Laura is Going to Disney Aulani!

Thursday, January 18th


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We told you it was going down and Jimmy's 1000 victory in Jimmy's college of Hollywood knowledge if you're new to junk into me in the morning. A 137 KS a went into game that we play every. Day at 725. I can't go anywhere. Without somebody telling me I can take on Tammy and Jimmy's college Hollywood is that Big Ten. 1000 victories is certainly cool. It was even cooler is that somebody is gonna get a trip to Disney a Lonnie in Hawaii because you got 1008 years as a giver us. And it was a big deal we wanted to do something big in this was a fantastic price to give away. So here's the deal Laura is our winner of whom we contact Laura right after Timmy got between number 1000 yesterday because we wanted to surprise her. And show up at her office so we did that and more on that in a moment but we asked Laura would you please do us a favor. And not tell your family until you see him in person in the course because you're just death was there. Right and of course Laura scared of you as we all our I hit it good more weapons are lower paying for a second. I have family I have news bad news. Bad I don't think became more trips here it's. No one trip to Hawaii from it wouldn't. Be any good that. Oh my goodness. All right he didn't. Resort. On why. Sometime this year. With all due respect floors beautiful fail written amateur it was the only goodness it's until I was going to lie I well I'm not my favorite McBee a pit we're colorful. Okay. How are you hear how. Well the yeah actually had an easy trip for four and I heard him why he. For the fourth person now. A couple of. Good morning Laura who are. Yeah it sells that you're still bouncing off the wall here. Well he had planned it. Club not a political might of expected me it worked which are much. I'm. When I visit Laura yesterday at her office in Rancho Bernardo rates and what you've finally corralled or via. She won't own the content you wonder like guy with the office. One time friend about it by. I came swap out Dirk pocketed ebony and the next thing and you might often be I'm in like crap about the. Yeah. Exactly you had to work more hours after we were done and it apparently didn't. We've really help your office productivity is what you're saying. Well I might Victoria. They get it it's at church for four say your husband and your son. You know. Is John John must be adopted to Gilani in Hawaii with you at Disney is that okay. Somebody aren't we are. When I did not want our own group would be you are or what. The SE to normal but I also know he can rely on what I'll be close ones are it it's a deal do for the team. Again have a great trip sends a postcard is on route and end up. Really do when a giant M in the morning and San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS LA and are you ready for victory number 1001 possibly Tammy maybe or maybe defeat 139 remember if you take on Tammy and beat her. You get a hundred dollars of hard earned money for ST CCU checking account. We'll play that game the new version because it's 1000 victories down coming up in just about twelve minutes yes. And if you wanna see the surprise video was popping in to Laura some work and catching John doing something in the lobby while he waited for our country out. I'm sure John do we yeah. As a I am mood of the Internet makes the team that was busted a look at adding girl might get us as a People Magazine once. Mean really guys up to you know a lot of ipso and FaceBook page and done I can't think what it was that now.