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Thursday, January 4th


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The morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations I'm Gary Lee. There are many businesses in the San Diego area they'd give back to our communities on a regular basis it's a core value. Of these businesses today we're gonna talk about two of those businesses and what their doing to give back. Joining us this morning is sandy hands off owner of the wine pod and Rachel shimmer Ronnie vice president of marketing at Barron's market. Welcome sandy welcome Rachel I think he I think he cut in here saying do you think happy new year and a great to have you on the show out it is the season and giving and what better time and other. Focus on a couple local businesses giving back. To our communities the wind pub and down market before we get into how and why your businesses give that let's talk a little bit about. Each of you businesses in the start with you sandy tossed a little bit about the wind. So the wind have this restaurant wine bar located in point Loma and we've been around for about eight years we served dinner every night we do. Wines by the glass we do wine tasting we have some great Beers on draft in me. Specialize and artisan crafted cute. And you are doc from the business to Archie we are very dot finally. Yes so is our dogs that we have a patio they have a large patio action about half the restaurant and half the size of our restaurant is. Our patio and it's all doctrine mean we get dogs and their every night of the week. And what are your hours you open every day we are open every day 4:4 o'clock every day. And until till the fun and film today. Usually usually around 9 o'clock during the week and eleven on the weekend out to him he. Now now you're the owner of of the wind pub have you ever worked and you get a lot back to the community and we will talk about how you doing that. But have you ever worked for nonprofit or done volunteering. In in your life before that that laid you choose to wanna do this with your business. So I have never worked for nonprofit my husband actually has that. My eight giving back I think started as a child my mom really. On and read that into Meehan and made it interesting and fun we would go read too. Some of the kids that didn't have books and and didn't have homes and just started giving back I started giving back at an early age and then it's just something that when I started my own business that was. Very important for me to have a bigger voice than just my own end and be able to kind of multiply my own small giving into a bigger way. And and what was it that that makes you wanna open a business like the ones I was just your love for wine. I have part of that I actually have had a love for wine ever since college and we'll actually probably three college. Talk about and. And so I've always wanted to have a wine business I was in the hospitality business for my entire career and got laid off during. In 2000. 87 and excuse me nine and decided that this is my opportunity to do something with my passion OK and. And again one of the core values of of the wind pub is giving tax. To the community absolutely. Again I very rarely feature for profit businesses. On the show look because the one of the Barents marketer big on giving back to communities that's why. We're talking today in and again we'll talk about those. Those events since you have that benefit the community just little bit let's talk about balanced market real quickly here Rachel this. This is family businesses and yes this is my family's business where and organic natural specialty food grocery store. And we've got Froyo locations in San Diego and three up and then Temecula valley area. And how long is Barron's market and business the first to market opened in 1993. In point Loma fans. We've just had. So much fun and we just all really love what we deal. My father started the business with his Brothers. My sister and I work for the business. And our family court and Hanley has grown to almost 300 employees and end. As have your father or his Brothers and have they worked is in non profit before they haven't worked for nonprofits. And I have not worked in nonprofits. That. And similar to what sandy said you know. As far as volunteering goes. I remember volunteering. When I was in high school I was a camp counselor for or a local camp and I just remember we had an inclusion program. To work with kids that had different disabilities and it became so meaningful form mean. That I continued that you know through high school helping where I could. You know anything has to do with kids. We didn't really really tests that are heart strings now game gonna talk about the events did you do that benefiting from various organizations can. But there's market is is helping the community in in another way just right off the bat Europe your products. I'm not mistaken 25 to 35% less than traditional supermarket. Absolutely you know for us it's all about bringing quality products. Press that means quality is natural organic items that have clean ingredients. Really good prices we don't believe organic food pass to be. An extensive use and we work really really hard to work on that our produce we work with a lot of organic local family farms. And when we look at those local family farms that are organic. The cut down on transportation costs for our costs are are less and we can pass those savings on to our customers and Alice in business is good. This is a yes yes yes snuck somewhat sympathetic and even that even at prices like that. The prices like that yep and you know. We moved in we get into this you know we don't do that much advertising for us who would like to put our marketing and advertising dollars on these events and giving back to the community that's very very important to us I think you're right as far as the marketing those who don't think many people know about Paris market rates rates and but we really trying get out into the communities that were in as much as we can. I'm more of a grassroots effort. And it's to help those local community organizations that that it's important for custody eight true neighborhood market. Com and just this bear market the word neighborhood has a lot of meaning and a lot of weight for us and to be an active participant in our neighborhoods and what are your hours. I store hours are 8 AM to 9 PM on those New Year's even Newsday we close at 6 PM. And how many locations are there in San Diego County got four locations in San Diego point Loma Alpine in Rancho Bernardo and our newest story in north park. You pretty much covering can't count I Kitna can't. So let's let's talk about giving back to the community. Candy again and it it always has been a core value for your business right. That's right and likewise is so important for you to give back to the community lies that's such an important thing for your business. I think it's just because it's part of what I am and who and what I wanna be it's something that if somebody were if you asked a friend or a person that knows me very well. To describe me I think that that would be one of the first things that they would use to describe is that I've always found it very important to give back I think paying it forward is super important. And so not only am I giving back but it's not to just anybody it's two organizations that I have a very strong tie to. You know and I am sure that you do Rachel to. I we get requests all the time to give back in different ways through get certificates or sponsorships. And that kinda thing. And unless it's in my neighborhood in in my backyard and something that I am personally tied to and fortunately as a small business that can give back to everybody but I do. Hand pick who I do give back to. And try to make a bigger impact with a few. Partners rather than on a little bit to a lot. So when you have your advanced and it's it's it's a select few that that you that to partner with support and and each event so we have. We have those events. That goes on throughout the year it's every Wednesday are what for Wednesday. So on our dog friendly patio every Wednesday night if you come in and Dodd and dying with your died or drink with your died at. If we give back 10% of your check. To our. Our local nonprofit that we've selected for the year so that's every Wednesday night that's 52 weeks a year or so. That's in itself I think it makes a bigger impact with a small organization. And then that convinced that we do you are always targeted towards one organization that benefits that. A year you'll for Wednesday and this is every. Every wins do what time does that take place on nights so we're open from four denying them for not only run until closed Wednesday's hot exactly. An Indiana specials that give do you have. Food for the dogs we do we have a homemade dog menu yes leaking oil. Had. You can get. Bryson chicken like to tally the most popular thing that's named after my dog blue Lil that we've got a peanut butter homemade treat and we've got to flax seed homey treat. So we've got all these different treats and a little menu that's named after all of my dogs in under the dogs of our employees which is kind of fun. That's for me and and then at 10% goes back to what organization. Well this past year it was an animal rescues without borders. And so our lob was our beneficiary that we do you pick a different beneficiary each here policy and as Ed Bennett a different. Dog rescuer it's something dealing with not exactly a dog rescue of some so order a Foster or anything like that. That's somebody other events that you've had over the years and earlier you just have this back in October. A your bike for boobs events and and the years you didn't do and us we just had that was our fifth annual in October like forbids tells that. So five years ago I was diagnosed with breast three excuse me past three and help. Stage three breast cancer not a laughing matter actually bet on it right at the very end of my treatment I was had finished making Mallon just headed into radiation and my husband who is a big bike advocate he would runs the scene eagle Kenny bicycle coalition but he also he felt like she wanted to you know when you're going through that people close to you really wanna do something and through his passion of bicycling he created this event called by forbids. And partnered with a group of ladies. And we started at five years ago in a very small grassroots. Way and probably had about 150 at our first line. And now five years later. And thankfully cancer free. We had over a hundred people at our at our one here just in October well and end AM. The money raised it it goes if I'm not mistaken and I believe would put info about this event on our web site. I'm money raised went to several different. Charities and no actually discuss to the one like I said we partnered with them actually for the past five years old it's called breast cancer prevention partners. A smaller organization may be people might not have heard of it as much but. It it really focuses on the environmental issues that affect us data de. Through things that we put on our bodies food that we eat like Barron's market is Corey is a great partner in. Something like this because. You really focus on that than things that you can influence in controlling your life that can help you to be cancer tree. And this is held every every October that every October we've raised almost 40000 dollars over the past five years for breast cancer prevention partners and continues to grow and continues to grow thankfully. Now another event she had last year and I don't I don't know if this was actually. An event that benefited. An organization that QB had an event last year honoring a hometown heroes we've done this the past three years actually for our anniversary our party on point Lama as you would know Rachel is a very small. On strong community of people that really take care of that neighborhood. So we recognize a lot of people that that contribute to that throughout the year. That may not be that kind of what we think of his unspoken heroes or maybe not recognized. Date today but we take this opportunity at our anniversary each year. To kind of salute them and and bring them out and give them a nice dinner and a glass of wine and basically have a party for them so it's like it's a really fun very neighborhood. Strong fun event that we do each year but it's not fun race. It's not a fund raiser it's just more of a recognition event. And and you do this you've done and now as you mentioned honoring hometown heroes the last three years. So is gonna change next year when you have your anniversary going to be doing something different. I think we probably. We probably built a foundation now over the past three years that we will probably continue on. And do it it's just it's a fun way to kind of get back to the community. Without putting a price tag on it but but taking care of the people that take care of us on a day to day basis and the era employees. Feel about about this. This core value of yours of giving back to it back to the community. I think but I know that they love it I've got a really amazing group of employees that it actually. For the restaurant business it's almost unheard of but a lot of them have been with us for over five years until very little turnover. And they have seen you know. What I've been through personally but also how. The voice of the business canned. Can just influence and give back in ways that just may be one person can't but if you. If you make it a little bit bigger and larger. Voice than it makes a bigger impact and so they've all gotten behind me they've all been really involved in all of the different things are all dog lover so what for Wednesday comes very naturally for them. And but the bike for bids is definitely something that they all enjoy and participate if not working but. Enjoy also working the event because it just it it makes their hearts warm it's just a really great neighborhood event. And what about feedback from the customers. Our customers are so loyal to us are certainly event locals that we. We get teased about being a bar like cheers and a little village of point Loma button. We really do you have this really special very close knit group of loyal customers that are regulars. And they are always I think that they really appreciate the fact that somebody. That's a small business owner when being a small business owner isn't really the easiest thing in the restaurant business. But when you put enough value on something that's important she year core value and I think that they've they've really seen. And appreciate what's going on in the neighborhood he had a good turn after outlook for Wednesday. We deal we get a really good turnout and we we really try to spread the word because not everybody realizes that it's every Wednesday they think that it's you know. A once a month or maybe once a quarter but. Charlie and you Wednesday that you come out we give backs so it's it's a fun very regular easy way to get back. Now Rachel. Parents market has been given back. Quite a bit over the years even yet quite a few events as well that benefit nonprofits let's let's talk about some of what you're doing it at how important is that people marriage market to. To be doing this to be given back to the community. It's it's very important it's it's a fun part of our values and as sandy knows that being small business owner. Your business is an extension of who you are. On and every little detail of your business really puts so much heart and soul and love and thought into into what you do so it's very important for us you know when we'd sign a lease for a new location. We actually dries up and down the community. We meet with the local fire department the local schools to trying to the pulse of the community to find out what is important to them. What is this community and neighborhood need and want to not only be successful but to thrives. On and that's important for us sweet as sandy does to ensure hire locally week we create jobs you know. For the community. And we believe that everyone benefits when you're giving back to those organizations. In your local communities. Everyone really you know benefits and down. Linux community is successful tries you hope you you hope that more local businesses come into that community. Creating more jobs. On and our customers when the local schools win. On and those organizations when as well. Now when it comes to your events and then is it kind of like. Sandia NY pub yet a small select group of organizations if you support we we do you know we I'm sure it's insanity. Feels the slates are you what kind of wanna say yes everything. You know Bristol business and and it's it's tough out there on especially the competition in grocery stores in Southern California. But what we do just like sandy we focus on the communities that were and what organization's benefits directly those communities directly. That we do have a few out organizations that we help all the time we have our quarterly background that parents backroom beer pairings. The team up with a local craft beer. We pare about four of their federal get an invitation yeah. I. Listen there on Wednesday so I'm gonna come Noah for a landing hey come to us and and and we we make a menu using their ingredients. We charged fifteen dollars for that and a 100% of those proceeds will go to a charity. Easily. You know it's San Diego food bank. We adjusted. In store fund raiser for feeding San Diego which was a huge success. Anything that has to do list pet rescues of the humane society's second chance dog rescue you know. And Helen Woodward were big supporters of so how to percent of those proceeds of those events every quarter go to charity. Com and you know we don't we don't make any money but it really but. It that's not what this is about what this is about is creating a neighborhood event. While showcasing cool local craft beer continue to sold out craft beer. Un easy food you know food that you can make an under ten minutes using our products which are pretty straight and have good ingredients. While doing something good fur of a local organizations so that's been really fun and been a great success for us. And and I think somebody other organizations you mentioned animal rescue organizations the San Diego food bank which also. Have supported breast cancer charities have cancer angels cancer angels San Diego. I am going to get you learn that that the breast cancer organization that you mentioned San because. That's unsettling you know right up our Alley. Michelle's place of Temecula. On the air a wonderful. Organizations that helps women who have breast cancer. By helping them drive them to and from chemotherapy or radiation helped them. If they have the choice of paying for Irv medical bills vs paying their electric bill they help. That helped them fit with wigs or prosthetics. You know that's that's another thing any organization that we help. We meet them. We genuinely want a relationship with these organizations. We don't want it really don't plan on going anywhere they wanted to be a partnership between that organization and that's the thing really feel that our vendors and the products secretary. And there is mutual and mutually beneficial fair for both of us but this really is a relationship for us and very very important. In what what kind of feedback you get from your customers from your employees on my gosh are employing is loved us they love vets and you know there are. Always emailing me with feedback with I'm so glad we help this organization this is how I found out about it or. Or and they're always emailing me back with customer feedback which is always positive. Especially with this intra fund raiser that we did for beating San Diego owners in need of stores. I've had customers stop me on the street they know that I worked for Berenson said. I can't believe you did this this is wonderful this is I mean you know and they're so happy. That we are supporting organizations. That are not only close to our heart that is closer customers' hearts as well so what are the benefits says I'll ask both you. What are the benefits. That you've seen. From doing this kind of thing. Business you know I think that ultimately the selfish one is it makes you feel really good cook. And it helps our customers. Learn about an organization that they may not have known about before. Man. And I think it helps our local neighborhoods. Thrives and connect with each other. Between businesses between customers and between organizations. In Santa. I would totally agree with Rachel. I think. It's it's interesting when we do what for Wednesday's and dog people are out there enjoying the patio with a fireplace on and having a nice glass of wine and dinner and you can't help but of course look at another table and see their adorable dog and then you know. Next thing they've got a dog dated the dog park and so our customers are very into. The common ground that brings them sent them wind pub but certainly different ships and that. And things that go beyond just the will for Wednesday. An and I would have to agree with Rachel on that on our bike forbids its. It's so close to my heart that it definitely makes me feel good but. And it also gives me a platform to talk to our customers about something that I'm not gonna talk to them about when I'm behind the bar serving them wine every night. But when I have a fund raiser that's on specifically. Benefiting an organization I can. Help educate and be an advocate for these organizations in the end intentional voice. And tell people how they can help. Controls some of the environmental things that that people don't even think of sometimes they think that. We're getting more in tune with that but there's some really simple things that people can do like shock that parents for natural and organic ingredients but but even. Dry cleaner issues than. Different things that people don't think about that you just have an additional voice to help educate people so. I get a lot back from that personally. That's got to be very gratifying to know I just knowing. What you're doing and and how you're making a difference in the community in and in people's lives and you. And anytime you hold one of these it's just wonderful at millionth it is we look below the feedback and you know is sandy senate if these events become bigger than what you intend them to be and that they're in neighborhood events in year. Creating again those connections between neighbors. That's just that's just so valuable it really is. That he either review. Encouraged. Community involvement with your employees outside of the workplace. We do we definitely do and especially exposing our employees all these different. Organizations that we like to help. And get them familiar but you know we just had a conversation about any next year. Setting aside some if you paid hours for the year to encourage our employees to volunteer at their favorite organization that's great I'm seeing that a lot more than. These days businesses. Encouraging employees and to get involved in the community and in volunteering. And not specifically movement and we and we do want to you know the food bank really is as as a natural partner for us because. You know it's really about feeding people lesson we deal we've we feed people and so. Any of the food banks local food banks that we help and it would be great you know what I envision is kind of have everyone. Go over there and volunteer together and it's a great team building. You know a time firfer aspect that that's what I'm gonna hopefully push for 2018. We have just few more minutes left. Well coming up on the new year. New Year's Eve today what events have you got coming up any any events that you already have on the calendar. We actually have on our next to Barron's stock groom beer pairing planned for march 14. And we are pairing are we are going to be in conjunction with Novo Brazil much is a pretty new craft brewery which served them for yourself oh my gosh they're cans are amazing at the owners are amazing. And the proceeds are going to be going to it dog rescuer just determining which one we're going to you to choose so it might be second chance. But there's a couple other options that we have a soft and it is this one gonna be it's the point level location Italy on all seven locations on Saturday night into a are they typically at all seven located typically at all seven and we choose one organization Presidio county and one for southwest Riverside. Actually you can and sending any thing on the on the county yet yes oh so V Wednesday well both for Wednesday but we will be. Announcing our beneficiary for what for Wednesday the third Wednesday of January. So we've got that event coming up and that's a time when we actually. As has Rachel is mentioned we totally partner with just. With our beneficiary and they it's a fun way for them to come out and showcase some of their dogs that are might be up for adoption. And then also raise money they they get to drink and eat in and get some money back as well so it's on the fund. A fun wait for them to enjoy some time out some bonding within their organization. So that will be the third Wednesday of January and then. I think that that's it for the for the me at the mean time that we have art of course I forbids him back in October. And on our website we always have all of our events lined up throughout the year so you can always check that out and I can't vouch for the dog food but the human food is excellent. But it's a lot of fun it's great if I had a lot of the same people come to your events both reviewed. I definitely do like I said what I'm as a small community and that's kind of where. I think our core. Support comes from but it's nice because then they'll tell two friends and so on and so on. And that's where. You'd get a much thicker and much bigger attendance than you might never have gotten people people come in sometimes even from out of town because. Maybe they're cancer survivor they've got a special. They're somebody they're going through something right now that they they wanna wait to get back civil come in for by forbids it to people travel and from LA and Phoenix no one week at a pretty widespread it's it's really great. And we we have a lot of those are regulars that that attend all of our beer pairings which is great. But they'll bring you know their family and friends and then. We're constantly getting new people coming in and and sometimes it depends on the charity they've heard about it through the charity that were sporting and they wanna bees part of the charity which is great. And then sometimes people to say oh this is the senate that this is you know we kind of make it easy for our customers just like you do sandy to help. You know support these charities you know we're offering some things just fifteen dollars for a ticket you've had great fun night with great food great beer. So we really make it easy for our customers but we see it we continually see a lot of new faces at each of these events and other regulars that we of the new faces Islam. And a 100% of the proceeds a percent in those two the organization perhaps where that particular event didn't get. What is what is your website Rachel we aired www. Parents market dot com. And are you on social media. We are it's it's a Grammy have to sit ins Graham page you'll lick the screen because the air beautiful pictures I do not take any of the picture so I think and that he disappearance market and then FaceBook parents racquet. And sandy website. Www. The wind pub SD flexing IndyCar dot com and then we are on instead Graham and peace talks while. Okay and information and not lick the screen yeah pitchers are really. The kind during this yeah. I could get your monitor too right out of the death Pacman couldn't edit and death information about your upcoming events on US sites right definitely yes get. Right sandy and Rachel thank you both be announced Saturday if all you do. Giving back in the wine club Barents market keep doing what you do and he and happy new thinking Darren happy new year. That includes another addition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from first step house of North County. Until then I'm very late have a great week and a happy new year.