Last Night at Moonshine Flatts

Friday, October 20th


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A Fuller a 619570. Number 1973. I'm Melissa was at last night's benefit show for the survivors and victims of armed. The tragic attack in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago is also a celebration of life. For the young lady Jennifer Irvine who passed away in the shooting she was an attorney here for San Diego it was so emotional wonderful wonderful night at. Moon shine flats for horrible. Situation. Analyst those up. Diplomatic ponds they think you can you don't mean forget that for every night I debate. I reading my email and apple number one so. All the right people last night we had a great time. What happened tell me. Mike does the biggest survivor and she all of Carter went about their favorite artist Jay bell and premiere all of the social media is being made and it managers. And they should really haven't thought about going out last night the first contact. And so I want to do something special does that make things easy on marriage in the wrecking my. And I know app index for cardinal aren't going to need me but yet her and her mom repeat the mine and you know how a lot and then I got contacted by noon trying flat while a lot on their argument about what the bad all of. Carter and it Ritter was the headliner that played the benefit concert last night he was also. At the celebration of life for Jenner vine and he had a real hard time with it because they've played. I don't use all this part it was amazing Leo OO emotional they played a video montage of the pictures of her doing. What everybody else likes to do himself he's going to concerts dancing with your friends have this we're watching this with the senseless. And he's still can't. Imagine 12 she's there the next second he's gone. And they're playing his music underneath. And he was right in front of me and he was crying like everybody else I was him and they actually say some words he couldn't do it yeah hi so it was really emotional for him as well. Yeah but it it was a real I got that you guys all get back and she had a really good time we had a great time it was really dead and there's a much. And I like the loud and people missed where everyone was really really great. I think here can stop this I'm glad that you had a good time there really was such. It was so full of love in that venue last and I couldn't believe it I don't think I've hugs so many people in my life. It was just wonderful. It was really nice to meet you last night and I got really emotional on stage and looking down you and and grabbing your Hanley that really helped me so. Did I know I really really and he added that she and I'm in the you know why. Did it. Never never apologize for that that was awesome. What.