Las Vegas Survivors Reunited

Tuesday, November 7th


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So it tomorrow CMA awards and many of us are wondering how the Simi is gonna handle the route 91 harvest festival tragedy and I don't know if you heard over the weekend that. They made a mistake the CME association of of putting in their press junket that. Anybody that asks. Stars about route 91 with other press credentials and poll while Bradley is he wanted to none of that. I tweeted right away I'm sure to see and isn't a reason to stupid bubble lie in 321 and see Mays did in fact do that and they're asked. Have some kind of tribute to some kind of mention is gonna have to be brought up this is still so fresh. In everybody's mind especially everyone went down in Texas on Sunday from absolutely. If you remember we had many many many listeners who were at road 91 in Vegas who are still dealing with the after effects that PT SD. One of them is Laura Laura and her boyfriend. Were running through the holes of a hotel trying to find shelter. Anywhere with a locked door. No won't let the men until a wonderful charitable couples and here come in. It's safe. Now know whose people work it could assure for all they need but they still did what they thought they had to do and Laura the day after harvest fest called us because she didn't know who these people. War. Or from Corona, California okay. And and you believe there remember what site. 53 trial were fifty to eighty we're pretty sure where the myself my boyfriend. And he doesn't she gentleman in the room and got bit deeper water they get blanket. You know they've made sure we. Needed anything we needed that they had. You guys stayed up all night together petrified. And part partner are. Important hernia. Nearly all that running for their lives moments before and none of them have at that time thought to get their names. To get contact yeah sure sure just last thing on your mind so Laura came on our show said it was put it out there FaceBook is who we can do with it worse. Everybody got everybody's name the reunited for the reuniting process began to happen Lawrence joining us now because they did have. A meeting together finally reuniting. Kyle Laura and rule so share what does the reunion. We were able to need that extra. I've been here yet at a chilly. Could an era where they live in krona count my nineteen Marco. And I was even more in Riverside weakened our work. Killing probably believe there back Saturday. Well. I mean how emotional was it did you ever stop plugging. We hugged me eight laps and we had all the conversations but I feel like we would have had you met earlier that day along at all in together. I would do if you won't help we have what kind of job we did the book called think that we would opt about. So in other words or you're just getting to know each other. Yeah pretty much gave familiarity we're stoked on it it was like. They get chilly up. So air can Crist opened up the hotel room Ewing your house and went in the other. Other two guys came in you are all in this room experience seeing it this is extremely. Terrifying moment. And now that you have the opportunity to sit back and take a brass and now you're to gather do you think that you guys will always stay connected. I'm absolutely a little bit when we came down into the human Q I want to thank out of the Bennett began with a I don't. Know and he I'll open don't want them ideally get in between north and are due back at the survivor read and you kind of just plain ribbon. And actually I look at America have a united letter party next month and while. Our own Mike. So what was there and when they saw Kyle's work which by the way is beautifully does really nice work. I did I think like everybody else that they get stared at it they were to go in on. It you know they'll. Less to get it would pat you know a positive memory to look at when you think about it. Together as a group. Are you guys getting closer to feeling healed or is that a long ways away yet. So does that process for everybody. You know campaigners super you get up in the Belgrade you about Japan and about the same accent and you know you got it already earned just wanna paint your house because that might vetoed it but the the real up and down. All right well thank you for sharing that with us and you know this is one of the many positives that we heard about in the aftermath of this tragedy so. I'm just so happy you made these friends and you've kept this connection going in seems to me. That this is on the you're always gonna have with them. There as far as I'm concerned they're actively. Or are you fed I think the whole survivors are are feeling like they are one big picture family I've met last week when we're at. Carlsbad. I had the opportunity to ride along with Carlsbad police department I think five couples from the Carlsbad police department all there. And they all had the same story as it is is Laurie Connell who are doing cops then they were his country music fans who were. You know trying to protect their loved ones.