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Monday, January 29th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the handicap San Diego radio station some Jerry Lee. Crews for kids is a nonprofit organization making a difference in our community. They did this by organizing fund raisers to support and fund various youth organizations and programs that benefit children in need in San Diego County. Joining us this morning is Cruz for kids president and CEO of the you know venture relative. Any event photographer Chris break we welcome the you know welcome Chris who gearing nice to see to both of view a nice to have you on the show good beer. You know just a little bit about actress for kids so Chris your kids is the number. Profit that we established back in 2011. On the initially creature could look she's a sports car rally events that I organize as a board member for the Boys and Girls Club. So being part of the board. Who wanted to clear and fundraisers of the big car nut and a lot of clients that time plausible management. With Wells Fargo. One entertain clients and he made a fundraiser out of it. And we had such success. Retreated to other events. And Teddy ball on the bunny ball and with these events we. Help promote other non profits there's give back and we like to write checks. On instant fun filled. Event. Four lead in the so what what is the mission. Cruised for kids. I think what you you fund nonprofit does our. So it comes event production and marketing that's let's remind. Skill set is I guess in neighboring table slow. Everything we have an event be it about 15102000. People pending. We are how to spotlight beneficiary. So our goal is to raise money write them a nice check get them exposure. And introduce more people to their cause and awareness. And at Kennedy you know get a Canadian and have your free time. So this this is an organization you know why start it right crash and what what was it that motivated you started an organization this. You know when you put your heart and sold the Simpson and you're working with a team of people you have your own vision. And on being part of the Boys and Girls Club I wanted to certain things that the event which and they did not want to extend to or develop into or or. Put up the funds to build. So I look that a wife and she of the background and she's CPAs. So and I'm wolf management background so you know we didn't put any. Coppola try to reduce CIA can create a nonprofit and a start organizing our own events. On and you know one point one of our sports car rallies reached 34 grand for the was engrossed with the veto. So with the event passion I have for producing events. And the that it president and expensive hobby. At the tenth and fifth so you know we we enjoy you know working with organizations that networking and definitely give back to your backgrounds wealth management wealth management net sales wolf management. So these these are pretty big events that you put on yet so no background in fund raising anything like that no I I can't say ice to a lot of parties in college enough endowed by their own bit of a doubt at all but my mom told me you know you're going you're throwing parties and in a time deafening. I colors of a ringleader sometimes players get people motivated and get to do things and and Panama of an artistic side myself. So being creative created this vent public Teddy ball that we do Thanksgiving weekend. On TV it seemed to click for 2000 Teddy bears and giving out to different non profits. Same with the bunny ball it's been coming up in March. Ominous for for us is it just strictly fundraisers so we have some fun. So no no no fun racing background know he's and planning background and all didn't always Philanthropic you know. Being reason Catholics on church united a lot of volunteering. On my mom you know Pina Sicilian always hosted big. Dinners and parties at the house so you know all it takes little organization and drive. On the nanny with a throw a good event and I just put in so many years that it's gotten pretty big evil science times. But that's good yeah I know exactly straight so give him back to the community move. A part of your DNA then absolutely I mean for the hours that we put into this I get it's it's new my wife. These events have up to 2000 people and we have a handful volunteers over this prior to the event. But all the volunteer help for the comes the day before the day of the events though. You imagine what's it design marketing you know organism are are awesome photographers like Christmas here at the again. Threat yeah. At our events. It's not how I until little props. And in a workable or different or profits and you know so it's it's it's one trumps those props come out really really announce rise I think I'm certainly on DIY channel. It's a show I had the stuff that was election help with there are pretty cool. So we're gonna talk about each of the events that you put on the shore and just a little bit. How long does it take I mean what a lot Moscow into these events to put them together. Yeah I mean under on the point where dom were Russ excellence outlets are organizing Markkanen venues. You know unfortunate going to are funny balls are. Fourth year or two people's fifty years words until you come turn key I know the players as far as location. You know have axis the photographers. I have a media contacts like scary over here of course. Com where you are from the event comes right it's a little bit easier for me to facilitate. And buy it with that you're talking hundreds of hours it's another full time job and come when I talk to other event planners like I have friends that organized the Maxim Magazine events so next I'll lean in and the hot 100. And these guys attend our events it's Harman international in May attend the events and I've been a supporter and sponsor of the event. And they come in like Nino this residents you have you know I have a team of ten people. Open at this whole thing together and you think you're matching up some numbers and then attendees so it's definite compliment in itself. But my wife and I don't pay ourselves from it you know this is we're trying to bring the true meaningful entropy and we both have full time jobs to kids as well. On so there's definitely. You know getting sonar part were we wanna raise money one right nice big checks of rip the cover on overhead. On organist Smart and know we're doing it you know not a selfish manner. And I volunteers do you think you have a happy you have in the planning stage. For instance a month prior to the event I hold the volunteer meeting. And I set up three different shifts you know shift before the end the day of the event and he after the event. And so prior to even I mean you have for Friday mean helping from a administrative. You know any wholesome stuff. Here's or these helpless put it together and in the day I think four of the table this year. That are volunteering at over fifty people attend where two years prior I think for people show and it was Nino wife working parts of the two hour street. Like couple hours' sleep and you know Communists I caller warned us for Mariane. You know use of both nuts. And I could never did or else I can I could never or coordinated event like this is this is there's too many moving pieces and that the hard part is the next day because nobody wants to show up nobody wants to coming clean up and. Right how bout oh yes we know they'll likely years ago by one it's like we have 21000 square feet props and stuff. With the hall and out those events over at 1 AM. Work clean up till about 233. And I'm back in their by ADM from capital to load trucks full of bears and bunnies props to everything in and have to put it away yeah so but it president. Yeah I and I put together some small scale church events via raising event so I I know what goes into it but I've but to do it on the scale that you're talking about. You know that's that's pretty huge guy and you know I think unfortunate instance word and a self taught myself. You know Photoshop them incremental flyers on in my own marketing stuff because. From a volunteer basis you know companies term beggars can't be users subjects for utilities on than her free. It's on there on time and if you want quick turnaround canyon is tomorrow I mean the deadline looming humanitarian Hedo flyers in Biden of printed. I need to do is often and so. You know again I'm self taught in a lot of ways but it's been fortunate to you know be organized. And I think just through my. Monetary wealth management experience and how to present I know how to put things together organize in the fashion insult the people. And it generally makes financial sense now that this. The events that that you put on yeah benefit local nonprofits right local nonprofits. An and ones that did that. Work with youth right primarily youth organizations though. You know we've worked with confusion have been Reese Children's Hospital Easter seals. Was engrossed post in the heat over it that's how this event or you know Chris for kids originated. And you know we were Jewish services comes as the kids. On miracle babies and so each and we do that we we'd like the spotlight a different nonprofit. Bomb with it or multiple non profits though no with us next on them or have program about eight non profits are receiving this stuff animals that were collecting. Now I noticed on your and your website. That you don't just put on any event that each event. He's an experienced as an office and tell us what you mean by that. And so for instance. With our black tie events have been blocked time you know we're going to the dress up so of those towns that there are collecting dust. Or the tuxedo that you wore once or twice a wedding people pull those out. If the show for the stuffed animal. That are less Teddy ball we had it thirty foot by ten foot wide red carpet for benefits that for repeat. We hire performers a little people we just looked like elves Santa is there anything frozen Siena. We had a silent auction and raffle on the last Ferrari. Sanyo came in the for a three Ferrari's this park inside deal. In Friday bench. Or table manually click 2000 Teddy bears fool's gold one big pile. Imagine walking into the event. Having two dozen papers one big pile after the site right there necessary this after couple clock tells people kind of plopped themselves in this polity bears takes a really cool fun photos. Great photo opportunity that time and again photos if you if you like soltys is the self he had it okay this is Sophia is really is is that the place that it is still like the VIP experience. DJ is that you balloon drop. I bring in all the Philly. So much is a source of a different experience than this summer's things and you know always from red carpet. Civilians going and having fun and really just having a great night you know incidents supporting an awesome charity. Because you know affinity with say on our table to 300 dollars and you know worked chasing the same you know person 500 dollars that night you know worthy of spending and on if people are choosing to attend our interest up. Yeah you can solicited at this hour. And never give vodka and so going out downtown it is announced that there attending philanthropy event these people are you know protesting in a raffle and are silent auction and having a great time. And I've had you seem of their last you know. Gentlemen thank me because he met the woman restraints and now he's sponsors here if I ask that as always nice you know you've got him he's open you write it into the way I was so people like if if you're a significant other to greet the pretty you know get up but it's not you know sit down dinners it's it's it's a cocktail party. Now and then if you're single even better because yes and Eagles finest attend this event and if you go to the website. And that the photos and the video. But it speaks for itself so we're just really fortunate with the hosts that involve the sponsors all I'm always picking new sponsors and people in different industries. So it's not all the Cecile realtors and or all of you construction or you know certain industries saw I mix it up and well usually involved with the event is I have host and the critically a business aspect to it meaning that each host represented different industry. They make a donation toward non profit to be recognized as the host. We spotlight them at the events that 10 PM. You know we yell microphones in command the crowd's attention to you know 15102000. People. We entries each of the hose into an industry that's there and and with the with the great thing about the hostess impart their packages they receive fifty tickets are 75 tickets that they know which events to just give up to their clientele. And call league so. Now it's you know Nino giving scary fifty tickets and now you're getting theories contacts attending it right. And so on do this with fifteen to fifteen different industries with the initial CPA. Know last year Teddy ball we had Ferrari. I mention of president of the traveled Parra. A bit of oil and member getting so they're they're coming in so each one you know because that for our idiom either database. The show you know are there limits their database you know so it's it's that's I continue to grow yeah he's keep bringing new people you identify who circle you wanna get involved in young Republican pro is new industries you know will win in skin care. You know CPAs and attorneys. And so you know again look at the events you'd see the different host that we have it in its. Covers a wide spectrum and I think that's you know contributing to our success as far as attendees and and the growing crowd. So if somebody wants to be a host of business wants to be host how they go about doing that you if you just goes to the event website on the bunny references are but both coming up march 10. On the third Symbian hosts that they go through the bunny ball dot com if you scroll down a little bit of talk about the host. And there's holdings has click here pinched in in being considered as a host a US and she applied. And then you know we have a conversation that I think you'd be good fit for the event then you know come on board. I've had challenges where I didn't do the interview process well you know I just said OK your host and in these individuals cannot even get rid of fifty tickets. Because they didn't you know have the database or in the effort up front so you know for me it's important for these tickets are to go out and reaching. You know the new group of people so I encourage people to apply if not they can be a sponsor as well. And there's on the ticket packages that and lot of promotional wins the near future name on the community. Now again your San Diego based and he plans. To expand other parts of the state or anything like that absolutely I mean people are asking us to go to Georgetown mean LA you know Las Vegas. In talking solemnity about Venus how Miami. Because the event is on these term. And cookie cutter but it is sensitive the theme itself it's pretty easy. To. Make mobile on it usually comes from a administrative standpoint like I would need and he's determined other Nino in that city from god help us yet. I don't think they took it over. We can handle two new you know that's the problem I think I think. I don't even though this into the Miami is. You're right I don't think you'll go and if you look at the they'll but I would look to expand it I'm talking to. You know a couple glittering event productions that have the team and staff again I'm full time job mainly. You know you do that it cities would be very difficult to heal us my counterpart that would be managing. And I hope you know facilitate restructuring and you know presenting of the material fines if I can't physically be there of the the model for the model for others here we got a nice grant from someone. And I kid stuff it absolutely. Obsolete in and it and I think to other cities once they look at what we've produced the like we'd love to have something like this within our own community as well. How do you choose the organizations that benefit from these events on the commission before focus on youth organizations. I have a two year old and a one year old so I love if you learned that you knew dale. On children's hospitals on to a you know I do hope young children in need so popular in the impoverished situations sick. And you know at the Indy we're not a direct service provider so I don't sit there and hope children directly. And marshaling point is were great marketing. And presenting events so. A lot of times these nonprofits you know Lee's miracle babies. For an example. They have a team there were conferred with the hospitals and parents since programs and stuff so when it comes to and they have their key events. But they're limited as far as the staff and time. So I'm coming in saying hey let's spotlight you to hold other. You know group of individuals in an ideal with a lot of affluent individuals I'd say you know if people that attend our Benson and looking at our sponsors so. They really embrace the opportunity. Two to get involved with us and they help market the event as well to their database you know from working perspective. This year over with miracle babies they help promote the event internally within their organization next network ruthlessly treaties. Reese is promoting the event as well so. You can see how and been strategic with Leo and yourself with and and having constant change hopes cruise for kids with their brain as well. So. You know again I am always looking now benefit and I think with this year's event. I think if we have enough space of like him by multiple nonprofits have a Booth at our event for free. You know so you know it's it's it's from its exposure and new wife for single ticket draw our income from this. So it's no skin off on what does and anything you know day it's for it for us to bring awareness. You know just in front of a new crowd obviously the influence people to write bigger checks you know you you would you hope. And so people are always motivated. Again for you know that crowd and so we're just excited the Fulton. OK so let's let's talk about your events. You got three events move to put on each year yet. Let's start with the one that you have in. September and manage your. Chris for kids rally sports and exotic car poke rock tells them yeah you mentioned a little bit about it so really really cool story back in 2011 when it created the event. I'm a big car fanned. And I think a lot of hard shows. And I had a lot of clients that time meanwhile spent it on for hours and bikinis. I kind of looked at it as a win win meaning that I think could fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club which was on the board with at the time and we called the crews for kids forces are currently. And I can entertain my clients and you know if they have there I'm sure they had friends had Ferrari's Annika you know of their friends and ball. So the first year we did it was a rally from Coronado although it a jet hangar in Carlsbad jets' first hangar. And bomb I wanted to take a photo of the cars parading over the Coronado bridge site contact the Caltrans and I said. Isn't that we can to make a temporary road blocks like knew these cars over the bridge and yoga. A photograph of these vehicles. And the guy goes surely use a movie permit and you know we can closed on the corner version affecting close both sides of the bridge. Animal really so did my research out of sin and a movie permit now hired a helicopter contract. Video production team. And the drivers were in my it. Actors you know and so I present it is like for making a film and then I'm going to showcase the film at a movie theater basically every certain movie theater to show my seventeen minute film was and it. Happening canceled tickets to his side is that here's a movie theater is relational and it and I got the permit approved by the California film commission. And I got the chp to shut down both sides of the coronal ridge hired helicopter. Circled around and so if you look at our 2011 cliffs. That lets see four K rally dot com and so if you go there you conceived the entire mission down. I think those are for sure is almost eighty cars. I drove and passed mark and Xenia an advantage to drive as the as the pace car I was at the try to pace car which those in new exotic car itself kind of unfamiliar or it. And then they actually did a temporary road closure on the fly freely so they stop the freeway going northbound. All of our cars pull up and you know let's say. We were trying to because of the speed. But yeah I think so definitely seems it seemed always happen now it this way that we were all we have to Carlsbad shut down freeways and we pulled into the jet hangar. And so I got that approved two years row. And by the third year I think that a 140 for parts participating. And entry fee for our event at the time I think was. 350. For car you know those 500 I think everything 500 here these propane 500 dollars government. And it here by year's three the film commission said no you're not making a film or just an event and I think Melamine a loophole this mess so. But that thirty year ahead 104 for carts with these missiles and a mission on the bridge again and it's there was no promises but you know. So I think that year we reached thirty foreground for the Boys and Girls Club actually receive those funds which was awesome. So now we work with all the top exotic car dealers in Sanyo we office and an Orange County involved we'll borrow a Ferrari. Yes and Maarten all of a private brokers or are rumbled as well. And I do all the rap guys that did you routes and soul with some pretty top notch cars. I think for sure Richard bodies in the event and so it over twenty million dollars and vehicles participate so this is Clarence I'm in line with our parents noticed one off vehicles when its goes on and yeah so it's been a great event and in. As a result of the in the sports car LE path. Figured out that I'm pretty good at their own events. And I decided try to tell people whose loses black tie event and and had success with that so I've continued during the sports and talk Carolina. And now it's a poker run. So with poker and works its it's it's made it more fun where. We get these oversized cards like deck of cards four inches tall. The big and as the driver kicks off the starting line the three cards and them by our rally growth and up with a model rally girls cheering emblem in checkered flags. So again it's an experience ethnic handed three cards and then we have to the occasion for me and it's not so they can drive around San Diego. And then you try it's kind of drive through you pick up your third car or your fourth card and you pick up your fifth card and then you show to end location and you show your hand. So whoever has the best hand and it's just by driving in the event. You and luxury packages is generally luxury getaway one year we had part did you play for four Vegas dinner STK restaurant and in flight back. So about 8000 dollar package and whoever did this and one and so we know Germany I think three teams for the cheated myself. Flockhart are quite solid dad called them out did your brother turn he should win now know that Clinton and my brother for his vision of a cent turnout he had a deck of cards under his chair. I even had a turn our brother from passion. So I really on the fourth guy down the line I'd be at a full house here is having him and so he won and so on US force for us it's been a fun of it and as a result. You know I get to go to all the unveiling of the new energy needs for you know it's it's for it's the quality of life that I have been able live. Because of my Philanthropic. Passion than access. That's great a lot of social Jews of that this sudden. We're running out of time here just tournaments left and and just real quickly the any ball that's that's in. A Thanksgiving weekend Thanksgiving weekend so black tie event there bushels of the stuffed Teddy bear. Biblical Teddy wall you know 2000 Teddy bears on the big pile. We have Santa's elves and a bunch of mascot there is there in each ingredients or. We have fun and it it's a great market averaging for people the ball picks in weekend and the reason I chose that we can because there's a final score enough. I'd like you're crazy for doing extremely economical public people things and we can start. Are stuck at home and you know it's hanging out with him not do anything you drive around with the relatives. You come back and I the lingua so if you're in town this is even to go to because of nowhere else host an event so. Crazy or brilliant at the same time but you know head of the public work right and that's one of 400 people show is awesome here it's that the turnout is awesome and then in the event gets better and better every year. I'm gonna figures. I don't know how many years you've been doing that and that's the we had her fifth one so this year will be our 61 and he thinks and we can again. Okay and and next event the one that's coming up in March march 10 front marched on Saturday in the year. Your bunny ball and involved bright and very similar events of the Teddy. Exactly dozens of more Springfield brighter colors like anchors that ladies Wear bright colored dresses orange yellows. It's fun and in you know gentlemen it's flat tire full suit. Meal we have fun with the props you know we hire are are entertainers again they just like Ravitz. We may have the bloody wall also and yes funny it's actually hard and bunnies. Fingers is defined only yes but slowed reaction time that we've created a bunny shortage. During third fourth and so if you're buying now you could be without letting it. Part Poodle I've had people search go to four different stores to find a bunny because they have the story you were on the. I concede activism in by the time the end of the night hits there as the wall of bunnies I mean it has to be complete shortage and it is if it's a lot of fun to Annan bunnies he is typically get. Have my hand over the years over 2000. 2000 each event at the. So again when that's over I have to move 2000 bunnies the fifth so he's really got moving completed and is George vehicle we move those. And and if the separate amount to each non profits though. Initially one year we gave all of our bodies like Brady's liked when he first started I think that I eerie barometer for 171000. And change. And but then we felt like there's a lot of other nonprofits telling now with their handout this innate human nature Teddy bears her bunnies for us. So now we've done is were these even 10200 to each non profit so now we're touching eight non profits you know verses just the one. And references like Easter seals a beneficiary of the bunny ball. A week or two after our event to do their 101000 Easter Egg Hunt. At the health and admission day. And so Easter seals the deal with children all sorts of conditions and see these kids go out and the Easter Egg Hunt elegant stuff bunny. On the negative face light up. Bought and sold via the fund starts for me really after the Melanie if they give back and deliver to the united Dave the Phnom publishes it didn't raise any money. North it equitably from these vessels I don't waste their finest now than money that is race Newt if you're making money on it sure. Does that then get divvied up between that and various organizations yes so what we've done and paso in a miracle babies has been a spotlight beneficiary. This year with cruise for kids that the bunny ball. Unfortunately. We need to raise these funds for our non profit as well I have some overhead expenses are just associate with managing the event so. On these funds are gonna be reached for cruise for kids liking continued doing is what you don't do incidents I mean. Two since storage alone have a thousand dollars a month as a source she's as I'm just don't have bears props bunnies. It is random stuff that ideal the nonprofit subject to and so. On last year we gave so much that we didn't really look at our own position so on. Looking just threesome funds for us and in what we just have multiple non profits of virus a lot of money and of the Ratajczak who don't love him myself with people have no idea that time and energy and money that goes into these things it's just it's unreal passing on any ball our think our. We were on fifty K Justin expenses and just put on the event so that itself. Takes time right her aunt in full sponsorship and ticket sales and if if somebody doesn't bring the money. Both twenty dollar million or twenty bucks you and I don't donate our donation but not that could be actually less expensive than a minute before the buying. If there was like the last one of the things I mean so that some people find him and do I think in the past have brought in some people that manufactures the panel also will donate. You know cases of bunnies were Teddy bears and then we will for the point ordination give them a bear so where bunnies so lonely walk a step and repeat to have something in hand. And so there in a red carpet there with the photos of the monies in their hand. And so makes a little more fun you know because there is not a size matters for official little bunny. It's truth. So the truth now you have. A website for each event each event. OK so. You know this is coming up march 10 what is the website in Los Angeles vowed to bunny all all out more of a bunny ball dot com or Houston schools are funny ball I think we're number one and one woman should be known and well and they they can buy tickets at two well I think it's on the website s.'s pre sell or else 45 dollars for the event so for black tie event. This is our less expensive than that let's put that way so. It's 45 dollars pre sale fifty at the door. And so we create a promo code. For a our stations for your stations that Entercom write a 20% off. So I check out you put intercom as a promo code between percent off for organizers we appreciate that guy notes in Anchorage you know and check out the website that sells itself as far as experience come with a group. The hotels this carriers to a hundred dollars so make it the ninth get a hotel room you know it's on sale for adults with though oh philanthropy. It really is suing an immune don't want to people bunch of friends it's defensive thing a really great amount it does sound like a blast and we're gonna put information about it well on our website to. My main events page in this station's web sites will have been flown apparently to Europe. Website as well you have a website also just for cruise for kids to death so it's. Cruise the number four kids SDE. Dot org. Okay are you on social media and we are on social media so I'm. I do a lot of the social media through the events so you know Facebook. Different face look at the money ball. You know four slash the money ball and then with the tables same. Rally C four K rally. What are halftime with with Twitter. And social media arms. So you know each one had to because so much content as we've evil malls. Like for instance with the bunny ball coming up we just had bit you'll Gloria. Donate. Bentley been Tatum which is that SUV as a silent auction item for the weekend so someone in and you can guarantees. And as the US Shiva Bentley is so it's amazing vehicle. I think they start around 220000. These vehicles and some connection with a weekend in it if they've been on it and are silent auction. So you know we have some really cool sponsors like awesome donations. A mark on eight million dollar beach house on the crucible Hoya to be Rancho for the week into so rude a lot of fun and do. Again they would spend the night yeah I agree it's it's it's it is fun night it's over really really do we'll put this together and we appreciate dollar sponsors are volunteers. Our hosts that are involved you know go our pace few who are the the host associated with it. You know there there supporting our event. On advertising as well. And so is it an ethical. Great you know thanks for being on shouted appreciated thank you on and for all you do. And cruise for kids it's it's appreciate the excuse well Chris thank you for he makes the ultimate I think you know Olympic just give you sensors you know sort of the bouts okay moaning in Provo again thanks for being on the show thanks for all that you do in the community it is definitely appreciated awesome but you mr. Act includes another addition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed are living veteran San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living better and San Diego are available on the station's website until next time I'm Garry lake. Have a great week.