Rick. Sitting for exams. Whatever it might be and they have on the volunteer tutor. I'm in their room several in fact and as long as their achievement coach who's. Creating that same room culture and leading group so that's not a typical evening looks like for a college student. It is it's up there they're more than welcome to come on other nights and author assignment. I'm just studies that go eat dinner an industry to study hall. Our bond instruments like Colin and then on weekends leap at opportunities for them to get involved and volunteers do community service. A local soup kitchen in our beach cleanup. And it's not only deals like these other service hours they need for college applications on the road. It also gives them a chance in each other here is from the program and and other students and not me sign night. And students to maintain a three point I'd GPA while in college talent. They actually go once received a scholarship from last attend academic actions in the summer sell knowing that the aids and on school. And in 1990 PA Arab tickets actually experienced college. Student. And perhaps live in the dorm for the first time away from home earn their own bed. Without siblings you know and now with them so that's really cool that many of syntax of the patents that. Hackman joined can be popular insurance and that's definitely a highlight for both our students staff. Now whole kind of reaction you get that feedback he's getting from the students and the parents in terms the program yes. I don't see there's always the odd is that true love very sick so it is not exciting enough for. I mean it's not meeting them or their ivory any share about it and so on the CI can be positive it can be constructive and we want to at all so. We really listened to gunman and try to say hit to left school right now that can be challenging to the and how long that these sessions that your you're talking about these night sessions is three hours to count at 9 PM. Our college and then for our twelfth grade students there also share in the evenings that they go into our academy program which is really all about college applications. So slogging through an entire college application process from building their school list to apply for financial needs to picking a college Q writing essays. Those pieces. And that's that's the end college Babson College apps academy for twelfth at. Any GPA requirements for that or and I know you mentioned college town. When you bring onto an assembly there'll. You know the GPA is kind of low and then are there any requirements. For a high in totally program. So our hope is always act college town students have been an opponent have razor GP not Selena and turn the academy they have at least a 3.5 and they completed their. Requirements. And so college shows students automatically image acutely NC that academy program however we often have to face for additional students and so. Those who are outside on hourly list I am you know we never tell student know who's a plan to say not yet this may not be the year feed not yet well look again next year. Honestly you hostages joined as a rising senior. And they're able to take it management program for those seniors we do ask that they had a three point try to PA. Only because in her give them the maximum support and resources that were able to lead the animation there. It was hidden vision for how whereas if they came in with them lower GP miner in the past month and tie in just a year. We also are able to offer the academy not to Sadr headquarters here in city heights but also a different school locations. Into media based organizations around Southern California. So that's really six exciting because since who are. High achieving high potential that for whatever reason we're not able to serve in our program because a college town because of our limited space we are able to pap need them at their own school site you know an ethnic difference schooler. 21 of our need these organizations we partner wins senate enabled the enable us to reach more students and their twelfth gradient. If you were able to premiere. And how long is the college apps academy what columns that program and so does seem it's the same structure students meet once a week with their academy instructor. And the curriculum. Will look different depending on what kind of the year and so the follow Chris heavily focuses on the California college deadlines. He's he applications house seat applications. And so that's really allowing students holing in on the pieces they need to complete so writing their essays filling out their. Activity seat. All of those different fun aspects of the college application can seem very overwhelming. Two students you've never seen this done before but he infer. Parents and others who want to help their kids that don't necessarily have that experience I know how to navigate that process. And senate during the fall we've really focused on the college application components. In the spring we shift more towards financial it's not even Piet. Perhaps an accepted to college I didn't pay for it. And so applying for the class sat for financial aid scholarships grants. Making sure that you're able to close staff financial need to happen and the trickling onto the campus teachings. So so college apps and they all about preparing. Students for college exactly every aspect that yeah and we even added a college survival series so how do you. Luther drew me to feature easily on campus home he knows how do you navigate that. How do you navigate things like credit cards in living on your own and paying for groceries and doing laundry in almost pieces that still can do. Becoming an adult living on your own you know go into that and how they since they care about as well and I think you know you know perhaps mean only skin of color in your classroom or. Homesickness mingle with movie which we've Emmy for the first time name and not see your parents have been mean these are pieces that make. College is a challenge for any one of them even more so for first and students. And and backgrounds of of those that are teaching it via college apps can any kind of background. Yes so listen and have a teaching background. For example we have one staff who's the Teach for America alone who's come back to work with us we have. Staff who themselves are first generation college students and can share their own scary stories and journeys to college. So similar to higher education background covered in college admissions or college advising others who have teaching background. I'm others who Britain either nonprofit her education related positions. Now Andrew a year with. Coastal payroll death. Tell us a little bit about your company. Yeah so where local payroll human capital management and outsourced HR company so we work whereas companies employees from one employee all the way through thousands of employees. Essentially what we do is its help human resource professional sleep at night that's really our goal. Payroll as tough. Employees are challenging. And communication is key having great system haven't agreed support network and a great service systems to help people. When enough payroll professionals the really important to us so we love being in the community we love helping our values are too good to go above and beyond until while our audience and we kind of that every single day. And and what is your connection them with. Reality changes because I just ask you to be here just your candidate at this and and what what yeah what is your connection with reality changes I think I want to a tradition and you know and that the last film before today ahead so one of my really good friends as a board member and rally changes and she said to me. You know you how the common check out this organization action you know I'd love to. And I went along to one of the speech award night his speech or speech tournament she added thank you. And I got to experience. Sixteen year old shouldn't you know kids stand up and tell their story. And tell their story about their lives. And they were extremely vulnerable and what he shares and and most of the stories are pretty harrowing. And something that really resonated with me with these kids want it to be better and wanted to be the best versions of themselves. And you know that's who I am as a person my background is that a golf professional for a lot for years and I got involved on non profit of Scotland the originally about. When I got a ball with a nonprofit in Philadelphia called back of my few weeks of running programs in the homeless shelters from what I discovered was that. Humans have such a potential to be great. But a lot of people are not given that chance and and with reality juniors I noticed such a support system such a loving caring when I went along that night to the speech tonight I was greeted at the door. I'm with a handshake and looking I was given a tour I and our home cooked meal. And I was inspired to my core and so for me when I was spending time there is that how can I help you. And you know we started talking about that wonderful Galicia conversation of payroll. And if we figured out we kids that we could help reality challengers and we're delighted to do so because. There'd been such great things in the community Teresa. How many how many students have graduated since you opened the doors yes so we have 16100. Program graduates currently and are expecting. Oh every 300 more finishing this year so we have a rapidly growing alumni network. Since he's been in our program and and I noticed on your website you'd you'd have that thing called gates millennium scholars what what should I just really proud of our students for I think it's money in scholarship is actually one of the most prestigious awards he can win this as aspiring college city because it pays for your entire underground experience and behind so. But every cheese did you whether it's from under about four years masters Kiichi. The gazans scholarship will cover that makes sense trees so basically it's a free ride. And it really alleviates a burden for at the students to I am who winning and for us singing it's phenomenally had to when he nineties the millennium scholars. I think our program over the years and it's just changed the scheme in town. I think there's even. A comparison that the the first year that the U we had seventy plans conscious that the javelinas 2015. That's more than other states in the country just from our program alone sell. We're really proud of the signature for their achievement in that area and that's not the sailing scholarship out there but it's one of the hardest to really sixteen in Britain and receiving them and an. Entry in this I'm I'm guessing then because you're involved with a nonprofit yourself. This is a big part of New York yeah and thank you back. Huge part of dry I'm and I think that that selfishly I'd love to be inspired. And and more reality challengers are doing and what every single student and there are doing and all the staff and and we know the stuff pretty well. They're trying to make the world a better place or trying to give kids the opportunity to be great. I wish I had that support actually as a kid and and I'm not sure. Screwing overall is really set opted to help people on the way that reality changers are helping so. It's it's a different way to do things. The pioneers. And I really believe in me the ability to listening give people a chance. To be great and that's exactly what I felt when I went there are so. Everyone needs to go and check their reality changers. To be inspired and and we believe that that's reciprocate I think one of the things that struck me about coastal payroll is their values out there corner I mean. I'm I work at each are with our finance team and they are so responsive it's a pleasure talking to Andrew staff because they're always they're ready to help us no matter what are you a question is our time and attendance question as in San. Just knowing that. You know originally people are behind the paper Horry and dare dare to help us every step of the way and the can appreciate that never say enough good things about them too. People worked behind the paperwork. I'm gonna use that that's really. And and what you said Andrew I mean it. Sometimes people just need to add that extra push. Two to get motivated to to advance their lives. Yeah and everyone in life in that meant it doesn't matter how old you are but I think if you can learn those skills as a teenager and as a kid and have a support network or tripe. Around here that really helps you as life goes on human. There's always obstacles in the road but if we can learn those skills early on in life and have a support network like reality challengers have. I think everyone's got a great opportunities in makes a world of difference now. They have an event coming up in May we did OK here mainland Burnham award ceremony first off who was mailing earned him. Me and amber in and he is one of the greatest philanthropists we have right now out there just doing amazing things for our community. And the reason why we named after mr. member name is and his motto is community before itself and that's really one of the things that we have holes IMAP reality changes in foreign students and so are awards ceremony is really. Not just staring successes that we've had you know as an organization and our students that also uplifting others in our community rating amazing teens. And their respective sectors. And so nominations are open insult anyone can go online and nominate a public thing here and education organization and a foundation and news Joyce. I was 80 I am most admired. Entities. Four are awards ceremony which will be taking place on Tuesday may eighth and that you see at ease into the auditorium and our reception opens at 5 o'clock. So all of that information is on our web site mainland dot reality changes lord. It's one of our biggest events of the year and we're really excited about it this is a second you're doing and this is opening our doors to the community in and sharing an amazing things happening. Throughout any kind of sound. And and so it is open the public it is a into the public Jack's. And I would guess and also a somewhat of a fund raiser tonight it is a fund raiser the proceeds to go back to separate the work that we do with our students and alumni. However we also know that we're not the only ones in this space and it takes a village right and so we also used refineries and as a way to. I'm really saying can showcase other people with not only supported us the supported supported the communities he therapist from. Now as is their cost for any any of your programs. I'm so no our programs are for it costs are receding is the one exception I was saying is that's our academy program or we are on developing that to become a social and a price meeting that we offer this at a very reasonable cost to you and tease like that. Unified school district schools community organizations to wonder receive our curriculum and training today and deliver the program themselves. And that's what we call our licensing programs so. These entities have an opportunity to actually take our curriculum and what we've done over the years and and really bottled up and said here you can do this to every act and we've been able to offer that as a fee for service. And sorry SE for training or fee for service where. Folks can hire our instructors to go deliver the curriculum in their respective schools or organizations so. That is the one piece that is a cost but I would say that only goes back to support our organization and other programs the way that really allowed this to you. I'm not solely rely on fundraising to be sustainable but also on mission driven revenue that comes from difference since. And that I wanted to ask you about that Q where where else do you get your fun to be able to do what you do it sure is so a lot of it comes to individual giving Indonesians who received from other philanthropists and people who believe in our mission believe in are working and wanna give back have a story to share and say hey it's really resonates with me how can I get involved how can begin. I'm and so pirate funding comes from individual donations. We also received a lot of support from foundations. On the local governments and other groups and corporations so. It's a blended fundraising model that we really just are trying to find ways new ways is sustain our programming and that also. Includes our social enterprise so that's kind of what we're most excited about now eighteen development conference there. And and volunteer opportunities definitely sell you can on our website under volunteered. Read all about it we have lots of ways to get involved I'm one of the favorites is to kind of as a tutor and volunteer one when I do week with our students and really give back in any way possible. You don't have to be. A tennis shoe is our mash X very. I am part of that volunteer experiences and enter ship that just being a supportive person that that since he's every week. Who's editor in mind. Specious staying on task and I'm just sitting on school and so that's one way to get involved is coming to be a tutor with our programs however we have lots of offense throughout the year so even at the Millen Brit awards that he wanted to help out a check in. Often do you get involved with doing on the Q&A comedy guest actually ended at a one of her speech tournaments I should do that. That's another way to discount check this out and get involved and we have a job shadow week coming up so we have these history breaking a productive manner where students. Yes it is sitting at home all day playing video games or whatever it is they have an opportunity go shadow professional and accrued interest and so people can volunteer to be atop shadow hosts and host this you know couple students at their place and worry. To begin with taste. Day in the life of you know the radio host a lawyer. Chef for a doctor when everything is right and conceded opportunities to learn about and you. I'm career academic interest that sounds great outlook or what is your website. The lead any W dot reality teenagers dot ORG and you know social media we are on and sick and face that reality teen years or. McCain and I Andrew shameless plug what's your way out. Coastal payroll dot com okay. And social media yeah so we're on Twitter were on and said Graham and we're on FaceBook I scraped and Clinton and went in and around ninety. Very much Arlington. All right Teresa and Angie thank you for being on Saturday. They hit and getting involved with such a great yes the little innovation relentless and Teresa thanks to you and everybody else in reality changes. For what you do you're definitely changing the lives of many appreciated blinking so my thank you wouldn't be here. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed a living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. A staff and management of the NFL San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's website. Johnny next week when we'll be talking about the San Diego festival a science and engineering. Until then I'm Garry lake have a great week.