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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The Viacom institute is a nonprofit organization that supports life science innovation and success in our communities. The Viacom institute by the way is a part of Viacom which works on behalf of more than 11100 members to drive public policy. Introduced an education programs and so much more. Joining us this morning his bio come institute executive director Lisa percent of its welcome Lisa thank you. It's being here great to have you on the show that so let's start a little background information on Viacom what is it that Viacom does first of all. Sheriff sale by how common is a trade association for the life science industry where and headquartered in San Diego. And have over 11100 members currently me throughout the state California and really across the world. Anybody that's interested in doing business with the life science industry here in California. Is a potential member of bio on. And so life science industry is defined diet and number of different industry sectors. And making an out. There's research in lab services. By our renewables biopharmaceutical. Manufacturing. Medical devices and diagnostic equipment. As well as life science wholesalers and in senior county alone. Based on the last economic impact report that Viacom put out in 2017. There were over 12100. Life science establishments. In the count me. Now you mentioned that you're headquartered here but you do have other locations right around the world don't you correct. Yes so we have offices in Los Angeles. And debate area. We have presence in Sacramento. Office in Japan and we have an office in Washington DC as well. And what they do at these locations is that the same. At all locations or is it specific to their area. I am sometimes it's specific to their location Cerro LA in Bay Area are specific to their location. Sacramento in DC are more specific to the type that works and we do a lot of public policy. Within Viacom as well and so when that at the state level or federal level. And that's beer segment in DC offices and in what is the mission and it it Viacom. Yes it finish at Viacom is to really accelerate the success of life science companies and that's done in a number of different ways so. I mentioned and are kind of public policy. There's also a series at networking. Events and an educational events that are put on as well as conferences. Throughout the year. And me about purchasing consortium so some of the smaller startup companies and even the medium size companies. Can take advantage of purchasing discounts the larger companies 'cause were able to leverage that purchasing power. So really any way that we can think I have to support these member companies says that they can do it they do best we try to do. Okay now part of Viacom is the Viacom institute which is. Where you work here the executive director. A tells a little bit about Viacom institute. Yes so why are ways that we support industries through workforce development and work first development has been initiative of Viacom's for a long time it's one of the pillars. And the organization and and in 2008. We stuck at work out that tree association itself and created a separate 501 C three which is the Viacom institute. And that's where we're doing this work with and students and current workers employees in the life science industry to help them make sure they have the skills to succeed. And to enter in this industry. Now and then what's the mission at the institute is the same no it's a little bit different so our goal really is to ensure that we have the best and brightest. Local talent available for the industry. Both currently and in the future. So we're projecting out future needs with how the industry as well as helping to support what their needs are today. And it isn't San Diego considered somewhat of a major hub for this kind of work. It is yes it's one of the top areas in the nation. And it's their real strong economic engine. Hearing California. As well you know in India that specifically. Now the have Viacom institute and Viacom they put on. A San Diego festival of science and engineering every year and organ talk about that a little bit but first let's let's talk about. On this new blow out report that came out earlier this year is the workforce development a report came out a couple months go right. It did yes rerelease that in June. And it's sad biennial reporters who reproduce it every two years and we typically releasing it in conjunction with the international. Bio convention. And that convention in happens every two years in June and usually travels around the country said this year was in Boston. And it's sound it's a statewide. California report we do it in conjunction with chuck partner of ours ceiling side. And it's times lot of great information in the air from the industry. With respect to their demands for their talent means and how is this study conducted and did you get the results you're looking for Q does it accomplish what you set out. I silly kids so it's interesting this is one of those reports where we're not we don't have a hidden agenda what what we really want to know is what our that your needs of the industry. And we compile on that information and put it out there in a report. And then we do follow up work that that kind of drives all the work that we do. Throughout the year until you know two years from now when the next report comes out but. It combines couple different data sets rates there we have nearly 101000. Online job postings. That are. Scientific or technical in nature. That were around posted during. The calendar year 2017. And so we pull data from that source that's and one of our quieted down sources. They also surveyed nearly 120. HR and hiring managers across the state. As a pretty extensive survey for those folks talking about what their specific than hiring needs aren't. Over the next twelve months but they have banned in their previous twelve months. But their challenges are in terms of different positions that they're trying to hire. Imus who get a lot of great data from from that subset. And then we also do on interviews with corporate executives so this year we had over forty wine. Individuals we spoke quit and that really kind of inform salmon and nuances and helps round out the data and that's where beginner trends for. Now I read that down California's life science industry continues to be one of California's leading employers. I also saw that the report in the report that employers are seeing the need for more people with soft skills what what does that mean. Yes and that's interesting because wheat that's not a new thing so we've done this report this is the third iteration and this report. And that has come up as a trend every year so. And these are things like communication and both oral and written teamwork. Collaboration and problem solving. We really stout a whole series of specific soft skills that companies are looking for in the report itself. It's interesting that. This is something that companies laments. You know year after year when we do this study and and that the nineteen that they say. Is that the soft skills are harder to teach right and so they can train up the science or the technical. But the soft skills sometimes if individuals don't come in with them their lockers teach. And their more jobs in this field being created. Over the years I mean we seeing and an increase in these types of jobs. Well also the thing with the soft skills his stats that goes across all the jobs rates as they need there they need the Indian scientists. And the technical folks to come in with these soft skills. And so eight's. It's not necessarily an increase in those jobs it's just across the board did jobs at their hiring for it's not they don't. You know you think a sales job rate where you'd obviously communication is very important. It's not just the seals people that need to have good communication skills. But it but overall the life science industry and grow jobs are they growing yes we see we see different types of and life science industry jobs. We are we are yes so there's a lot of technological advances in the industry driving that change rates. Right now you know the Afghan artificial intelligence 3-D printing gene editing. And other technologies are coming online and really driving that need for a different skill set and there's a lot of land to. Between. You know someone who's qualified to work in the life science industry and working in the tech industry for example. And in some cases. Like science companies are competing with tech companies for individuals for their jobs. And what about the schools are schools are Earth Day doing their part to promote. This kind of work and preparing our our youth to go around you the next step next set of professionals in this field. Yeah I think so any era especially in seeing Diego. And you know that number of executives that I spoke with here as we were doing that. And research for its report. We're talking about how we've really. Done a good job here locally. And the schools to universities in making sure that we have the right talent available. The schools try to be responsive. We work collide in the institute's I said that you know we reproduce this report and then it informs a lot of the work that we do with that work specifically is working with. Our academic partners. To ensure that that the training programs are. Mean needs of the industry right and so. When that's the CUNY colleges guard are very responsive and putting programs in place to meet the industry needs. Whether it's certificate programs or short courses. As well as. You know universities. We have a lot of great universities here locally. And we're even working now in AK through twelve space. That earlier years just. Basically in stem diet and as we get closer to work proceeds some that high schools in the area has specific of biomedical. And pathways that their training students for ready. And and for anybody who does not know Stan is science technology. Engineering and math at a at a think about it for a second there the death. So that's what that is and now another part of the Viacom institute another thing that you're doing is you're helping veterans correct. Where I am really excited about and increase in the work that we've been able to do with veterans. Over the past three years this work started. For five years ago when we had a grant to help retrain individuals for the industry and we realize that veterans. Were great population and to you you know. Like cancer in seeing Diego they've been stationed here they wanna stay in San Diego and the life science industry is it is an opportunity to make you wage. Where you can afford to stay and live in San Diego. And a lot of veterans don't necessarily. Know. Why it exists here in San Diego. Nora. I'm how qualified they are teams transition into the industry so we're doing work goes on educating patterns. As well as helping to educate some of our industry companies that don't already have programs in place to do outreach for battering candidates race. That work starts out and the better inside was just informational sessions so they can come into one of our symposiums. Learn about all the different types of careers. Interact with. I'm hiring managers and HR professionals. And just get a sense for. How they might fit into the industry. And then if they likely to hear they can apply to be a part of our mentoring program where we can expand. Typically within another veteran. But someone who's already working in the life science industry. Any need discipline and where. You know the interested battering and my acting sick that they might like to work. And then I'm guessing that we do you and we just started this year was a veteran specific career fair so we're gonna begin those twice a year. Where we get companies out and we pre vet the candidates in the jobs in return to do some intentional matching hat is time. But it's just an opportunity for more veterans seeking in front of more companies. I am and vice verse. And so with your mentoring programs and in Europe. You're offering opportunity Sanford for veterans to get involved in this industry. Yes he had a great programs there we have. CEO's. They're business development directors. There project managers there are rights he. And I I asked directors information technology directors. And so we have that we had a very well rounded group of mentors in a lot of different disciplines as well as very well connected. An individual so why did battering gadgets. Is the benefit of their network and the benefit of their knowledge. And anything that we're able to do you because. He knew where. Part of Viacom. And mentioned that tree situation. Put Simon and number of different events in the hundreds of events every year. And so these are very industry specific events where come where individuals come to learn and to network. And so were able to leverage as events in get our veterans the ability to attend has said that's another opportunity for them to get exposed to. Other individuals in other types of careers and things. They mentioned a symposiums that you that you hold and you've got one coming up in about what about a week and a half. We do to and September 13 right. Yes no it's Friday September 13. And it's morning events and it'll kick off around 830 and and and just after lunch. We have CEO of millennium health who's going to be our keynote speaker this year. We've got a great panel of hiring managers and HR professionals lined up. And opportunity to it to not only here that panel and have some cute name involved with that but. This folks will be staying after in joining us for lunch so opportunity. To connect with them when I'm one. As well as some either and interesting career talks to look for a Tia Andi have to sign after this ahead of time you do it's a free event. I'm it's open to all veterans. Active duty military. And interested in eat you know thinking about their next transition and after military it's open to military spouses if it's of interest to them. And you just go to our website wow com dot org and if you click on the events button. And you do keywords search and veterans day event should pop up and it's really easy to register. And you mentioned that she do a couple of career fairs as well. And you have one of those coming up in November right. We do is sit outside in November 9 and we're partnering with another local organization and in terms of hosting that event at their space it's called the honor foundation and you might be a nightmare with them but. That's gonna be another morning event as well we're expecting to have ten to twelve companies and again a dimension that we. We sort of security that acts and career fair so we had about forty to fifty. Veterans who will be. Allowed to participate in that event in interact with those companies did you have to sign up ahead of time and I would encourage anyone that's interested in the career fair to contact acts. Directly. Adding investing really would be for them to come to the symposium on September 13 and learn more about our. An initiative in general on the mentoring program in and get a lot more information career fair that day but if you can attend on the thirteenth. And reach out to a strictly and we'll make sure you have more information. Yeah symposiums sounds like it would be great way to get an introduction that you need if it's something that you're interested in and you go and you check that out then hey this is great. And then go to the. Absolutely I mean even if you're not sure that EE you know airing ensure that you're interested and it's a great way to just sort of decided yeah. Yeah and you can find out really quickly if if you want to learn more. Now no one way that. You get our youth involved and interested in the life science and industry and stem. Is with your offense that you have every year and that's the San Diego festival of science and engineering has held every spring. Here in San Diego I finally got to go my first time. Our earlier this year took my granddaughter eleven year old granddaughter she left it at skate so tell us about the festival I've already got a date set for next year. We do it's always the first Saturday in March Serra it's march 2 next year 2019. Is the kickoff. And that's our extra day it happens at echo park. We get it and in the neighborhood of about 25000 people to come out for the day and that's another free event open to the public. Eleven year old down did two year old up to 99 year olds he's got fund for everybody but really it's designed. For that elementary middle school high school age and preschoolers really. Its economy and and getting excited about Stan we've guy you know Illumina as a big partner of ours on that event. They used in Moody's. Last year to help kids understands. The teen home. And mutations so mode Jesus something all of our kids can end and I and I went I had a nowadays. And say they try to make it find in engaging in. Kids can extract their DNA in plainly if you know it is a guy in a body aches and and 3-D printing says it's a great day to kick off. Weeklong series of events. That and then it spread out all throughout the canny and goes through the following Sunday and say we have you know we have a different lineup every year. Evidence that we have sound. Serious. Standard events that we do every year if you well. We that expo day and my granddaughter. Loves the the opportunity that she had. To that makes line yeah and that was probably the longest line that I saw there have been waiting in line to make some slime she just she's about it yeah and if your parent. It's great to have your kids making flying outside of how soon we'll put. And on any anything new this year that that you can talk of yet or coming up next year. We're so trained a lineup together and I would say you know for her for all of the news staff we typically start releasing that in November. And we have a separate web site it's love Stan ST dot order where you can get all the latest acting information on that. More things that we started a few years ago. Was our stem your backyard series. She doesn't eighteen by the way was it tense here anniversary of the Fastenal science and engineering. And it's and few years ago we realize that. Not everybody's able to make it out to echo park for expert. And so we tipped that miniature versions of that festival and started taking around the county. And it started out as just something we were during during festival week we tried to get to. Norris. East central and south county locations. So we are making sure that we you know hit everybody. And and there were huge success everybody was really excited about you know spanning three. He three and a half hours either on Saturday are after school. Doing some of these similar engaging activities like they were doing it yesterday. Claiming spirit series is dead I think it was the first year we did it. We did whining in barrio Logan. And it was a big success we did after school. And it was on a weekday and then we had wine that next Saturday and that same week on Saturday and lakeside. And whenever that parents in lakeside came out to us instead that her child had so much time and in our live again. That they negotiated this deal with the mom. If they kept their room clean air clean up there and every day until Saturday if the mom could drive them out to lakeside further one on Saturday and Sarah. As a child sect to the bargain incident. Where he's at. And and so that the M stand in your backyard series that that is not just during festival week you have events throughout the year. Right so that's how it started as as events during festival week in now we've expanded it. As of last year we did and year round and typically we have. One per month. And we still do forward during fassel weeks so. And excluding march for doing one per month. Roughly from September to you may and then we can take this summer off so we have one. I'm coming up in Oceanside and if you go to our love Stan ST dot org website you can see the whole line up I think we've got everything locked in. And with the exception of maybe wine. For all the way through May of next year and says if you just look for their stand in your backyard link on our website there. You can see where in the tanning are going to be. Now this is this test was a huge event and especially expo today. But volunteers. I remember seeing a lot of them around there on expo today. Yeah and there's a different they come and different shapes and sizes so. We have volunteers that volunteer specifically. With us and and we have a variety of jobs and we've got a lot of returning folks that have been with us for many years and they do really great job kind of spear heading then volunteer effort. Hammond says desert scenes he you know lie that is logistics and set out in just kind making sure that we're running smoothly. But then. If affect company is interested in putting on an activity. In engaging with us and coming out to the festival. Then there's a lot of opportunities for. Dare employees to come out for the day and volunteer at their specific boost. And that's where sometimes we can help out command with an activity year an idea of what to do you during tax Saturday. We can help with that in any you know how to make sure that your employees your voluntary employees are organized. Any advice before we wrap up any advice for someone listening this more than might be interested in life science industry. Yeah I would check out their website and Viacom dot org is a great place to go in jest. You can absorb a lot of information there you can see what different events we have going on. And both. He in their regardless of whether you're. And students. In neck K through twelve space or your priority in college in your really strangest seriously think about your career. And come to our website check out what's going on you keep contact me directly if you're really interested in some event or something that we're doing and we can see if we can. And get you connect to more directly. And you are nonprofit organization the Viacom constitute. Is there anyway that test someone's interested in helping you with your mission by making a donation can they do then at your website. Absolutely yes they we have and tyranny button on our less Stan ST web site and we also have Robert Cheney's to donate. You can connect with us through the web site. To make origination and today overall mission as well Ann and again now one more time your website. So we've got Viacom institute dot work. And loves Stan ST dot York. And are you on social media absolutely so we've got and bio come institute as well as love Stan ST those are both. Our handles on FaceBook Twitter. And Linkedin. I write down Lisa thanks for being on Saturday thank you very much for coming out. And thanks for all you do a Viacom and Viacom institute it's appreciated Paine Q and I appreciate it. That includes another additional living better and San Diego the opinions expressed on living better stance is that do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the American Heart Association. Until Dan and Jerry Lee have a great week.