Lady Antebellum Make John And Tammy Laugh With Kid Friendly Jokes!

Monday, August 27th


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I don't know if you knew this lady GA when they started out three single. Individuals. Ready to embrace all that the musical life and offer. Every single individual's well fast forward ten years rates huge success countless awards they're all three Mary grant all three have families you know they all bring their families with them on the road for a whole vibe yeah April 88 but they still imparted you can still seeing as we all found out and I can still. Make us laugh with it some kids jokes. Tammy of course in her grandson William make us laugh every week with his. Life lessons with William including his his stand up equity Kelly. A so we thought we asked mommy Hillary and dad gave Hayward about their favorite kid jokes and. What's your rescue as a joke my grandson William is I'm gonna happen that's when he joins us on the show so great let it out of that time to go to the Dennis to. What is the best time to go to the dentist I don't know 230. Finally come out early it was like let's. I thought that gives you the background I love they'll Charl that was Charles and I yeah. Dirty her up even I think even plays into his mouth well you can also tell they was talking that nugget away via video while his kid was trying to get back under the bus apps all right of the give Hillary labor B plus for that one I island. Let's see what David Hayward. Of lady is necessary about his fever can joke as I call my kids is. What is Beethoven's favorite street. I don't know. And and then. A. Dave Haywood return to not only a joke put up a cultural lesson is a teaching kids about being told yes I like it. Because let me how many miners I think that was due to really. I'm willing to security better but at that but I'm not not come. My and they're both good and they were great sports about it.