Laugh Bracket: Liam vs. Kimo

Thursday, March 22nd


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A little champion of 28 team. Unlike any parallels brackets or anything along Boston's what I in this bracket go on the lap bracket pitting. Some quality laughs against each other and depending on your vote we'll see you moves on rain it's. So you'll have to call 8332871037. To that right now because they're gonna have you votes. On who moves ahead. In today's. Laugh bracket all right today's match up is a beauty that features the number sixteen seed Kimmo. Against the number one seeded. Jamie grants ammonium via kilos and a chance I. My opinion ball came oh. King is of course Kimmel host our afternoon show here KS so when does your chemo but. Now the number one seed its medium. Leave them again in the knowing. He. You go one more time for match up going Tebow. A ball against lay out. 871037. I'm ready with my pen to start taken about sorry here we go first to snare us there is a mission valley Sarah was your goal for. In Johnson is laugh bracket. You know I'd much to highlight key mount. But that that's lap was just a little weak in a helium it is adorable. And there was Little Rock laughed as well as. The. And able to release him the night and what's your name. It would lower Lois who'd you want to vote for chemo or the lowest we should've had your honor. I hit a couple of hundred. Well that she had what I did. All of that is there. We need to vote yes before you test out the eyes you know you. Is more my grandson to leave yours came home well. And here's big helium. Yeah. At that let my hand or William you might winners are. I think you're him influence too much information hi John into the what's your name. That hygiene on hearing go your growth for chemo. Were Leone. Well. I'm sorry Q well you'd. You aren't actually she did a little harder. I am going that we it was adorable and yeah. How can I thank dean and speed around ready let's being to these votes can be rounding out. I instead of being through it yeah. Put your nose above fourteen Laura lay them. Broke my usual fourteen Orleans. And we move. I love your golf course you Aurilia. Mr. Kim was mom yeah. You don't like your son's. Spoon guys. Yep. This is gonna we. Yeah yeah. Period not rule it's ideally your friendly image. Yeah I heard the yet I know I tried and sent me anyway like he was a sixteen seed Williams Dejuan that it's gonna take a miracle mine so far Ki moon needs 18332871037. That it is a lap well Lamar vote of one norm. Staff. I think people I think he has been defeated Leon we'll move. Single point one more votes it was a little mosque call your elbow forgive him. They aren't even. That's a failure. Our heads and record deal moves on the last. Very funny and we will crown of the kid laughed champion yet as we get closer and closer to the NCAA champion Jimmie.