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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego of public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. It's that time of year time once again for the GI film festival San Diego. The festival that brings the stories of America's military to life. Major film genre will be featured throughout the autumn festival. The toll seventeen festival will feature film screenings panel discussion is a family movie night and awards celebration. And the local film showcase highlighting San Diego's local military culture. Today we're gonna talk about some of those films being featured at the festival this year. Joining us this morning is GI film festival San Diego advisory committee member Nikko mark Longo. And film director Susan Davis isn't as a movie that will be featured. Festival this year welcome Nikko welcome Susan good morning Gary good morning. My seven both of you on the show this morning at first I am having national from the yet. Yeah film festival stand on the shelves again welcome pleasure having you here. I'm Nico you are a member of the member of the advisory yes I am. Let's start a little background info on the GI film festivals and into how many years has again. Taking place here as well this kid film festival set CO started three years ago. The Jack film festival itself started in Washington DC eleven years ago in this kind of an offshoot of that but is unique to the West Coast. A lot of the films and he'd be shown here. Only going to be shown. In CN Yale and many of the films that were produced were produced right here in San Diego made produced standing up. So what is the role then of the advisory committee. When it comes to test your city. Jefferson Phil Purcell CBO. But as a three year old is Steve stream of films and grade them based on certain criteria and also vote. For award winners so we we also individually. And to nobody knows the secret it's so we filmmakers who may not have made it this year doesn't mean you'll make it next year just know that their biggest one vote. And we we spend hours looking at him. We're really looking for things are they respectful for the military did they get the message out. We look for you is unique so we'll get blocks of certain films that we look at certain themes. And of those who made you choose between Weiner or two. Save three to five that we viewed. Within us that Tom Paine. How how all the processes attempted to view all those stills as you have what they're this set this year you've got over thirty filters so Allan how many do you actually view well. I'll tell you so we have over thirty films it so we're we're looking at anywhere from. Seventy to a hundred films or short stop out not to that now they're not all our. Feature length films. Tickets about a three month process though from the time we first meet and watched. And yeah we get together he wants a week in and every other week. Discuss what we're gonna do. Grade down and her the first time the first year. We are all in rooms and we're watching these films there's one zombie film it they came out that. Went wow this is a jet don't test of this is this is got a unique you know it it was it did have a military team do and I know zombies are popular these days. But out. It was necessarily something I expected right away. On that's what's really neat about this film festival it's not just about military topics though what it's doing is it's it's. Exposing the public to you. The creativity. Of our veterans many of these films are made by veterans many of the better many veteran star in these films. And they are a lot of them come right here in San Diego's and they you have a local player. To that so after watching it many films as you watch to decide which films make it into the fest full. How long does it before you watch another movie right. I did. I don't watch a lot of cheated on. But you know I really enjoy doing this though it's really meaningful like say that. What the reasons why my wife and higher are aren't as my wife too is on the film festival committee. And it's another touch point. For veterans and community where they intersect. You know today worse obviously fewer and fewer people are serving in the military it's less than 1% now. And fewer of those are going to war and we've been in this war for sixteen years now on you know we say Korea was the forgotten war this is really the invisible war. So anytime we can have. Intersection with the community in the military. Community it's positive so we can gain understanding one another. As we know you know security is higher on base is now there are fewer activities. It's it's more the ability to access bases so those walls literally. I'd go up between our military and our civilian community in this is and this is a way of bringing those keys together. Now you aria fourteen year veteran. Of the Marine Corps. That's correct they serve a couple tumors in Iraq. Now I'm just see myself sir muted different uniform now orchid towns athlete's foundation and run a program called operation rebound for injured veterans first responders. Matter fact we had a few of our veterans seek partisan past panels. Last year one of our. One of the veterans in our program he was taught by another challenge athlete really Garcia tolls and how to ride a bicycle as a bilateral WP cheek. This is a number of years ago at an event and rob rob jones' name and if riding cross country and a bike and meet you don't allow cents. So when in and how did you get involved with the film fassel and why. So we approached this is three years ago and they there's a notice it came out early for sponsors for the film festival and this team in my inbox is like well. Yeah we are the money to sponsor this night it seems like something unique in. To be involved list of the neat so I contacted them they said your military veteran we'd love to have you our advisory committee. Sure they came out sir watching movies and and exceeding three years later I'm still here. The and we keep to negro column the committee's grown. Little bit we got a few people there. Also. Really though the the film festival has grown it's not only grown in number of films but also growing in popularity. We have we're gonna show these films now from Carlsbad all the way to you mission valley they're going to be at the regal Carlsbad. They're going to be played it in C mission valley on the assist midway and it Balboa park. So the the rest of this this. Film festival is really gaining some momentum here as to get them to be a part of like I said it's another touch point we can bring in our. Military community she really interact with our civilian community and the civilians to really start to understand. What. Some of these issues that affect the veterans. With they're really about from their perspective. Now that this is the first time that you shelling. The movies in the North County isn't it. It is this is the first time that we've had them at least extensively shell and I think last year may have had worn so when is opening night away night isn't. Wednesday this coming Wednesday. October AT and it's going to be at Balboa park and it's going to teacher that he sides project this is the West Coast premiere of this movie. This is a really really powerful movie it's about. A woman who's his father was killed in Vietnam he was a pilot he went down she went back looking. Essentially four. For any evidence of where he where he crashed because they didn't find his body. And it takes her on a journey to Vietnam where she meets Vietnamese people she meets people. Somebody you actually saw his plane go down viewers. Where it crashed. And it takes into consideration both sides. And the emotion on both sides. The feelings that those guys had for one another during the war and then that reconciliation. There really discovered. That everybody was human you know I mean that's something having been wore myself and you to reconcile that later. And really understand that your enemy is not so different from you. Com. Can really really be an emotional process that you go through. And ended the film festival runs against sudden starts this coming Wednesday October 18 and it runs through and ran through Sunday the 22 October. And it the GI Phil Kessel San Diego one of several in the United States. And exclusively feature stories for by and about military service members and veterans why is stressful like this so important. To the military community here in San Diego. It it's very important I think not only to the military community but also to the community at large. Yes we know I guess of before. Very few people are serving in the military. And there is a greater Greer dividers of potential for greater greater divide in understanding between the military and our civilian population. So anytime we can have something that brings us together and military. With the community is positive. And seen these films Pete they're gonna gain an understanding not only of the issues. That are affecting veterans. But how they respond and how resilient they are you know some of these are pretty heavy subjects they talk about the portage veterans who talk about military sexual assault. About the effects of war that only visible wounds invisible wounds. But it really shows you resilience of our men and women in uniform I think that's important for people to know because a lot of times. The military is is seen as somebody who's over there yeah. And when you're able to you really understand that they are a lot like you. They have some of the same same promise and a lot of ways I humanize them and everybody and that's I think that's very important because. Without these type of intimate moments if you will we get together and meet each other and talk. We don't have that they really sympathy and if we lose empathy release humanity and and things like that GI film festival San Diego. Allows us to come together. And explore common humanity. So it's kind of like a way to bridge that gap between the military community and it's it's absolutely isn't that silly really creates a bridge. And a bond between the act community and our military. Now some of the film's featured this year I understand where. Featured at the film festival in DC Washington DC earlier this year is this something that happens often. It does it we do you have films that were featured in DC though just have a lot of unique films we have a total of eight. Films that. Haven't been shown any rose eight West Coast premieres in two. That are going to be world premieres an end and covering all different topics are absolutely and others one that it comes to mind. It's tough forgotten hero. It's appropriate because you five in the forgotten war Korea. About manner Roy Williams he was young pilot in the Korean War 9052. And he he fought against Russians Russian pilots in Russian migs and won the engagement I'm we can talk about it. And they finally declassified. Using able to tell people this is his story really this has never been told before. And the importance of that eight people wow what a story that's really cool. Well the Synaptics is that is that tactical engagement really. Had an effect on overall strategy of the war because had to and we got beat the Russians and engagement who knows how far they would have come and who knows if they would be emboldened to. Send more troops for example or send more pilots and could lead to a larger conflict. We'll just pissed at you engage in at least in my opinion. Really had an effect on the strategy that war so to learn about that to know that history and by the way he's gonna be that fell. Royce trillions you have a chance to meet my pleasure to meet them and hockey do them. And it's quite it was quite a treat so I would encourage you come out. It's about history it's about learning about issues of veterans it's about learning about their resilience and of course our common bond is tunes. And and you are having as you mentioned he's going to be here so you're having panel discussions filmmaker appearances as well throughout the film they're. There will be some panels. You will be able to meet some of the film directors the actors. I'd encourage you to go to UGI. Film festival ST dot org you can see the entire schedule. And you can also buy tickets in the tickets are very reasonably priced what we wanted to use morning really get the community out. To come to this festival it has been growing it's becoming more more popular it's a very positive positive way to come out. And engaged that if people and. I can sit with my life it's a cheap date so yeah. And it and you offer military discounts we actually do for military and veterans there is discount. You mentioned earlier that as far as of the viewing process and decision process. They're not all feature length films that that you view and then I would assume then that novel feature length in in the film festival itself seems I have over thirty. MC have some Schwartz's well. He did any semen blocks it's not like you buy a ticket EC 115 minutes and vineyard down for the night. You're gonna see a few of us a few shorts maybe have a short combined with a feature length. So and legacy. They are shown by team a lot of them see you might see a group of World War II themed films you may see a group. A deported veteran team films so it really is there is something for everybody and. It's it's quite an educational experience that's kind of a neat way to to show them as as I think stealthy absolutely now. And ask Susan. I need to be taking part you are the director of one of the movies it's showing in the a GI film fest San Diego. Christmas yes I am are you going to be making any appearances that I will well I will be there they dated my phone screens which is on Saturday at the MC theater. Okay and just little bit about your move well. It's a short film and it's based on a true. Events that happened to hand. The star of the film actually happened to him he's an air force veteran. And he's black man and essentially he was accosted in the Ralph's parking lot. In LA last year and accused of attacking a woman any didn't and an angry mob formed quite a few people. And he had to find a way to deal with that situation and we're friends he told me about it and I felt. Like we need to show people that and so we need some about it we showed exactly what happened to him. And it's a shot right here San Diego's easy ones and with San Diego actors yes and crew everybody else in the Palestinians yes. And now now what is your background. And you always been a filmmaker. You know but I always wanted to be filmmaker does that count this as a template. Well my background is that I worked in food and street for many many years and did pretty well at that and but I could never get film out of my system so. About ten years ago I started taking classes in pretty much put myself through mini film school every GC in town has a class on acting her fear film. I took home and at some point got the confidence to start making films and I wanted to be an editor did that for awhile. Realized they didn't wanna be an editor wanna be a writer wannabe director and so. Started branching out there I was on YouTube for years as a blogger. Lots of skits big my friends and family to be in them little meaning little stuff kind of like China live and not so good. But you know they say the more you make them they get and so here I am now in. Basically. Making film ayalon to how many years have you been making movies are part of that ten years now if you count that the YouTube vlogging stuff too. Short films about 67 years now. London and Indiana's future plans for a feature length actually yes I am attached to three different ones right now I'm. Really just trying to find funding that's our whole black right now. And it and they all. The ones that you done. Different topics Alia Ali are comedies drama suspends. We even get a martial arts film from 48 hour film festival and crazy gas equipment that. Is this your first entry into the GI film fest San Diego incidents have you done others like this with this kind of a theme. No no actually this is my first time making almost that you life film. I mean we took some liberties with it so it's not completely true. We should resent it it in at christmastime and it wasn't just to drive the point home but otherwise it's true and mostly I do narrative fiction now. And again it's showing now where and when it's an EMC on Saturday. When he first 21 I think yes. And it's reasserting downtown in Pennsylvania yes and and it's this thin from the airport. No actually it's been in the festival circuit now this is just it's next stop in the circuit actually. He was playing in Baltimore. Last an hour here great aunt let's let's talk of Canada us on the other movies that. They'll be showing this year now again opening day is this coming Wednesday the eighteenth. This Kim wins eighty Tyson to tease it starts up the two sides project that's going to be very powerful. Film mind you know prime heels of the Ken burns' documentary Vietnam. On which I know a lot of people watched I did. I think some watch you something like this it's really it's gonna give me even more understanding. To that war. And I would really encourage people to go to that wanted to see if it's a pretty powerful film that's opening day. If you side project is going to be on opening night. On the eighteenth Wednesday the eighteenth at 7 PM. It's gonna play in the ballpark and I encourage everybody go out and see that fill this movie is is going to be feature length film. That's going to show on opening night and then after that they're gonna be a number of short films that are in show throughout the festival the remaining days of the test. Now that they're mu he's shown. Every day of of the weakest against starts on the eighteen there are yes every day of start start me teeth and you know run through the 22 heels will be shown. The route throughout that entire time. At various locations again Carlsbad real Carlsbad. TU AMC mission valley. The USS midway in the course of a park. And then the next day Thursday they keep for your service is a preview screening. That's going to show on the nineteenth of October. In Carlsbad. And it's free I'd encourage everybody to come out this year. It's about the invisible wounds of war. Hasn't been shown anywhere yet I'm gonna go see that one looking forward to it. Again that's another when I really encourage you to go see space CU. You get sent there in North County or arson in the civilian population as well in North County since the being Carlsbad. Go and see that one and there's also going to be a World War II film I shorts. That goes with that with that showing. And that's that's Thursday and then you say you have them every day and of the final weekend and again black Christmas is airing on Saturday the 21. Anything else on the funny first and then the 22 is the last day. Yeah 121 you're gonna we're gonna have shows a collection of shoes remember in World War II. So that's that's going to be the focus of the 21. Will work she remembered that's going to be at 10:50 AM. And then American veteran of eleven. If you go to UGI film festival sandy ST dot org he'll be able to see the entire schedule. And you can just click right on there credit right BP through you buy tickets and then Sunday twenties Sanjay is the last day Sunday is the last day. Sunday is going to gonna culminate. With remembering the Vietnam War T sites project will be shown again. Haggis and I think that's going to be a very popular wants a very powerful film I thinker do you see if you can't make an opening night may treat you go see it on Sunday. At 315. And that of the plane had. ANC mission valley. And then we will. Wolf will finish up there's a movie called how we asked you about returning veteran from the current conflicts he was injured. And going through healing process. Passes and your movie black Christmas what you hope people take away from that movie. Honestly I hope it opens your eyes I think did it it's pretty topical for the way you world is right now. And I really hope it opens their eyes everybody's eyes it's. Everybody needs to be more aware of media are inner prejudices. And end. Nico you mentioned a little bit earlier about what you hope people take weigh in general. From this festival. Yeah I hope they just take take away at a better understanding as sacrifices our military. Also realizing how resilient they are. And how similar in a lot of ways we car and so. As just another way to do know that we are all one community. And it's OK go up in and talk to a bag and you know. We wish you think if you Syria restricted just to relive that hey hey do you know. What's going on. I saw this film festival line basis in the topics and and you'd be surprised they pricing yet not nearly to realize that so good courage to go out watch films did you typically get. I mean Alison you get a lot of military folks that this at Cannes festival and and is it pretty. Slipped down the middle as far as civilians and and military they come. Appreciate your life quite a few veterans I think mostly veterans. We do get a lot of yet I imagine it's about fifty if you show I've never surveyed it myself which is going to the theaters and seeing. It's quite popular particularly with a lot of the boomers. I've noticed especially when the with the Vietnam topics because that was their air right. So you see a lot of that and I think it's it's a way for reconciliation. For some of those emotions and those feelings. About what happened and this is Susan was saying you know a lot of this is topical. What we're seeing now with. With which Greece relations. On some of the issues coming up with immigration for example supporting supporting veterans. LL GB TQ. Community. We have one movie about that and women in uniform. Gender relations you know this really is. Is it very. Topical. Festival here now for people to come out and tennis the current issue to the guise of better. It's and those who supported kind of almost sounds like it's. More topical. With what's going on this year for your festival have been and maybe in previous years because of that the current client. I think so and I think each year you know we're here really is because as this grows because more popular you have more and more people. Who wanna submit their homes he and they become little more sophisticated and there really is turning into a a first rate Sundance. For veterans if you will. Film festival. Anything else you want people know about the idea. Yes film festival San Diego pads wanna make sure you go to the website give you GI film festival ST dot org take a look at the schedule buy your tickets. Come on now knows that. It's the only festival. That is. For veterans by veterans and all the films have veterans. In them or. Somehow connected to that arts and NS have like you said some of them actually some of the movies actually made by absolutely. And and you are social media film festival we are. But I'm you can find us on FaceBook and Twitter as well. OK Jack film fest molesting. OK and and tickets can be purchased tickets Levy purchased right on the website TI film festival ST gotta work. Kagan the end and active duty military and veterans discounted their discounts with them. So once again via GI film festival San Diego kicks off this Wednesday. October 18 and runs through Sunday. October 22 act that's correct Barry's locations. Absolutely and that you know it info at Hewlett. Nikko and Susan thank you so much to be on Saturday appreciated. And good luck with the actual test sandy substance. Thank you thank you very much. Concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's website. Johnny next week when my guest will be from little angels service dogs local nonprofit that trains and places assistance dogs. With disabled children and adults throughout the United States. Dogs are trained to assist in a variety of ways to help with. Daily tasks and to increase independence. Until that I'm Garry lake have a great week.