Lady A-Oke - March 19th, 2018

Monday, March 19th


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We're about to get our lady a non with a lady a Oki. Coming to town with Darius rocker this summer. And it's going to be a great show we want to go tickets go on sale Friday. Mosher kiss on loyal listening on sale on Thursday for you with your special code which will email you on Thursday morning. But Tammy is being very sneaky she's got an envelope and it in that envelope is a Lady Antebellum song correct damning. That is totally true I was so we wanna do is start calling 8332871037. When we come QB singing a Lady Antebellum song it's the one that I have an envelope. Then you'll win that those tickets 8332871037. Michelle we start the UNL. I'm. You know. I. Well that's on that is not the right song now as you're gonna move on to Lauren Lauren go ahead and sing your way to lay DA. And you don't have to get here to win but that is not the right on so let's go to CM EE hi Tammy senior way to lady game. I think I hit it. I hit don't leave nobody out in my own decked. Out with my own can't. He's got a birdie to end that is not the regular line honey yeah. He's on knows it and age sex and all right let's go to bath bath go ahead and sing your way Italy the game. I already know you don't have the right. I don't have a right thumb that I need you now look at. And you gotta do now and when we come to you all right all right go to CU April April senior way Italy be okay. I think it's wonderful that frame. And made. And editing. On him but. Former. Good for you by the way that's really good CNET that is not the right song let's move on to Natalie Natalie senior waive the late DA. Yeah. I'm ET. Hang on Natalie John when you open that envelope and tell me what it says inside the Fisher will Timmy. Natalie were you singing the song downtown. I that's what Tim has got written on the able obligation annually DA RJR. And you nailed it Natalee had a dead. A well you killed a good for you lady and Darius Rucker you're going to be there. You were singing downtown the song Tami Jones for a Levy a Oki today they did it take you so much to listen to John Tim in the morning. I. Right I'm ego and remember tickets go until this Friday canceling loyal listeners get the pre sale code on Thursday. To -- DA along with Darius Rucker Saturday August 25 at mattress firm empathy and a.