Know the Show for Stagecoach Tickets

Wednesday, September 13th


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Born planes. Each coach is evaluating the rode the stagecoach deceive them yet it's coaches until April. Late April but at the Atlantis came out today the entire life was actually out insulin dot com Garth Brooks Keith Urban. Photo George Landis had management is Osborne gonna be there will you be there. I bwi and those for a long time. I'm still team will be administering giants in the morning shall quiz. If you get all three questions right glow a perfect three for three. You will be taking that road stagecoach the first person in the world with those weakened glasses. Not bad stagecoach haven't April twice to the point that go on sale next Friday. At eleven me are you ready mr. Emas Tammy could teacher right now a previous. Class aren't. I think I could see was an understanding teachers Aniston future. Register with the history of the need to be pretzels. To be externally right now saying all along LE I GG in Polly IGG. Current AG you have the possibility you have the power you get three a three right you're going to stagecoach first person in California to do so okay. Oh my god no pressure no pressure at all confident every well question number one. From the stage coach headliners. Who would I Tammy dates in Mary dear don't. There. Is Keith Urban. It is Keith Urban that was mentioned about 1015 minutes ago that I GG one for one area question number two. What's band poster did John have on the wall of his childhood room. Well no time. I specifically said that when we're talking about the room switching rooms over when we moved out of the house he and answer please GG. Our guys at about. Is currently looks. The rules. And Samantha is in Carlsbad Samantha good luck go three for three and actually now just go for two for two because you got the first one. From the stage coach headliners who would I date in Mary teetered on. You say Mary are broke. You late eighteen Irvington. Don't play it. And doesn't get teachers yeah. Does not give you more information and you asked for here is never too damn postage on have a on the wall of his childhood room. Mattel is right Samantha had been paying attention Samantha who you are you one question away. From going to stagecoach the first person to IC California me in the world have a good luck Samantha. All right question number three. Who did John say is too wedding with Keith Urban on the song the fighter at stagecoach. I'm sorry that's and well. Sorry that's not right we go to Shannon in pine valley Sheehan and good morning. And all right question number one who primary data dump. From the headliners stagecoach. I view it as married aren't that unity. Service and you adopt. Florida Georgia. RA what BM poster did John have on the wall of his childhood room. A show. Just send it to the. I didn't hole and I. Brought against. Week ago. Graham are sorry here and I am amazed site comes to you now you are the Ewing who at the break all right okay. We'll take a break similar regroup and Hannah and I you hang tight that the ball is in your court. John Timmy quiz for stagecoach continues nexus and he was number one for new country can this I'm really nervous now we go to channel in the mesa high channel. I'm doing release on decidedly nervous so good luck to you here we go through and stagecoach. Sorry a year ago from the stage coach headliner who ordinary digger don't. I am very sorry. DP and Dow flirted back and. What band poster did John have on the wall of his childhood room. And was that metallic. It was and Jana. You get this right but you're going to stagecoach. Here we go. Now imported. John C is to wedding with keep their rent on the song the fighter at stagecoach. Oh me I am. I know what I'm saying Casey MacBook Air. Sorry that's not. Go to our next contestant I'm sorry got it down to only had its Vanessa hi Vanessa. I'm doing well good luck here we go question one from stagecoach to marry date or dump. Are Aaron Bates is in doubt Florida dark alive. Excellent what ban poster is on John's Wallace childhood room. Metallica and hearing now hope you get this line and I'm Vanessa who didn't imported Johns is due wedding with Keith Urban on this on the fighter at stagecoach. Yeah. I hit it in and let you know. Parent or I don't know. Specifically said somebody because yes here we couldn't be there Gary Lockett this is paid pages in Oceanside paid for Diana give these did go to Basel. I you're ready I am from the stage coach headliners who are married petered out. You're gonna marry dark you're gonna be. Eat and you're gonna dump articulate. What we have posters on Johns while his childhood room meant. Who did John say is do wedding with Keith river and on the song the fire at state coach. It. Is. It producers staff. And I don't know. A aren't you and your producers everything would keep her in she's excited. Vaguely. Yeah agreed to upon me go to you can. Oh my heart is beating up at the. Page taken out rode the stagecoach the first person in the world to do it will see you in the desert late April meantime. You got a lot of planted to do and plenty of time thankfully. Oh yeah I can finally.