KSON CountryFest 2018 Artist Dylan Scott Interview With John & Tammy.mp3

Tuesday, May 22nd


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We announced as it was country fast yesterday with Chris lane and Carly pierce and Dylan Scott Hillis got a guy in that. A few years back he played country's fast he get a solid all cold my girl which went OK and now his new song is called stacked. And it's doing just that it is Killen right now and DSL and don't Scott playing country fast but we talked to a couple years ago all right off the stage at a very. Very hot day and stagecoach way deals kind of to blossom family breaking news Boras. Actually some breaking. Maybe a hat. Gil Scott right off. First you just cut up the stage you just played it great show thank you it's hot as you know what else there and you smell good that the fugitive I just got up and this premise that and it's a nice fresh the other it. And little Cologne and well were so close coverage of the West Bank capital analyst flavor actually use my friend but it's really effective and well thought that was the reason why you want to take part in John Jimmy's new country pick empowers the incomes over he hangs out the Rancho Bernardo in him analyze things a lot since a principle in our New Orleans in a very get away now can we QE breaking news that's on your hat or whatever is right on on what's what's written I sort of got daddy -- my -- to figure how you want to root out like Hoosier daddy you're actually on where daddy and now it's I'm a bit dead. Yeah. Absolutely we're excited and so my wife and I got her a dollar at us that don't but I got a dog thinking OK so stop talking babies for yet. And I get the dog two weeks later found out okay well we're pregnant or I didn't work them posters have both dog per. Shot right out sorry LA. This finger right this morning she calls me and she's crying as she goes. Just kick currently looks just let the house can clean enough and the dogs is aggravate me and my disposal keeps. All that's what I'm doing that's the most adorable thing ever hurt this year Julian Marley tells alert our toes cute mommy usually not to be we're up anchored. Those are non since euthanized I think you have a song there. Yeah don't you agree on. Are you only a foot or you put men in general Amin. CN nicely about really afoot I don't know I. Judging me look like a very haven't Dylan's got some country artist of course. New dad's foot fetish just may maybe may be a bad way I wanna say that their little boy was born in December match out right before the beginning of the year and his wife Blair handled. Beautiful young yet you see Dillon can gradually and I'm I'm Blair maybe shown your bubble gum toast after this Owens country fast. Get all your tickets and he deals at KS ON dot com remember those ten dollar tickets will be until for a limited time. Snatched those a porky get a show for ten blocks in town anymore he's can't pay all the tells ATS and dot com.