Krystal From The Bachelor Tells All!

Wednesday, March 7th


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You're seeing this. There. If you let this soak into all this crystal. There's so many questions. Okay oh start this first of all we do is cynical to dudes talking about the bachelor. Dude number one as mark dude over to his me John it's nice to meet you nice to issue is only give real time level we're going to be doing here this morning I got so many questions were. We definitely wanna know what your thoughts were about last night in the debacle that was Monday night. However we also wanted to know about you and if you thought you were fairly portrayed on the bachelor and if not what did we miss what's the crystal that we missed let's start with that. And I got through my coffee and an. You know that. I would I think going back to Monday night's debacle I've received so much surprised social media. People coming at PG just say I'm so sorry that it's. We misunderstood you the big thing was. Going back to triple Alley. Everyone is I had completely blown up and gossip that are being a liar and is respectful to other women on the team going back on his word. And it it's so ironic that that's talent this. Adventure and it. Is exactly issues I had had a problem wit and I had called out. And spoken very bluntly to him and I mean really address it with him and other women could comment to a lot of heat for it if you did I did and turns out I mean I I was rate. Is that hard as I mean you know what happened to be sure that you would be up a lot on Twitter and a lot of social media. The voices obviously I'm gonna talk a little bit after the must be a horrible thing to do it. Isn't high yield how to say I had never been in that situation before and I think the thing that bothered me the most was the comets are made about my family and my little brother. On those really hurt I can take. All the other comments but the once they hit home. I'm for hard to kind of just brushed by him. When you look at the way it's produced a show's producer and I think they need to file find it's not what's investor for a few years. And they made you to be the melon do you think that they've portrayed you. Accurately now I felt like. Throughout the process hand washing back I just well increasingly misunderstand. And even you know moments. Like I mean you really see my my theme is like one liners and I was like this sentiment in the deal or longer you know and a half a sentence and I'm like. And talking about something else but it looks like I'm talking out and other things like making a snide comments you act like Tonto like I'm above this and sold out this. And I comet is it. Powell Ari is hanging over all these women and not gonna be one of these women like I mean for him but won only nineteen and an I this like. I'm not gonna I'm not and subject myself to this kind of DD and so it was just cut it in place and it looks really speaking down to the women and it wasn't speaking down to. Processor Pallet art it was beaten. He got the cancer and. Yeah I. Can't grant me. What happened. Does that have a guy who we look back on and see that he kissed like everybody hot that he was crazy like I didn't see it. The chemistry even with like back add or Jaclyn rained well it is there and so goal back and watch that dislike loudly it's been pulled her. Issues you too is well and he likes you he doesn't like he had. And I think I think crystal is that my. Okay you been portrayed as the villain and I am sure you can take the poking rate you can take it when when. Because your Smart girl and and you're aware of what this whole thing is is there really a bad thing because. Where the girls that didn't really make any kind of dent that no one knows anything about the only times and I think once crystals off the show my hand was blue yellow flew out here yeah the best part of the show you know I. Aren't you. I mean I'm in the synagogue that process like I wanna come out the other and let people know right remembering me. And a lot of the girls think that your time no well I mean as a key player but I air time and it happens again. Yet takes and he took some heat last week women's until well yeah I was very end and that Sam and color and another. Clocking at about life of the lions selling this is behind the I was prepared the voice was brought up. And data and I had some fun with you this season by I would I would do this limitation of happiness is the most sincere form of flattery is not making fun. Arnie at half I can't talk to for a minute. When I forgot who was last week it's now that you had themselves and come up. With Carolina senate that I associate. In not answer the boys went for a while. The voice went from zero Lou enraged pretty pretty quick. You look at the person who's not to mess with them. I think it ever gets to play every alike are and that takes and he and then what it's just served. You get to plant use your dot and I'm gonna like the people in their place and it called Caroline out for. For heard his name calling me and making fun of me all the hang camera the I'm the one you went to Kerry line. Angela you confronted her and try to discuss and resolve issues and all she was just talk behind my back. And never to my face and so I mean those comments I just. We are with crystal. A from the bachelor we've gotten so much more because everyone's talking about what went down on Monday night in last night's after the final rose. Can you hang for a little while god or Ellis had you been the one who is proposed to and then OJK. Take back would you have been as kind mellow as baca was last night I think it just. Hands on how infested. I would have been into their relationship I think if if I would have forgotten troop point eight it's hard to say because I am in it about hopping through the process. On an ad that I left I was not in the position to get engaged and they had a Carthage when Beckham like that I trip and Paris we sat out Mears chatting like. I don't see anyone could be compared. To him before and just the lack of time you have with him but then that's your question jammies if I had an extremely invested in. Then and blind sided I mean I wouldn't hurt and I deathly that is spoken a night I am bothered everyone and it was the fact he got that camera crews and that's yeah it was just humiliating to Beckett and a blind side yearning a need to see here. So excited and happy and showing off her green in. That was deceitful list it was unfair. And ABC's to blame as well as as Ari as Ari the power to Seattle to do that heated neither of these and he's a warm. But. Sunday. After us. That could've and you know I mean that looked for a few weeks ago was going to be do you have feelings for him still I do not looking good now. I am. Honestly I had my feelings for RE IA it lost them in Fort Lauderdale and what's next for crystal I meant so I am launching lifers. Program total like I. And on Friday that interactive program at work out with me ever electronic iron that. It's I definitely am watching it on next week brilliant thinking in Kabul global polls are going. Aaron. Unedited engulfing hello Linda and her address the question is are we gonna see you in Mexico tonight we expect similar. Bachelor parent I'm not eating and the and our eyes crying kids Kristol saw a couple of the girls now since the season's over have commons that I don't think Ari was ready for this I don't think he was really here. Herb block of a better phrase for the right reasons what are your thoughts and do you think he was in it for the right reason I have been saying that the entire time I was there. They he was I did not feel he was ready again yeah. I value does not adding. And it really maybe ever has got to catching up. Do you think that Lauren is gonna regret her decision to say yes I will marry you after what he put her through. Lori and yet I think each the other guys last night. Did IV got a grip oh my god I did Ricky music. They gave last night my eyes. All right so when you're done now crystal just don't know that our running game and look up your column. Well yeah yeah. That's decent or in the. If you're completely Florida. I and I really was its list. Before we leave. It in favor you I'll I'll alert can you give me one more RE for their for several times and in in your voice perhaps pleased you can do an area off nick she's she believe we are in 89. It's what they are coming in with us has been a pleasure meeting you and I Achille deer more McChrystal think it's and I think he can.