Krystal From The Bachelor is Joining Us Tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6th


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San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KSO and John and Tammy in the morning one more day can expect tomorrow. Fingers crossed her her daughter's been induce today so she might wait another day which means she might miss something huge on the show. Huge on the show which will get to in just one moment hi Eric. I don't know I've ever last so potent. With not only. Two guys watching a bachelor. And it's. Wait a second hard. I can't wait appreciate you saying now I can with the CNET and they put you up to this so I have to do to get rid of your. Is that I have never called go or look like. After crude and ultimately. It. A lot of the bathroom are here to create a crystal aggression. With the air and it and been caught with preparing and it's because because I don't you ever coldly as sociopath. This is the quality of fatherhood. It might put him in my making fun of her around to address to solve weicker and some say in the ocean is the most sincere form of flattery that's up its own doing trying to imitate her. Now that's where you let them go to the plateau but it's probably the funniest thing ever heard. Aren't you thank you the every hour that might. Help but warned it could you're no. Make appreciate. God out. OK we promise something huge on the show and Eric again thank you for your kind words I can't believe anybody likes that segment. A little bit and I think you're going to be impressed. By a special in studio guest tomorrow joining to do its talking about the bachelor vital to dudes talking about the bachelor has a special guest tomorrow. It will feature. It happened but maybe she heard my imitation is I have to go in there. I'll tell you where I'm sure I'm going to ask her first shirt to kind of really in a little bit Jai have you talked to her on the phone I have this he saw an instant. No she's it's still personally super excited to be on the show tomorrow. I can't wait verdict give the act CEO while not making fun over I'm imitating her wish is the most sincere form of flattery. And I also. Will go on record by saying. I have said before LC it's more to her face the show was boring without her she made the show this in my right. Last night but oh well. Tomorrow crystals from the bachelor will be joining us. After 8 o'clock John and Tammy how one of 37 game Acela.