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Monday, June 25th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living better and San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. I'm currently. Big Brothers big sisters San Diego County believes that inside every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life. Big Brothers big sisters makes meaningful matches between adult volunteers and children. In the end develop positive relationships can have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people. Joining us this morning is big Brothers big sisters of San Diego County community outreach specialist. Right Landis and volunteers and that's welcome Ryan welcome Sam thank you morning thanks for having nothing. All right let's start with a little background information on. Brothers big sisters of San Diego County. So big rose access is is actually nationwide where all fifty states and twelve countries on its hard over a hundred years ago in New York City. Almond we've been in San Diego for over fifty years what is the mission. It a big Brothers big sisters our mission is to provide one to one man to ship for kids facing adversity in our communities alike can mean a lot of different things a lot of markets come from single parent households. Active duty military parents incarcerated parents and other on things like that so a lot of them are missing that key on extra mentor whether it's male or female that's like consistency that they need. And their everyday life and where you guys located so we have our office and city heights Amman on university or actually serve the entire city account. So you have other other branches of LeRoy Kelly we have a few that work up north but all of our armed people either are remotely working or they are at the office. But as far as our matching goes we match following up an Oceanside Carlsbad all the damage to the distance and the south. Say certain anti account guess. And and how long you've been with the big Brothers big sisters I'm actually pretty new had been Resnick's sisters this is my third month there but I am a former big from Phoenix Arizona the Big Brother volunteers. So did you work and not just as a big in in Phoenix or that's how it's just the volunteer at the time a book out of Algeria and allies now you're here in San Diego yes hello what was it that aside from. Being big and being a volunteer before what what else was it that attracted you to this organization to where he wanted to be. Employed by him I mean for me it's full circle the Phoenix branch help me get my full right scholarship arm to school and then that helped me get my full rights culture from my masters that I just got. And sit there it's just have proven track record they've been around for over nine years and you see them in the news you know the name maybe to the logo and things like that so. To be able to know that what you're doing is it's helping every single day on with our volunteers like town here. It's a pretty amazing feeling so there isn't a no doubt for me. And you are a nonprofit organization. You're also a volunteer driven. Organization yes there were non profit and arm all of that kids that we serve are from all the volunteers that we. And the waiting list of of kids wanted to gain tier programs yes sell sadly our witnesses over 400 kids all on right now and 7% of those kids are armed males are boys whenever I'm mentors so a large list of matches and you account with a fourth place in and it is that because you don't have enough volunteers enough yes ours we're always seeking volunteers we get a lot of inquiries and things like that. I'm sometimes they don't always go through but it's just we have a lot of kids that needed and so we were just never able kind of feel like yeah. So what is what is required. Although volunteer. Into big Brothers big sisters and how much time do they have to stand what what are the requirements in army corps program our community mentoring program on it's actually only meeting two to four times a month for two to five hours each time so that boils down to about four hours a month. Twice a month and is very flexible in the program because. If you only available on weekends or maybe evenings or something like that they're gonna work if you Matua someone else that is also available at that time and make it just the better chance for success. Volcanoes is there is training involved now orientation back and I think the process to become a volunteer can be a little dog team on so. It's just long because our number one factor is safety for the children right so we're gonna go through a lengthy process though and point patient. We're going to view the application. And then we do the background check which is pretty lengthy can take my term background checks that we're gonna do a ninety minute interview however we're asking all about your preferences your reasons for volunteering. And then finally checked three I've references then hopefully are able to match after two pretty extensive extensive yak and take a little while to you know 12 months actually. And Sammy you've been through that. Yes then IAM. Happy to report that my process was less than a month was about three weeks. From the time I was confident by the organization to the time. I was. Having my first meet and greet with the family. So in some cases this. Wind up being dollars is Google's fast depending on and perspective on tier availability and readiness to be part of this great program so. How do you match the kids out with the with a volunteer with the don't fault you know first of all major organization. The kids are called little's and the adult volunteers are days right yes we have big Brothers big sisters and little Brothers and little sister's the the matchup process we take a lot of pride in and matching are on. Big doesn't exists is that little brother in little sisters. So it's a lot of things go into a play here so we pull both the the bigs and the little and their families inferred ninety minute interview separate. Or ask them all kinds of questions you know not only where they live but preferences. Who they feel comfortable being around on what they would like to do just in the street in their free time so. When it comes down to we're going to be able to match someone that's close by so that not to drive far away. And then they get to do things that they actually have in common like they they both want to go to the park or the beach or other things like that. Is there is there ever a time where. A big and little you think they're gonna match up with it it doesn't work out that we think it's going to. I mean it's hard to tell you know we can just do our best and match and though we never know until it happens on the likely every single one of matches is given a match support specialist. That works than the entire time so there on talking to them at least once a month but they're always there. If the bigs are having trouble finding things to do or giving them little to open up things like that as well as being their for the kids and their family so it. Having that mass support specialist gives us even a greater chance of success for the masses so what happens if you match somebody out and adult. Volunteer with the kid and is not a match. If something happens for root for whatever reason we have and the match will do you know will be very open and and communicable with with all the parties involved. And as long as they still wanna keep trying they don't have to go through the process can we just let them now. Okay it didn't work out here so we're gonna try to rematch to come on both ends for the big and put. Doesn't happen often. I don't think it happens as often as people might think like this and we take a lot of pride in making the matches. So we do arm we're very proud of of pat and that creates success on ratio. And I guess to it that. Matching specialist that you have that that definitely helps absolutely have them being there I remember when positive rather Phoenix. I'm I'll talk to mine arms actually inspired me ask her about her career. And things like that she got me kind of inspired to do this because she's always there for me and my little and doesn't give us the best chance for success let's talk about somebody programs you have three core programs. I think you mentioned of one of them just a little while ago that's the community based program. Tell us about that. So communities program is is a very flexible on flexible and its most popular one is where most of her matches are because of the flexibility. I'm as I mentioned earlier she's meeting with your I'm little brother little sister out in the community. Two to four times a month for two to five hours each time. And give you guys are doing you know whatever you want you know you can go to the park you can go to on the beach you can go out to eat to the movies whenever. You both want you get the plan that with your arm little brother little sisters parent or guardian to make sure runs on the same page in what you match at Christmas has now. And it's flexible so if you only wanted to Saturday afternoon sought to do up to four hours just a minimum four hours a month that you're good to go. So the the the organization doesn't have any real say in what is it you do installed. The big in the and a little bit make data. We want we distress lower or little costs on the events so we're not asking our big Brothers of excesses that take people no other kids to legal and or anything like. And so we do ask them you know if something costs 510 dollars that. Have the little. On how that money so it the big volunteers are spending a lot. One of the very things that big Brothers and sisters and kindness. Is that. They send volunteers are vick's name mom account or prior to the beginning of each month. And it has a number of activities that are either free or low cost. That are opportunist for us to take our our middles could be your class of the beach war five he had movies of the part. These count on tickets. And they also do a sponsor events such tests they've been UN we're gonna have went built barbecue in July. And now we have eyes. It's been event in December. Where we are. We go with or that matches or are excellent isn't so were able to share our stories and then be able to meet older matches as well which has ever driven officials for it's as volunteers has picked. But also for the liberals as well. So there's a lot of resources for round tears to be able to decide what you want to according to match. There are matches that focused a lot of bomb sports activities. There's Oilers. Focus on into movies callers that is like to go to different places to eat and try to lose. It all the pins. And also other these counts to the and Crocs senator. Tools to that you scouting YMCA's. To a two in different places where we can get these counts as well we have free. Bike. Rentals and the mobile part. There's so many things to do so it's really heart for. Volunteers only those two run out of things do especially here and send you right common ancestor and it was a it will be really hard to run things so they give you suggestions yes lots of suggestions but there's nothing that is mandatory org or you have the right is that. But they at least give you those suggestions to give you some ideas and and and pointers. Especially as as as if you're in new volunteers that yet this concert and yes the commitment is just do a minimum two to. A TVs are outings month. I remember. Earlier this year my commitment and I went to SeaWorld. Mean to do a secure our class offered by an organization. My little on brawler certified in after that we have free access to SeaWorld. Well it's amazing for an restated their forums until the park close. Slowed them the mom was truly appreciative that we're animals and animals and and hire them. It's nice for a civil. One thing though better off as a voluntary do was wall is to send the mom pictures. Or updates text messages or where we are about where we are to win. Room so mom knows the tireless in good hands and that's exactly they know where we are at all times and they can reaches. After and it can a big do more then one or two times a month in the community based program Canadian. 45 times that they want. Would you say when we give like this fields in new launches reducing two to four times a month so that's normally what we like to stick with so that is a minimum but it they still they have the free time and they wanna meet up with a little in the attic multiple times as well so. Now as part of your community based program. Well what's what's healthy futures and NBA futures are kind of like that amounts to our community based programs so. If you have someone that is if if your little here on junior little's and the high school age. And they are on getting ready to graduate in May they seem to help with something like that we have a lot of resources that we can connect the big and the little with. To help that's maybe it's helping them with on line on college on applications faster armed forms and things like that. And then our on healthy futures is four on things like Sam mentioned. If there and it really and hiking and things like that we have hiking clubs so once a month I'm healthy futures gets together. On four hiking and and different things like that so it's kind of like an addition to. Just extra resources board on certain matches IC OK and in another of the era core programs and site based programs to. Yes source say this program is actually called operation bigs and so what we do with this is where where's. Helping the kids that have active duty military parents on whether one or both so a lot of times you know active duty parents arm. Being deployed they move around a lot things like that silly they're missing out on some maybe both parents time things like that so. Our site space program it's a little different it's on the little more on straightforward as far as when your meaning it's a one hour a week. The same day the same time after school with your little one who amassed with. Turning to high school yourself in we're an eight schools right now for up north and around Camp Pendleton. And then four down here and with that program you meet up you guys are checked in with them on match what specials that there. And they can go off and you know play it on recess out in the field. Board games have been things like that so and is more consistent for those people that are looking for that but still comes down for hours month you can end the third. Of your core programs. Is Euro workplace based program tells them that. So one of our our big programs that we would really like is called beyond school walls and so what this is is. We're matching up our bigs and models and they're going to different work sites around San Diego. I'm once or twice a month and when they do this that smalley curriculum setup or the matches so delighted about. Maybe how the business works and things like that it made it's different subjects if it's an engineer in place. Or I am a business twice on things like that so. They're able to do that small curriculum and then from there there also able to just kind of hang out for now or so afterwards to sell. A lot of that's a very popular once they get to learn a little bit about that. The business and I guess is they're they're learning about that the business and you know maybe it's gonna help them decide what they want and you're right economic growth gradually now what's the the age span advocates in your programs. So we're serving our kids incentive county ages seven to eight. OK so that's the limit there the cut out yeah team and sometimes because of that the process can take a while sometimes laugh cut off at seventeen knowing it'll take awhile to match them because of a wait list now. I'm by yet we usually say 78. Sam you have been a volunteer for how long. One girl at 1000001 year old in this June. I was first approach. By. May grow resistant staph. Members film possible here's India. I was there and they'll seeing me often and they only. Joining me and I thought it was because they thought I was delivery but no yeah I have to say. There were I mean we decide if they feed that criteria for what they're looking for which is mail bilingual. Adults. So the recruiter but recruiting me in the follow what I mean send me emails and inviting to the orientation or into there and patient. A was really impressed with the organization they have everything. Nailed to the Vito and of course of voluntarily on the process. How they do their orientation so they explain to you what what impact do you warmly on the liberals. Life and also in their family and how that rippled feats and definitely benefits. Not only the blue roller of her sister but their entire family in communities of formulas. I'll peninsula decide its role and then he became the mantras of realism movement little. And he's finally after that I was invited to be part of club which is called me grossly scissors ambassadors club. Which we do. Need quarterly and we do plan quarterly. Recruitment events that label we're gonna have mentioned twentieth. Most of that members of the club are. Either former. We were Brothers and sisters or current bros sisters. And it's just great great group of people and and you work with Thea in the community based. Program right I'm part of the communities program yes so so what some of the things that I know you mentioned dude you went to sea world not too long ago what what are some of the things that you're doing with your. Your that'll we have done many things and and his year. We have gone to. So the part two right by X. We have done move on to more recent times. We the guys to replace it goes in and out so you know I often which I don't mind at all and he had. We have content once he's in he's counting the McGrath and when CA. To swim or just soon hang out of bounds of cracks in her as well so we take a mansion of those mutations that we get from. There in season we've also done older and group events. We don't go hiking because he's he's us. Only ten years old so we haven't done the hiking club what we're looking forward to that when his mom this has. So we'll have to get the moment I have ever had to hit so this house this experience what has this experience been like for you Alison help you in your life how's it helped. You're diddle and and his family yes it has been some life changing for bold I think not only in myself. And I am but also he has. Mom and rather his twin brother who was also little similar Bateman so we have a little bit more healthy competition to see as the time. And I can just see how from the time when meant to now how he's more confident. And he opens up. Talks about it's all about what's going on home. Annan and he's able to us be himself. At the beginning analysts liver side and now uses past tense him so much that is I'm so proud of seen. Mean so are going and he. It's now really easy going I Tom to dispose for a picture for his mom. At the beginning it was like pastime and honestly already for pictures and I sandals and his mom mom when where two and activities and the family as well. I get emails or Texans from the mom asking for a information about resources and I try to help as much like cancel. It has been ruling meaningful for me in which to continue with their decision. As a volunteer. And and comedian hopefully soon. Or murmur mortar that their message on mania I'm there to support it sounds likely what you're doing is really helping this kid. And yes and it sounds like. The program has helped him come out of the shell which is which right yes and all and I have met older. Big Brothers and X answers and ages have. Ruling found that fantastic stories about how that worked with the families. And what they have been able to receive one thing that we haven't mentioned is that the the meant to chipper or the Big Brother big sister relation of this is supposed to be one year. And once you complete difference a year. Both parties aside if they want to continue to Edmonton should relationship. And after that instead of getting them off the call we get a world we call from the specialist program. So he can continue but then once the child turns eighteen. Then they are no longer eligible to be part of the program but they can be ended. And help another volatile. I've been able to me. A number of that Brooke of the Brothers and sisters. Who remaining content whether liberals even years after the match and that's on those reports from people go to two other. Waiting soon that are there's become part of family. And that's something that is prepared that's. Right I still talk to my my little brother and his mom. Front windows 2010 from Phoenix that he you know I know his last coach and Miley little hockey team local hockey team in Phoenix and although would be able to visit 'cause they sometimes come out sending it to sort trying to plan map as well we have just a few more minutes left them and I deftly wanna get into that at least touch on and is as much as we can humans that we have you do have that recruitment. Event coming up it's this Wednesday the twentieth. Ourselves about that so our big recruited event it's called. I've bigs bruise and bowling and it's going to be at the east lake tavern and bowl on this Wednesday it's going to be from 6830. Myself and my ambassadors that Sam mentioned we are it's kind of put our heads together and out of this great idea we want to just invite everyone out whose interest in express your mail and Spanish speaking. Volunteers just come learn more we're gonna have free bowling Freeport and then of course tons of them on appetizers and free drinks to yourself. If you're interested in that you can always go to our com website as Steve Hicks dot org website on to find out more and register if you'd like again that's that's this Wednesday this assay it's going to be from 6 PM 8:30 PM at east lake tavern and bowl. I once just makes. That people who knows that. It is the fun of and is not your typical. Mixer wares and their cards on a high pressure and I know it's a come on yeah bowl if you is casual we're going to be rolling. I've gone to events sells bonds you're now in Somalis speak about her experience. That are able to share and in mingling with potential on yours but is really fun this is not your typical mixers and several punishment and that will recommend anyone who has. On the fence and sort of are going to know more about the rose answers. Stooges mark that in your counter and join specially if you leave or four and south county. The men's diving you slate and we need a lot of I'm bilingual Nell Sloane are out there listening athletes they have Jonas join us will be there. And and that that is another thing I just wanted to mention quickly before we wrap up that is that you are in need volunteers especially male volunteers and male and female Spanish speaking Yasser our biggest need is is male volunteers in Spanish speaking male and female volunteers and that's all across the county San Diego County so our and our need is great in south bay. Mid city you know all over the place it on our way and this is mostly consist of little Brothers late in the match. And a lot of Spanish speaking on mail and you know console arose and little sister's way into patched pain and and aside from your your recruit recruiting night and coming up Wednesday also and I believe. Sam mentioned this earlier to you do have another event coming up in July feels being barbecue. At the ballpark yeah just a barbecue is a great event we do it annually and the Phil pace is on board he's able to on you know give so much to us. And it's just time for all of our matches to come together like Sam mentioned they get to meet they see they're not alone and up the you know there's other matches out there that are. Seen success and having fun together. And so it's a big on tailgate with of course feels Barbeque which is delicious food and then after that thing about it yeah. And then upon again afterwards so on you can definitely find more info on Matta that just our website ST bigs dot org. Do you have other events throughout the year besides. This one and in theory recruiting events you have we've we try to do at least on one big recruiting event each quarter I'm with me in the ambassador's. And then as far as for our matches go on we have ice skating and liberty station in December. We have on the heels of barbecue and just all all these little things like Sam mentioned that are are kind of sent out to all the matches just to let them know. And you can kind of provide that support X options and fun things to do. And this the filled barbecue. It ballpark. That's a fund raising event is a fundraising events so yes if you if you want to buy tickets for that the money's gonna go directly to Dave rose six sisters and it's also good chance to be able with Tennessee everything and action. Because the matches are there together yourself. And if somebody wants to make a donation to help you with your mission. Absolutely yes of course we're always looking for donations. Because we are nonprofit that's where. A lot of money comes from comic in our website ST DX dot org we'll have a lot of information there's how to volunteer tab and and donations have that you can click on the learn more. Again as water that does is really lean not mean lean organization. They too. Spend the resources. Wisely and benefits the communities so. You're looking for he nonprofit to compromise your resources and or long tear. That's either on the ground and sisters. In and the website one more time I'll be www. ST bigs dot org and Ari wants social media yes FaceBook in Seagram. Linkedin Twitter STX all right death Bryan and Sam thanks for being on Saturday thanks Roy do at the into big Brothers big sisters of San Diego County keep doing what you do and it's appreciated thank you some things you normally was and he will appreciate. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living it San Diego do not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the F a counts and radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guess will be from the McAllister institute. Until then I'm very late have a great week.