Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Thursday, November 9th


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Joining us now is mayor Carolyn Goodman the mayor of Las Vegas mayor Goodman wonderful to speak with you thank you for joining us. Well thanks John for having me and I love San Diego I'm fact that almost Lovett as much if not they get. I thought. Wonderfully here and I know many of a city in love Las Vegas equally self. A thanks for that is a matter of fact there are many sandy begins of that aura to root on anyone to harvest festival and we are dealing with. The feeling it here in San Diego and obviously were wondering how the healing is going in Las Vegas. You know I think for those who were wounded in the families of those Lee blocked. Is it it will be a lifetime a lifetime appealing you never. Can overcome something like this it's just a matter of getting. To a point where you can move on in life and it's just tragic it was senseless. And did it was demonic and in my opinion and it's just that's been a difficult time that I think it's also been inspiring for people because they realize. How everybody in this community and around the country have come together. In support and the intent that they. Or glad that you brought that up because here in San Diego we had many people who attended that route 91 harvest festival in many people have friends and family who were there and we all. Wanted to do something. So we did an impromptu get together about 500 of us early on a Thursday morning in an empty arena parking lots. He and we've formed a human peace sign it. As a symbol of our solidarity. And thoughts and prayers are with you and then we had a drone take a picture of the peace sign. Cruel and it looks really cool. I can't wait to see it. Yet all here's the cool thing is that one of the survivors. Works in the picture framing business actually printed and matted and framed copy or were sending it to you so you have. How beautiful. I will make sure we shall it it's City Council and get it out to the mediate here. Because it knows the defense activities that everybody really wants to. Do something physical. And we found that immediately. That very night and all through well and continuing today we create did it just came I have total volunteer effort from the landscape designers. I began working on healing garden which is in the heart apart down down. And they work round the clock for four days and cut it open it's got a beautiful. And remembrance wall and it tree is planted trees each of those sleep loss and then there's the big tree of life. It was just that it was cathartic for the for people who acted do something with their hands get involved Gail I have to try and do something. We are with the mayor Carolyn Goodman the mayor of Las Vegas Mira wedding have you seen or heard from the country music community. Are coming together for you and their thoughts about Las Vegas. The outpouring of sympathy individual contacts has been phenomenal but the concerts that are ongoing or planned for the future. That is just I am I the only thing I wish more earth that we can't have those 68 back and that we could make sure that anyone who is. Have been hurt didn't have that issue just. And it's incomprehensible. To me he would elect. How impact actual essence spend. Mayor Goodman as the mayor of Las Vegas and plays who we gonna have fun bachelor parties bachelorette party is joining us gambling and having a great time. A city it's not associated with the what we saw. Last month. Why how hard is it was it is it still for you to lead. And and Nelson be human being about this whole thing I mean people are looking to use a guy does take a somewhere but you're also someone is like. What's happened to my city is going to be very difficult to do your job right now. You know John I think. I think what's coming out of that goes what can we be doing to make sure this doesn't happen again you can't just let it. Just be act itself added to value. You have to learn from that you have to make light to battery you have to have made the sacrifices that these poor innocent people. Happen value that's gonna change and change for the better. And that's what we're about is a very different time and we. Need to make sure that we are as well aware of what's going not around to ask him when people are showing signs of real. Problems he would need to say something you know they'd they'd law enforcement says see something say something. And so what do we learn what we did learn of what we continue to learn is where bonds gets strong people and we will not be defined by eight if you cooler full of hate and anger these are individual perpetrators. And we just need to know that they don't define who the United States of America. It and they do not define who leaked one of those is good law abiding caring involved people. Who love our freedom and love this country they will not take over who and what we are. Mayor Goodman that was well said thank you for your time this morning be on the lookout for our care package coming your way and we do mean care. I can't wait and it is now might leave Latvia all it's all right and tell you tell you have a beautiful day in the sky to down there art guy looks good. Good. Think is strong mayor Goodman you take care bill. Boston the jobs at the producers step.