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Friday, August 31st


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And good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the Entercom sandy radio stations and Jerry make. How are you on stage is the nonprofit organization responsible for booking professional artist. Into the city owned tally center for the performing arts and educating about the arts is a big part of who they are too. Joining us today to talk about their education programs and the twentieth eighteenth 119 professional performance series is tally on state president and CEO. Michael Redd welcome Michael thanks for having me. See you again now always pleasure having on the show. I appreciate the invitation I was at a time. Now we are gonna talk about the programs and tally on stage and you 2018 point nineteen professional performance series but before we do that. How about a little history on tally onstage now it's the organization hasn't always been known spelling out states. No power on stage is actually a deviated doing business as for the power center for the performing arts foundation and so we are not for profit that was created. But 28 years ago by the city of how way. We were created in conjunction with the construction of the power center for the performing arts to fulfill media programming aspect of the organizations so our role. Is to program nationally and internationally pouring acts. To stop and power for your listeners that have never been to the palace under. It's gorgeous it's an absolutely beautiful venue located on the eastern edge of power way it's owned and operated by the city if power way. And it is home to. A number of different arts organizations not the least of which the Paoli unified school district uses the building about a third of the time. More than forty local arts organizations rent out the feeder for use throughout the year. And then about says 1214 nights of the year and passed away on stage hosts the professional performers series which are those. Those nationally and internationally touring artists who have. Who stop by Callaway on their way on to other parts of the world. And you are right it is is a beautiful venue and parking is never an issue there either plenty pork helping actually. That's a big part of our marketing perception I have plenty of free parking and you know if you live in the north corder via I fifteen quarter. In any in the home and in your jammies by 11 o'clock on Saturday night after one of our shares its it's. Tremendously convenient location for families and folks who live in the in the north part of the county. You know downtown San Diego in the coast and to be magnets for a lot of arts and culture. So we'd like to think that for for the communities and the people of North County you know where they are where their stuff or a little closer to home well it and it is it's actually one of my favorite. A place to go it's it's not too big not too small now that's why it's intimate. It's it's really a great place and what's the actual address to the actress is 15498. Best bowler road. If you're in the area you may mistake it for part of how high we actually showed campus with our guy but we're an independent facility. And today if you haven't had occasion to be driving along the eastern edge of power way chances are you haven't seen the centers so. That alone is an incentive for your listeners hopefully to come out check this out sometimes it really is a gorgeous facility impeccably maintained by the city power. And in served abroad. Swath of people in the north part of the part of accounting and what what is the end the mission and a of talent on stage. So our mission is to entertain and educate and enriched through powerful live performances. Primarily we do that through the presentation of professional. Music dance theater comedy. We also host an arts and education mentioned initiative which I think we're gonna get into a little bit later. But that's another way that we enhance the community through powerful live performances that we serve about 5000 local students with arts programs in in in the school and in the theater. And and these programs that the arts programs are only for pro at the students in Cali right. Well there for a week we work in collaboration with the how we unified school district. Which actually extends well beyond the boundaries of city powered proper. In a school districts are kind of like water districts that developed around and need it as it is the the majority of the schools in the valley unified school district are actually in the city of San Diego. Seems counterintuitive given a name power of the title but even looking at our Rona our own I'm support base. Certainly how we genes make up large percentage of people who attend the center but we also draw priests and significantly from. Restaurant murder Richard Penske dose forest ranch Escondido does Marcos Vista again does North County communities that. You know driving downtown on Friday nine after you've had a long week. That doesn't really sit well with you when you're living in Vista. Make an a ten minute drive down a power way and that and and I haven't had dinner in one of our restaurants is catching a show that's it's a lot more appealing. OK so let's talk about these programs shores here yet our education initiative programs. The goal of these programs. You know the goal is built in to the origin of the end of the initiative. Again originally our mission was to book. Professional performances at the palace center. I'm but it in the late ninety's our board of directors. Like many people noticed that a lot of the local schools were slashing arts programs and budgets were getting cut feeder. Programs are getting slashed. And even though it wasn't part of our mission at the time our board at a very progressive thing they said that's you know fundamentally. Our organization had a stewardship role for the arts in the communities in North County. I'm and so they looked at these slow these cuts in in in school arts programs and said we should we should have a reaction. And so based built this arts and education initiative which includes a few different programs fundamentally designed to shore up for the losses of arts programs that are public schools. So we asked with a mission behind them as. It's it's to give children and exposure to the arts that they wouldn't otherwise have in the school systems. And if it comes at a few different forms probably the most popular arts and education programs as our annual musical theater camp and we do this every march. And it's pretty amazing program to watch children are invited to this theater to the power center on on Monday afternoon. They audition from 4:6 PM it's a huge group audition we show about a 150 kids on stage. They all audition together in again a group edition. And then the educator directors who facilitate this will pair that group down to about seventy children who participate in the camp. NATO into reversals that evening they rehearsed Tuesday through Friday after school and then that Saturday they'll put on two productions of a full scale musical production. That's advocates go from now audition to execution in just what's on six days' time Pakistan. We've been doing it for twenty years this coming year is actually the twentieth anniversary of arts and education initiative. And so we've seen kids go from you know basically toddlers to teens and then on to college through this program for a lot of them it's their first time being on stage their first time being involved in any sort of creative endeavor. And can start as young as age five and of course the the hope program is underwritten by piling on stage the parents and the families and children don't pay anything. For the experts on that school it is cool on an and that a musical theater camp also I'm not mistaken hosts. In school workshops to. Yes so on the way this program works is that we do we work in partnership with the group of the Missoula children's theater and on the Monday of the week these two educator directors from Missoula Montana will roll up with they pick up truck full of costumes set pieces props you know everything they need for the production. I'm but because the rehearsals happen after school. Those educator directors are also available to go into the school district to conduct a series of workshops. I'm and so they have that they've got a full menu of these workshops building character through movement toward improvisation and makeup is one of them the workshops. So we actually work with our room our contacts at the Alley unified school district to find the schools that are most lacking in some of these arts programs. So that we can place these workshops and the most needing most deserving of those meetings and schools in the it in the district. And we do about twelve of these each year so. So the for the week they were hosting our musical theater camp there's an awful lot of arts education going on in the pell unified school district planning and workshops during the day and then it's happening in rehearsals and performances on the nights and weekends. Another programming viewers part of the initiative is here introduction tune instruments don't that. This is a direct response Tuesday slashing the fourth and greed band program back in the late ninety's. And sense of what we do is we. Essentially we hire a few area high school bands to put together should a and the theme of the show is introducing kids to the various musical instrument groups. And what we then do is we busts every fourth grader in the Italian by school district. Into one of four locations either the power center for the performing arts war one of the local high schools have a performing arts facility. As city's fourth graders are bussed in and they watch a show created by the high school students that will introduce them to what an oboe is or what of the soon is what strings are which company and percussion are. And each of the high schools does a different program you know some do a straight up kind of name this name that tune approach where they'll have somebody get up and the soon and play the theme from pirates of the Caribbean and of course the fourth readers I'll go nuts reason hand wanted to shout out the name of the of the song. I'm some of the other high schools to a full production with costumes and they'll. One of my favorites was was something that the Westfield high kids did a few years ago they and they turn off the lights than and they had a string section come in and set up onstage. And all of the the string players were wearing fluorescent date glue gun particles and black light to hang on my arms. And then they started playing a cold play song. Richard concede and is there other select which could see was the the date little tape on their artistry saw lying in the into darkness and it was just electrifying. So as you can imagine for fourth graders who may not have even had any sort of exposure to tune to arts or to education. It's is a tremendous. Tremendous moment for them. We love working with high school students because fourth raiders' high school students are rock stars they look up to them if you're cool. And I are cool they put on these great shows and they do it with a lot of creativity and energy and you know our hope of course is that the us fourth raiders will take up an interest in music and possibly take up an instrument and fifth grade when they're able to use that this was. Designed essentially to be recruiting tool for the middle school and high school band programs. But really if we just get a fourth grader to come into a performing arts space and it's get comfortable with its takeaways and the intimidation factor. Than we've accomplished part of our goal. We hear time and time again that there even adults who. Aren't comfortable going to performing arts center because they think there's a dress code there's some particular advocate that they need to write in times. And it's heartbreaking you know because we're just folks and we just like to put on shows. So our thinking is if we can get kids into the seats early on and erase some of that intimidation. You know hopefully we're developing the next generation of them performing arts lovers and supporters so Canner what kind of feedback do you get these kids. Over the kids let it they are not always the most expansive in their fifth in their descriptions of it you know we. We always in these early exit interview as we say what you think that it's cold it's and I have faith that that'll that'll work order today you hear the people who really who are really effusive in their praise the the middle school and high school and instructors because they DC. A direct correlation. Between something like this which generates interest that we do it you know we didn't do it in mesa it's at the end of the school year. So that gives the kids the summer to can concentrate on what instrument they wanna take up. This DM introduction to instruments in particular sponsored by our good friends of their trans music. So they come out to these events and let kids hold the instruments and trying mountains he would they like. And bailouts have free music lessons during the summer so that the kids are interest in the Connecticut head start on the fifth graders. I'm so yet feedback all around has been tremendously ponson the teachers love it because the kids get exposed something that they don't have the time to expose them to write another. How wanna hear. Very cool programs on the irony is like his master classes. Yes this is this is directly tied to the professional performance series against the professional performance series of those artists we're gonna talk about in a few that are. Torre in the nation in the world. And whenever their schedules allow. We try to create these up close and personal experiences with the students in the penalty unified school district. We had a great win last February with India and on guard keyboardist named Cameron carpenter Cameron isn't. Pipe organ player but what he did was he invented he digital pipe organs so that he could for the world. Playing the pipe organ. Used to be if you and your pipe organ you're either going to church regal and honest Oracle's you know and in double park. So he had invented this pipe organ and it dovetailed perfectly. With the music curriculum and it's one of our more progressive middle schools called design 39. There action in the schools are sort of an elementary middle school mix that. They had a music program that was built around this concept of not only composition books problem solving through music. So that align really nicely with Cameron story of having to quote unquote solved the problem of the pipe organ which was that you couldn't move it and so he did this Q&A with the kids and talked about inventing the organ and they they were rapt with attention day and the cast really good questions of him and Andy and heated something that I never thought it would do. Which is it that all sixty of these kids come up on stage and played his organ. Yet this things like yeah I mean I don't wanna put a price tag on it is probably it's probably irreplaceable. And I thought for sure that he would be beyond precious about that but this was a clear cut case of a true up close and personal experience between students. And the living working artist and that really is the goal lines to show kids that. You know artists are just people to their people that followed passion they're people that worked hard and as such they're getting to make a living doing. I'd ever seen executed when I was a kid the only artist in new reader on TV or the radio on the big screen. Syria at brick and breaks down a lot of walls between children and and the arts possibly career in the arts certainly pursuing a passion in the arts. We've done these master classes with that because I objectionable Cora the ukulele and superstar. We do when Max Weinberg Bruce Springsteen's. We're working on a fun one for November and potentially with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy hosting Ford clinic for the for the horn sections and ethical high school that you need. So yeah these are I mean these are the types of experiences that is you know schools can't typically four to do you because we are invested in bringing touring artist power are ready. We try to leverage that with our relationship with the school district to create these you know he's one of the kind memories for kids. Well let's let's. Dive into the the two play 182019 professional performance series that tally center for performing arts and again. One of my favorite death venues to see concerts you show. I've been to several shows there and and and once we had earlier this year which I felt fantastic house sounds of the Big Easy and yeah hands out and it was a Christian great show and and I love that they carried it out in the lobby. For a couple songs and that's how they wrapped up there the end I was at that concert that was great so. First up. This year out with this this season is. This this isn't a big show for country fans Clay Walker. Mr. Clay Walker kicking off our season Friday September 14. For your listeners unfamiliar with clay and he knows he's in new and credible show men got a string of number one hits number one country it's probably the most memorable or. She won't be long lonely long and I saw mama. Tom clay is is is known for his string of hits but also known for being just an electrifying performer and a heck of a great guy. He is doing national Torre and we were fortunate enough to get the call when we heard he was coming through town. Now we genes in particular love their country music so we jumped on the show. So Claes gonna kick off the season September 14 and the opening act. Is actually locally here young lady named and of boss who is an up and coming singer songwriter. She's she's a pal way gal but she's actually going to school in Nashville right now in fact just last year she was awarded the first ever. I'm Miranda Lambert's scholarship. Or I'm gonna butcher the name I wanna say for young singer songwriters but that's not quite right but. Yet Miranda Lambert started a scholarship and for young singer songwriters and in a boss was the first ever recipient so. In our hope is that will be able to say we remember and a win and cheer when she would fit and a stage that only had 800 seats. It. And that is again that's a Friday September 14. And next up. After that or another big show after that October 7 is the Romero is. Yes so either marrow is the air the royal family of the classical guitar and more than 55 years touring the nation and it's a family group yes they've had some members retire and brought in some younger members. This is our third or fourth time presenting the repairs and to them. What are the things silent about the the Ramirez is you know first and foremost their incredible virtuous of performers. I'm they're also very accessible you know for a lot of people classical music can be little intimidating or talk about intimidation. I'm but they really you know they're they're very personable as individuals and their repertoire is you know and once it's. Not challenging because I ushers couldn't play into. It's accessible and funding got a very Spanish influence to the work that they do they tend to gravitate toward Spanish composers. And just phenomenal people and a phenomenal showman and tremendous class guitars. This is another great show that got that starship with Mickey Thomas of course an offshoot of Jefferson Airplane in a starship with Mickey Thomas bringing back the eighties and a little bit seventies in the N eyes in the in October so that's October 12. You know it's funny when not win the booking agent approached me about starship a couple of years ago. My first question was. You know how does Mickey's voice out you know and none of us are that none of us are who we used to be and his voice in particular is it's incredible instruments a lot of people first heard Mickey Thomas singing on. Elton bishops for the round and fell in love. And of course he joined the starship in 78 not long after they changed their name from Jefferson Airplane to stay at Jefferson starship. People recognizes voice from songs like chain and find your way back. So long story short EA agents answer was spot on its own strict you know Mickey's voice is incredible instrument and he's kept up over the years he still sounds like he did in this in the seventies. Well here big eighty's hits like we built this city and nothing's gonna stop us now as well Sarah. So. I'm looking forward to at least two kinds of audiences turning up for this obviously those eighties kids who remember them as hit makers in the eighties and then some of us who go back a little further and over the years he has Jefferson Airplane in Jefferson starship it's from the sixties and seventies. They do go back into the cataloged to it and these stars in their hands airplane song soon you know you get the full spectrum. And you know it's a big rock show in a small venue. That's great action be a lot of fun and for folk music leverage at the Kingston trio coming in for an afternoon show. Afternoon showed November 3 and November 18 it's Sunday matinee show up and down this is you know Kingston trio 2.0 obviously some of the original members are no longer with us. But this show does feature. Relatives of the originals and these guys have been playing for a number of years together they actually just released a new album. They evoke all of the you know all the good vibes of that. Articles of pre Beatles full era when full music was you know topping the charts and dominating. Dominating which your college campuses where all the flowers gone and Tom Dooley and so W of these better than I feel fresh or. Syria via the kings entry electrical Coronado sort of various spiritual home of their solo or bringing him at least to San Diego County. And it should be true reflection. And out of touch on one more real quickly if we are running out of time but. This one's a little. Kind of personal Arlo Guthrie coming to town Arlo mile managed Arlo Guthrie menaces father Woody Guthrie. I'm so I kind of grew up going to his shows in everything we first started out now it's also Alice's restaurant so he's kind of what's the date that. Carlos going to be their sorrow is often march of next year march 16. Yet he is. I think he's been touring for two years now on the fiftieth anniversary Havana have Alice's restaurant and the tour continues AMIS comes however is that march 16. His daughter is in the band within minutes gonna do a short opening set and you know you'll get to hear Alice's restaurant in its entirety as well as other hits from his catalog train of the city of New Orleans and he has through analysis just yet that is these sort of central conceit of this story is that you're gonna get to hear the full life. And how long it's fun and it's close to that yeah you know and a yet fearful of the listeners unfamiliar and do yourself a favor and go online and give a listen to Alice's restaurant it's more. You know it's almost like a fun book on tape more so than a song although it's got an incredibly catchy chorus of the test launch of significant risk to your day. It's it's your one of the earliest and anti war protest songs when it's done with incredible sense of humor critical since a space on the big fan of the song and the cameras. I should I mention that information on these shows and more is on our website how weigh on stage dot work. I you can find out about it. Ticket prices showtime zone we have to have a special offer where when you buy five or more shoes you save 20% so it's almost like getting a free show. So and handle your listeners to consider that and you offer discounts for for a youth tributaries. We offer I'm we offered discounts for senior military and students but also due to the generosity of our good friends that Geico we offering half price youth tickets. And kind of going back charts in educational mission of this is something we do because we wanna encourage parents to introduce kids to the arts. As much as we know how great it is to hire a sitter and get a little little little me time and we'd love to see parents introducing their kids to an arm and got three or the Romero. You know you're gonna help us build the next generation of arts attendees and enhance your kids' lives push exposing them to something that. Isn't on a flat screen and and of course you can do what you do without you supporters those that support your new era of big fund raising event that you you have every year. He sent chased her town right yeah that's next June I think the date is June 20 seconds and yes this isn't a fun event and really features the best of north and in San Diego County if it happens right there on the plaza in front of the power center. We invite about a dozen local restaurants that doesn't local wineries and a few breweries. They are set up tables from serving food wine and beer we live entertainment silent and live auction. There's ever about 270 people who come up for this event it's usually right to be in the summer when the with theirs to kind of nice and and it's terrific Goddard Galen not to gala because we didn't wanna have a black tie event we wanted to have something that people could dress comfortably for casual and come out rubbed elbows with their friends. And so yes you know khakis and white shirts are all the rage and when the worst summer dresses. And you to sample the wares of a dozen of them north county's finest restaurants wineries and breweries. That's his there info for that yet on your website and of course it's still too early. Which prefer Manhattan tonight which yet but. Today. AM I believe it is on their butts if not you're listening make a note of it June 22 2019 taste of our town but them. You know the best way to keep apprised of all the things that we're doing and it's a Pallet on stages to go to that website piling on stage or. And sign up for our email club it's very simple we don't some cell anybody's names we don't stand Hewson added you know once or twice a week maybe. And it's a great way to find out about it and it shows that we put on sale it's a great way to get advance purchase opportunities and we'll send you reminders about all the shows and the free parking. Now now if somebody wants to. Help you and support you. Can they make a donation to website definitely haven't done pal around stages a 501 C three not for profit organization that serves the community through. Professional performances and arts and education programs and if that's something you like to support visit our website there's a donate button there. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law also. Please consider. Consider giving in giving generously and one more time your website its power way onstage dot org and you are on social media right. We are you can find us on FaceBook Twitter. That's about it. It is expected to hit her head Michael. Thanks for being on the show though that pleasure having you in and seeing you. And I'll see it some in Europe coming shows you know you will. That includes another addition of living better San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the Africa San Diego radio stations episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's website. Until next time I'm very late. Great week.