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Monday, August 14th


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That morning and welcome to another edition of living better in San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations I'm Gary Lee. Confidential recovery is a local alcohol and drug rehab center they provide clients confidential long term addiction treatment that supports. Sustainable recovery. The confidential recovery clients get to continue their careers or jobs and enjoyed living at home while receiving therapy. Joining us this morning is confidential recovery CEO and co-founder Scott eight silver. Welcome Scott thanks is nice to hear your question heavy on Saturday with confidential recovery tell us a little bit about the organization who come. This recovery is an organization that I started with a bar but it mine between probably about three years ago and the idea was to set up an outpatient substance abuse treatment program. Primarily to work with people who need necessarily the highest level of care like going into an in patient brochure an outpatient program. Sometimes referred to as non residential ten hours a week goes on for about ten weeks that we extend the program of support for a two year. So we've we thought we created some pretty unique and took him we think the community really needs. That's something you believe it's in the most people schedule meeting you can't see don't have time for ten hours a week. Because most people are under the influence spent a lot more time under the influence right. Outlook let what motivated you guys started so we know I I've been long term recovery I carry a little over 32 years now and what I just believe his ego that there's a recidivism rate right now it's a hard word to see you know this early in the morning. And the goal was to try to set up a better mousetrap if you will but you know create an environment where working people professionals law enforcement attorneys doctors could come at a confidential environment. And actually get treatment and how long term support follow the night. This is a distant you know research leaving my whole career of the nonprofit world I wanted to conceded to help people. And make a difference and I wanted to see by the reduced recidivism rate by a little bit so you say you're in the nonprofit world before our men and organizations about eighteen years working with people coming out of jail and prison which is. Kind of where I learned my customer service skills. And that ramp sober living back in those days so similar but never treatment. I wanted to formalize it as I got older and really wanted to help save lives directly and I think we're doing that now and we're hoping to save even more. As the word gets out the community in one of the things accomplished we're currently stands for his. Not just treatment but long term recovery support up to two years for people that are willing to make the commitment pelican gym membership. But actually going. So it's what is the mission and so our mission basically is that is to help get families and loved ones to get their individual who's addicted to anything from mood altering substances to gambling. The sixty Internet porn. And if we can't handle that we make referrals to be appropriate to other resources and our community we do it again the outpatient side to root for us to detox a lot. Residential treatment a lot and I speaker on the community whenever possible to really. Help reduce the stigma of a substance abuse and alcoholism you know just last you have no surgeon general finally said it's a physical disease just like. Diabetes so one of my jobs I see each days to help. Get the word out so I appreciate the opportunity being here with you this morning can talk about and hopefully you know the listeners and go to you know I. Maybe I should make a phone call can all get together and number which is 619. For five to 12100. Give us a call confidential recovery or Lucas up on the web confidential recovery dot com and you know make a phone call me you wouldn't try to. Pictured child's broken arm on YouTube did make a phone call for emergency so what we really hurts people who do was reach out because it's hard to deal with this issue. If you've never done before and most people. Haven't done before until they've done it so again it's more than just drugs and alcohol addiction is absolutely after the the other you know right now when you think about it all addictions that are going on what looked at the prescription. Oh good. Epidemic that's going on like cholera pandemic you know the prescription drugs have gone on in our country. The last few years or content killing more people now than you know car crashes so. At the end of the day we really need to take a look at how we can reach out for a home nor the 2015264. Million prescriptions written for opiates and our country. To a 64 million. That's one through rebuild two thirds you know our country so. That medications still out there sitting in a lot of medicine cabinets Avian drawers and we're really trying to help educate families that we have to do something different than just hang on and we think we need him. And I wanna talk about the you'll feel right. Situations gone on in the country and here in San Diego county and in just a few. Now I understand at their confidential recovery each individual works to develop their own self care plan how does that. What what that really translates to is we believe that one size is not at all so you know for example on the 63 year old man. You know when I might need might be different than a 23 year old or point four year old who's at 2 PM battling other issues so we try to do is meet people were there at. And one size again does not at all possible we do with that will be relevant is that to keep the plan. And then we try to get the Stanley involved as much as possible and support them because when that individuals and the treatment. And his closest thing is done with treatment treatment the formal front and peace but after the intake and assessment in the actual formal clinical support. We want them to do things that are necessary whether it be yoga meditation or maybe go to some from anonymous meeting. In your ball social groups. So they can stay in key talking to others who have been through with they've been through who get it and understand it. Now people referred you have today. Aside from just pick it up the phone like setting calling your arm do you get referrals we do it and a lot of our graduates they referrals as well and we hope that you know its interest in the in this study the science of treatment. 95% of the people and actually comedy treatment don't come on their own is usually a family member who's gonna. Nugent pushing taking pulling. Or slightly to head against the wall and in the extra phone call either on her behalf for encourages them or for them to get in their treatment get help. So we really encourage families because it is a famine disease and what science is also shown us that 50% of our country currently has an active addiction issues that will erupt over the next twelve months. And of the 15% only 10% will seek help but what's fascinating about 15%. Those people that are walking around the community who are under the influence or impaired the night before. Negatively impact seven people every day so that's 85% of our community is being impacted. By the person who's currently actively using or abusing mood altering substances as impaired. Adding that a lot of people don't see that but he noted that. The person who's addicted. The effect it is it is enormous corner I reportedly a house of obviously the living with a significant other or they have children or there they have parents are living with and then they go. Get in their car. And they drive and in the go to war and an immediate go to the gym with a Nicholas social event at the end of the day. Those are people there touching and impacted negatively because there repaired. And they don't know to what degree what level right now at the potency of some of the drugs we have out there. Yeah some of the things it thinks are being laced with the cut with or fentanyl heroin heroin mixed with prescription drug medication if people are taking antidepressants were taking drugs. When I'm Whitney Houston she had taken cocaine with prescription medication to those six mixed together. Stop her lungs breathing and heartbeat what do you think about the you know a lot of people feel that. He can't help a person unless they're ready to be helped you know there's a phrase about you must use your bottom I think that probably it is an older term and I believe that there's ways that. You know and I used the term loosely intervene and did not like a formal intervention when you can circle together and everybody reads letters and somebody pulls outs and handcuffs and then you put them back the car and go to senator. I think intervention on that behavior is important in you know we really encourage family members to get on the phone to call a clinical support the community basically to the doctor. Somebody who's been through a family member or friend and neighbor had just talk about it yet got a son or daughter sister and mother brother husband wife. Not right and I don't know what to do rather than try to confront them yourself that easily. Irritates aggravates and insinuate the situation arson rates this situation make it worse so we really encourage people to make a phone call of you don't go to call call me if I can't help feel referring to somebody who pan. But there is help out there aren't any one of the things I like to talk about is how involve an organization called San Diego soap which you proceed eagle society of addiction professionals. And we're networking group that's trying to work on keeping people saying you for treatment. And what that means is suicidal leaving and going to. You know Antigua or to Texas or Florida for treatment it is great providers right here in our community and I hope that you know people take advantage of because when you're done with treatment. You still have recovery which you have to work on the rescue like just like diabetes what you get. It can take this ass and the doctor says you've got the problem the blood tests confirm that you can be taken insulin more than likely for the rest your life for these monitoring of blood levels. On a regular basis and I think. This disease of alcoholism and drug addiction needs to be treated the same way it's lifestyle change its transformation need to be done what I've done in my sobriety is if you do what. Is supposed to do life can be that you. Yeah I'm I'm with you I am I'm 31 years sober myself so if you look much younger and I do. I think I'm older than you actually we not we won't get it. And your friends that he actually took its sofa so let's let's talk about via the open situation first of all. What is an open well you know it's adjusting right now I don't feel it is it's something that's historically been used for some sort of pain. Heroines considered and ultimately you know I could and is one of them as well there's different schedules for the drugs. But the obvious we really talk about today an exceptional OxyContin for example probably the one brand and most people know the most. He broken arm he had to do through data paint more than likely the doctor prescribed OxyContin. That it was back and Reagan's days when Reagan mandated the medical society tell doctors if somebody comes and raise your hands I'm in pain. You must give them medication for pain. So here we are you know all these years later now we've got all these doctors who historically have you know part of their protocol was issued a pain medication OxyContin mostly a time like it. And those opiates for some people become addictive within a matter of weeks and they were mostly given pain in what science is shown is. Long term use of opiates does not help pain makes it worse scandal like aspirin you know heights headache but the had to deal with something this constant headache. But in today's world one of the things that is the scariest is. According again to statistics and studies is 75% of people are doing here when today started on prescription medication and an appeal mostly for pain. Something that affected of course fentanyl which is one of the bigger drugs right now being sold. Being made in China in tablet form his very deadly highly highly toxic and it's usually fifty times stronger than heroin itself. He's being caught with heroin and fentanyl which we was created to help with cancer patients and use normally in an IV form injection lies in the operating room to help an individual post op. You know diminish some of the major pain coming out of surgery so those different price hoping it's all out there today in a way because now the you know China's making them Mexico's importing it we've got a lot of drugs and hear about it in places like Ohio and in South Carolina and you know we never really thought we had a problem here in San Diego this because we were the methamphetamine capital for so long. It's and day two student studies that are methamphetamine consumption San Diego's pies and at ten years nobody was worried about fentanyl owns just two months ago. The largest fentanyl bust in the country happened right here in San Diego outer border. He'll be the border town you know where we're automatic attraction or distributors and manufacturers to try to get points here in the US. So now fat fallen and other OP Ortiz being used more as recreational drugs then and it's it seems that there be more as he's there is very strong vote. And toxic medications and when taken. The person who is predispose to addiction it's addicted to a very quickly. And people who like to get high look I was one of them we wanted to we wanna find ways to get higher you know one's not enough to lose even in the committees of the ideas I don't get more. And when you take OxyContin. Right now on boxing got eighty milligram OxyContin is eighty dollars on the street PO I said earlier you know in 2015264. Million prescriptions prescriptions were written so that means. There are probably millions of pills that you medicine cabinets and my wife and real estate and suggesting people go and open houses. And they still and as it happens and so now there's a group that I'm working with sea foam coalition whose goal is to help educate villagers. Educate the homeowners to put their medication away just like they would their money or jewelry. Or taken out of the house because drug seekers are very clever and they stay up all night figuring out ways to get stuff from you that they don't have to pay for taking. What do you think the reason is for this uptick in popular use in an overdoses and so you know I. I don't think it's just it on an answer that question but I want to preface these responses with I think. I substance abuse in general is up. I think that you know alcohol consumption is up I think that people are taking medication recreational drugs are up over the fact that we've got marijuana legalized now. People are looking for different ways to cope. So I think what's happening is people are just finding it harder. You don't generally go through some scientists as you know you're family and you did it three times a week Anderson and the less likely to have an acting infinitely. Well I did when my feet up every night I was actually Leo I don't know how much that holds true but I obviously having that family dynamic having peer to peer support. And I think you know I used to work a lot of gangs and you know and sometimes a game is just a group of people who supported. In the traditional family hierarchy you know mom dad dad mom momma momma what are you wanna call today. That infrastructure just isn't there I think the people have a much harder time we're seeing this now with kids the suicide rates going up and teens today. In autumn is just can't stand the pressure I can't take the depression I just don't know how to deal with these feelings. And rather than talking about and that was at that. Military path that you pay about six months ago. Was afraid to come forth with his depression he was afraid to lose just so into the making his own life. We're not want to lose his job so how do we explain that phenomena right now and we've seen some of these mass shootings in the situation happened. Where people are taking people's lives and it isn't just a stupid way. So to me I think this is simply simply could. Example would be we're just not getting our inner personal stuff out to someone else to talk about a process in a way where we can diminish it and something we talk a lot about in treatment is. We do with the trauma so what a lot of it is untreated drama. You know people have problems with his kids and and they don't get treated. In overtime I like the same pressure busts pipes and I think we're seeing more of that now than ever before and I think unfortunately. The current trajectory we're on we're gonna see a lot more of that you know what was it just recently. The mayor in Nashville Tennessee your son just overdose 22 years old. I believe it was an openness so you know. Hopefully you know Chris Christie's out their way of in his state flag and hope we were gonna you know I think Megan political position but he very public about treatment. And and I know our DA used to talk about a better to get more treatment. Then spend more money to put people in prison and now they're releasing people at a regular rate in all these new laws I was part of react you know at this in the round of years ago. It's not working so we're we're not treating whatever the prize the problem really isn't the addiction because once you deal with the substance then you've got the behavioral health the mental health issues that you really have to do with the depression anxiety which led to the left lack of self port which in many ways leaves him why people in the exercise ourselves. Nobody answered your question could this one of those. Real and usually there's not that was sent it to you with the cholesterol overweight or it's because you're right Paul and that's a lot of factors and a lot of factors untreated trauma seems to be one of the most underlying issues and I'm hearing more and more on the clinical experts that. People get older they don't deal with things get worse pressure busts pipes centralization. Starts to happen to people act out and very extreme ways. Netease a fentanyl in that San Diego County on the rise I read that the San Diego County has had a 112 fentanyl related deaths since. Funny 1223 of those were just in this year alone correct and I found out a little bit more about fentanyl recently plan. Close family member of mine had a got a hold of some weed. She was focused and we didn't and it was how we found out later. Then it was laced with heroin. And and the reason I found out about fentanyl because the cops were asking me about if this person took drugs standard question may be asking some was on the floor and everything affected right right and so so that's how I found out about and I was told that this anti which is where I live that. That used to fentanyl on the rise. By the way it's not just in that zip right right never just two months ago three people in this oh deed it took to and need medical examiner six weeks before they went public and said it was it. So it's all over our community right now. Yeah and and it just blew me away because here be here in the family member of mine laying on the floor apparently. According to the sheriff's deputies had Odeon. On heroin missed the we'd lose was laced with Caroline and that's I found them more about the fentanyl because they ask me if she would take to what do they do to junior when they got there figure this some kind of spray or an arcane narc Kenya. The nasal spray right. Write your nasal spray should wake right up. Right away pessimistic it was a little lost as to what was going on the guys you know she wakes up and sees. In all these cops and paramedics in her face him. You're you're you're very lucky person to have that kind of rude person revive his that they had not been there it San Diego is a very very progressive community and I'm not mistaken the San Diego sheriff's one of the first pilot programs they were very aggressive about trying to get dark and everybody's hands and every patrol car. And educate all of them I don't I don't give it when that situation came up as we knew it was coming. And they've been very effective and at high percentage of lives being seen as simply because they have that tool with them because nothing else works it was there's no time to transported in the hospital they will stop reading right heart will give out that transport. I was told it looked like an OJ. Which I couldn't believe it is a news person did not differently and if I'm not taking you said it was it was mixed in with marijuana right which is kind of unusual but. Is a new trend now is we're seeing heroin with seeing Fenton all being laced with marijuana Beasley on purpose most people don't get it accidentally they usually either requested. Where the discovered distributors promoting it that way that this this marijuana laced with opiates she was not aware that my. So yeah we we were lucky. They told me that if if they haven't gotten through and they. When they did you tablet side now congratulations you are small percentage of whom. Family members are considered to have a family members survive from an opiate experience that is when you look at the news today to somewhere and work well. There's 360 plus people dying everyday in our country from addiction related causes. Of that I think it was Chris Christie to sit at a 142 of them almost more than a third. Are from opiate overdoses in our country. And that's. Rough data that's probably close to about eighteen months old casino takes you know the CDC about a year and a half to get updated data so we know it's getting worse even though there's a study just came out from Kaiser. In this and the doctors are writing prescriptions well OK but we know that that inventory of the 264 million prescriptions written in 2015 just two years ago. Those pills were not all consumed here. So there's a lot of medication now parent is more more heroin coming because it's much cheaper. And V other parts of the world wanna provide product based on demand and we as a country. And and the front. A lot of people and when their take and then smaller or other OP choice not necessarily aware of the dosage that they're getting pretty heated and well if they're if you're purchasing today it was made in China which cutting it. With heroin and with mental there's no way to know with the doses and if you're taking it orally. You know it takes time this is happening way it is is the experience of Colorado had in Portland and Washington had. With edible marijuana because that thinking is. I just took that has been twenty minutes nothing's happened they take more so what happens is people end up. Overdosing. If you will taking too much dosage for their body mass and their capability to manage that dose because there are no hurry to get the bus which is why people tend to smoke it. That's why the injection of heroin is so effective. I'll share something with you don't talk about a lot them clear light acid used to being around nice to put it in my eyeball because the retina. The inside the media the eyeball. The you know the actual you know pollution chemical what happened quickly detect. So you know. Why would I want to get there quicker. You know and I remember I used to drink and my daughter's gonna be saying this that I used to drink tequila. You know shots through my nose because it got to my brain quicker. Who knows why solved and do on court recently to the guys out there he drank the Q&A. That's got to be you know a message from heaven this. So you know but and that's what addicts do that's who we do we find ways to get it or. More faster you know more about quality of substance if we can and then. You know back in my day marijuana was like wrote this it was didn't really get to find out like when he played strong just marijuana and then you mix it with the things and you know so the wanna go down that road but the point is and we have to be aware of this behavior changing with the children and have to get on the phone to phone call. You know there's just no way this is gonna get better on its own if you identify might be a problem talk to somebody call 61945. To 12100. Look this up confidential recovery dot com and we'll do everything we can't help you we take insurance not everything but most and we'll do we can't be resource for you and your family. And again addiction does not only affect the addicted individual affects everyone around them. I'm I'm I'm as I mentioned thirty when you're sober myself and having a sports team right. So important when we actually cut. And you had a family members that just overdosed. And everywhere in the Stanley probably knows the path you've been on so. There's no zip code specific where this goes anybody could be impacted by enemy according to sign into my children. Have a 5050 chance and 126 and 31 respectively so far they haven't shown any signs. But you know I'm gonna worry most of my life because you know it doesn't usually always give the generation. So in what'll happen is I'll do everything I can't be supported and loved them but at the end of the day. These situations people make and the more legalized we may get the more comfortable people seem to be with oh it's legal until it. How about some. Symptoms things that people not us early symptoms what what what can people who before we called what you know you look for. It's the loss of weight gain of weight sleep patterns irritability. Anxiety. Quick. Responses to things not being able to handle things he could a couple of months ago the issues and school grades are dropping relationships are strained. Inappropriate eye contact eyes are red you know they're doing things are sitting on the house here and issues on in this flooding. You know there's there's that those things that are there commonsensical you don't have to be a doctor you'll see things in and if you're thinking about it I don't want people who walk around ago while Eleanor my son's loaded today. But if they have some predispose conditions and you know it's and you can only be should have your eyes open he should have ears open Xia the heart open. And you should be you know when it happens on the hair looked. Somebody breaks in arm is obvious but that's what's interesting about this disease you don't see it. And until it starts do you know erupt in different ways and you lifestyle just changes what is theirs. And hopefully it is an arrest in the DY. And then jail time you know god forbid something worse they hurt themselves or someone else. But generally you could tell a family member and a co worker can tell somebody calls and sickening that the Monday Friday flew. I'll listen productions down and if you make it easy for people to come do you and he Wheeler came to look any time in the situation we'll hear what it is give us a call. Call us we'll come that you will talk about a working through. And we have to know where the stigma and erratic hits like diabetes it's acceptable is treatable and you can live long healthy life. Why can't we look at addiction the same way I am figured out yet I don't know what the reason for his but we do know that in a lot of people say look here drink yourself drinking you'll get better but it doesn't work that way. So add it confidential recovery how do you treat someone with them know the addiction well first thing we do is depending upon review and intake and assessment called psych social we actually do a deep valuation we have our psychologists and medical doctor due to valuation. And then we find out of our patients appropriate for them and on many times as someone's deeply rooted in heavy consumption which you know if the doctors usually recommend he go to detox first for their. Medically supervised for a period of time anywhere from five to ten days some people need residential treatment when they. Stay in a place where the 28 days or more if they needed and they come to outpatient and now patient goes on for you know many months hopefully a year for follow Porsche revealed once a week. And while there have been tested we have a breathalyzer we used it's also related to crate you'll. And we just brought in a really cool apparatus actually doctor we'll put it together to virtual reality mask with putting nine different segments of the curriculum. We're partnering with the Dr. Phil right now because obviously he's got a big brand to try to get more people to treatment and in his. Virtual reality. Curriculum will help us add tools for long term support actually put people can actually. Practice at home. Then we'll be doing some online work with groups as well so we work with groups we have affinity groups we have a women's only group. We have a professionals group we have people at different levels of recovery. So you know and then hopefully we're gonna have a group of mentors who can actually start working with the newcomers and be available to them were non twelve step program what I mean by that is I kind of grew up in the twelve steps that we know again once size is not at all so we meet people where they're out. And confidential recoveries going to be celebrating actually this month we'll be celebrating three years so. We kind of figured out now not what we wanna do and how we wanna do it and we will look forward to and he's calling. And getting more and more people into treatment and here in our community so you know between the San Diego so dot com and confidential recovery dot com and a new Dr. Phil. Virtual reality peace we think we're really recovering at all to version which again to within hours a week. People can't afford to go to our weakness a question how many hours a week last year we loaded. It's seventy and you're telling me 15% of your time you can't you do your own life. You know and they call us too expensive law do you like Tunisia gush about fifteen grand. Where about half. So we try to eliminate barriers and the stigma and make it easy but we have to have people call us so I really want encourage people 6194 or five to 12100. And I don't mean whenever say gee we we would opponent hits you did 619. For a five to 12100 college to currently dot com or if you want to look me up Scotty Silverman and you can Google me my phone numbers online text me. And you do behind closed doors we'll talk quietly and if we need to meet off site and talk about how. We confidentially get you into treatment. And maintaining confidentiality while you're in treatment and we'll hope support he's the whole process. It's really not that hard I don't wanna make it sound too simple as it is it's a major life change but guess what. I don't wanna go to any more funerals. And it and it can be done to him because you're prove I'm proof to the right here in the room. Can be done and and is it is like changing it this month. It was August 31 international overdosed awareness to correct anything imagine having to have a day for overdose awareness day. You know one of the things like we're talking about as we get closer to the date. You know we that we just had alcohol awareness month we decided that health awareness month. And it's funny people don't wanna talk about what we do to help each other doing those times. We do talk about the catastrophic event better outcomes from the abuse and I just really want encourage people tested you know get on line make a phone call call me. Talk to family members participate based leader parked your primary doctor doctor clinician. Talk to somebody has that the others would call that disease of denial you know in denial is not just a river in Egypt. You know it's it's a goal that we need to really just make a phone call and start to reduce the stigma because by not reaching out getting help. We're actually sitting there watching somebody die and we can and is treatable. So on the 31 two big day I don't know this is personally paying attention to it I asked you was busy doing the things. Around it and these are good they were in this building so you know look for the information hopefully. We're gonna see the federal agencies promoted again the White House is discussing it they know this so the only pandemic is is catastrophic they know it's everywhere in the country. And you know Goldman Sachs just said three weeks ago for the first time ever. This OP really epidemic they call it is affecting our economy so with these kind of things happening in those just a news piece of the day about it Tony. In the south. Where they're going zero tolerance now because of substance abuse and testing their existing employees a third of them came up dirty so they had to terminate a third of their workforce. And then looking to hire people in the community in this half the people coming in cannot. It's drug testing and with legalization of marijuana by the way it is legal and illegal. They're they're not going to be able to hire people that test positive if they have a zero drug policy. So we're only gonna see things get more complicated and fortunately. And when people get rejected and they get upset they have life changing events they using one of them themselves. So unfortunately this trend. It's not gonna go away easy I don't wanna via you know. And negative mesa air. But I wanna encourage people to start now make phone calls educate your Stanley as you keep ourselves so once again. Phone numbers for onerous thank you much at least 61945. To 12100 imminent throw my personal number and their 619. 9932738. Call one of those numbers go online confidential recovery dot com look for the Dr. Phil piece that we have going with his rehab component. And San Diego so dot com was a network or inviting people all the providers come together. We just had council member Barbara pre come speak to our group we've had a DEA with the US attorney we have pictures coming in November. And our goals to get the community leaders to come by and listen to the experts talk about what we can do hope we can. And and you're on social media opium finance based upon me on Twitter yeah well as poorly if you. If you can't find me here either drunk or the lights are not on your computers on a I'm not hard to find them very responsive and because to me you know I'm a firm believer my own repair rebound give it away I can't keep. Scott thank you so much for being honest you're really appreciated thanks for all you do in the community confidential recovery thanks for your opportunity talk about it. That includes another addition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the an account San Diego radio stations episodes of living better San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from keep your home California. Until then I'm Garry lake have a great week.