Lakeside-Santee Relay for Life is This Weekend!

Thursday, May 18th


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All right it's that time of year again we're super stoked about the relay for life in lakeside lakeside Santee relay for life. Tennis I can think what the third fourth there have been involved in this or something like that yeah out at the lakeside middle school more super excited be part of it again this Saturday only to see again thank you John you are our new friend Veronica hi Veronica hi IA thinks having asked this year's relay for life in lakeside at lakeside middle school a little bit different this year. We've got. He then you've seen its freeze out cancer and so is going to be kind of a take off of those frozen thing nice. So we're looking forward to. A lot of cool decorations and we've got some great acts. Coming up for our entertainment. And what's really cool as we've got John into him in the morning there Basra in a usage Darrell. Yeah we're going to be there from 930 until 1130 were gonna try to work in a live version of TV's college or Hollywood not so we'll see how that goes another new thing just for you days as you are used to relay for life lakes yes I was apart collegiate relay for life scanty. And Archie great cities are merging together this year and now we're relay for life lake sites in some huge GM yet. Comes soul for mean years and years and years ago I just joined and come through my work somebody says oh come to relay for life you're gonna walk a lap that's for cancer and I just went out and did it not really. Knowing too much about serve but then my dad was I diagnosed with cancer. And it kind of hit closer to home and sure I am doing so since 2010 I've been involved. With the relay for life CE NT it's going out and feeling like you are helping your grieving money you are raising awareness you are remembering those people that you've lost ring in your pregnancy that are still here yet and you're part of a team in part of a group effort actually. Oh plus you consider an investment Isa yourself the you know he you know why but eventually use our margin for your father and if you haven't been touched by cancer your congratulations that's a really wonderful thing but eventually Sally you will. And this is a way to talent helped raise money find a cure but to you know be your host and good karma and that fight against cancer examining what's what's your what's with your dad how is this what's your dad is environment champagne joining together to walk for a cure is the relay for life lakeside CNT has the join together part now. Very cool going on this Saturday lakeside middle school deal people still wanna get involved volcanic. I can go to the American Cancer Society web site they can look up relay for life. They can join a team but even if you don't join a team come on out the day and you can participate we'll have silent auctions we never vendors. Selling food and you can just go to relay for life and that you can make a donation. Though again will be doing alive Jimmy's college Hollywood now between 9:30 AM 1130 this Saturday. Veronica nice to meet you. Thank you thanks so much for having Carol nice to see you again we'll see you both on Saturday morning okay look for rain wouldn't thank you for being part of it you bet thank you in lakeside Santee relay for life this Saturday at lakeside middle school their goal is 50000 dollars raised to obliterate cancer. We know that you can help out go to KS ON dot com our community events page for more details.