Krystal And Chris From The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise In Studio with John and Tammy!

Thursday, September 13th


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Johnson in the morning a little 37 KS ON here where super excited for our next in studio gas I can't believe we say studio all right. Although crystal you were here before and we had a good time with Cuba now you brought someone with he big fan and I'm going to raise my. This is not happening anymore values that the house and now I mean actually like I think it duke and. To Europe and. Magical I can't expect a unit corner can cut out my time right now. So what do I mean one week you guys of that what do what do. A year you guys that. Crystal orders are reviewed in the last time you were here you were still like thank god didn't pick that do that sorry yeah. I'm sorry I. Eight India and Chris lesson we saw you you were idol who's fairly or unfairly portrayed as the villain is the producers have their say there and the bachelor. The bachelorette in this case. Turning into the party in paradise that was bachelor paradise and you guys on each other. That's holder it's not you start your journey tight finishes OK and so we started off both on our journeys on rough patches idea. Quote unquote villains who is innocent he said yes OK yeah. It's misunderstood but I ever saw crystal as a villain yet I sorry it's kind of Midler they made the mettler like you're always a and unlike Jack in the Box you lower they made you look I mean it was deliberately make you bill. Yeah I idea I guess for me. It was different journey but it also. Going in a paradise I didn't see my season. Al and I had that sea and air gets violent I actually called my mom and I came back rights holders that all of the good news actually immigrated out of one on one day earlier and it. So I'm thinking in my mind are okay walls on 67 ups are as well yeah little that I know that I came back from paradise and the everything was going nuts let's. I have to jump in Iraq we'll never get to talk because John and one of our other co workers mark. Every week they would do a report with two dudes talking about the bachelor bachelorette. They didn't do it this time on going north town wanted to site got to jump inside an exam question so do you think that was purposely done to use. To start that filming a pastoral paradise that you don't see how your portrayed so that you come in without all this stuff on your shoulder is gone that's not fair. It won't though because it's just it's just time you know I'll canned when the filming takes place. I think crystal got lucky and blessed you go through it and then see it back broke and then understand kind of from. A cast perspective you're perspective reserve started. Yeah I would I would say. Well there are pros and cons because having gone through I was really nervous about its. Going to be heard ice yet have all the men from the bachelor button have seen my season and not once you connect with me because of user expectations and it turns us that are drawn there. On how ever it does allow me time to just understand the process of really how the show is needed. Powell I became the villains I was just so much more self aware. Going to Wear nice of my actions and words of particular situations that that was kind of evident to you could kind of tell that you were definitely I was walking on eggshells beautifully on your best behavior at first yeah mark reserves and Marshal hurt. And so wanna side I thought Chris really isn't any villain nights throughout the process and was very early on it was after the second rose ceremony. Though when you're the head bands and how that look we need to talk. And I got I pulled him it was just like you know you you're giving earlier power need to bring up can get software. He rights and wrongs and like miles like alcohol I feel about your right now but I just. Differently that special breed beat between you and me only here OK time. I don't know I if ultimately whether there had to be spark grandmother landed and we actually intensity to it in the pool in the and connected well. Really it was going about her father is not what it's like a really deep congress is sure that I'd never hot action harmless than ever before. NA I mean we always had found ourselves find each other but crystal ball that the TO cult situation. And then that night Kenny grabbed me and pulled in very day and at a respective kept me. I did a priest Chris that it precede each other candidates other relationships until finally it was just like we have to you see this like we can tonight again. We're talking McChrystal and Chris newly engaged command and you won't hear what you should know is that as they're talking to us are ignoring us now shirt each other people so they're really discussed. I honestly am I. You guys are awesome love field I think Obama I'm a little bit. I'm popular romantic of what so what's the future now what Larry where you guys going forward with this besides the obvious. Yes so now. Making the jump from the East Coast the West Coast really decided that we can't live without each other now just not gonna happen and I heard you're trying to find a place here in truck ever China sea of San Diego is we're going to be or maybe a little bit closer LA right now or in LA Villa and that's kind of where rat as far as that this decision making process but there's no doubt in my mind that that's the next step and our relationship right now let's elect a paradise for 12 arrogant my question. So you guys both mentioned that you had other day easily were there when you realize okay I'm really in a Chris armor earlier McChrystal. Those other people are still there that's got to be super. Super awkward and maybe even like. Anger refusing maybe you'll jealousy coming up any fighting and what was that like when you realize that you wanted to be together but utilities other people that. They didn't we just kiss couple days ago or didn't we like him I don't know I'm I mean for me it was easy because Tina Koller inseparable yeah paradise. Even after our talks. Five minutes later shoot you back on the beach attend feeding him and kissing him so I news that current I would never gonna go where. And essentially just wanted to focus on crystal. And I knew that along that path there's a little bit adversity upfront but that and it was so easy after that's not where about anything else because. All my mindset was it was a spokesman on her brow okay. All right guys listen great luck to both of you means that if you know how difficult has this next journey is going to be an antibody is it wasn't so easy. That would be so many people screw it up all the time that said you're very much in love it's awesome to see thank you for letting us in your life. Thank her as uncomfortable almost yeah he's thought I. I I mean we just saw what happened to port Jordan this past week I mean one day using gauges next day. But real life gets in the way and then there is life in turmoil right now does it can't be easy. Even though they to poke fun at what you guys did and how you did it it's it's love and it's cool to see it happening crystal. You look. Beautiful today because you're lucky man. You'd only like your body is so much. Looser than it was last time you were here it's beautiful Chris dwelled on street take care of our earlier look at Iowa all right. It's beautiful it's crystal it's Chris it's the bachelor of Paris lovers in the air attack on their kissing her enough everything. Let's get married. I'm in yeah let's go come on Harry Carey Hart well we don't expect it on and Aaron out. All right guys think you're shopping in general position and thank you so much.