Know the Show - March 14th, 2018

Wednesday, March 14th


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Our phone number is 83328710373. Questions must be answered correctly. If you get to right and the third one wrong sorry it's him thanks but we have to go to the next person in line RA let's do this all right so first up is Craig an Imperial Beach good morning Greg. Good morning good well Greg listen three questions for you good luck okay. Okay thank you Bremer what specific. Item. We're producer's desk kids a fighting over yesterday specific item. Open date the great applause. Paper grade cricket don't. Greg take a breath. There aren't you he said. It was. Grain Kareem. Construction paper. It was construction paper I was not grade. So we have we have we have sorry right now it Sikes I'd I misheard and that's why Henry it yet. All right so now we're gonna go to Trisha in Vista good morning Tricia. All right Trisha I think you can tell our world business here and that's a good luck what's the bat good enough what specific item. Brewster steps kids fighting over yesterday color needs to be included. The courier actually. Managed. They're now 13 away from Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl number two. Trisha in Vista. When we were sampling highs for national pie day. What flavor was the last suite behind me. The. I. Sari was not sharing our administration that means we have to go to match in this good morning Matt. DeMarre. Here we go what specific item and just ask kids fighting over yesterday. I would create construction paper and again I don't matter when we are sampling pie is what flop with labor was the last sweet pie that we need to. Be had out about the outlook I can't remember. It war it's. A stronger. Start well today it was not all right so let's go to Sydney and Chula Vista good morning Sydney hear your questions to go to Taylor Swift complexity what specific item produces does kids fighting over yesterday. Action good job. City and we are sampling pies what flavor was the last week by we eat replied I. Don't more specific. Oh I got your your great track you're right it's just there's more of that. Coke and magical about what pie. Oh okay nine minute. Cream. You can't. I don't. Yourself that you're panic selling only to. Sydney you can get this last question right you are going to see Taylor Swift may eighteenth at the Rose Bowl. My man here we go world Wheaton world hoping that the people were waiting it'll suck up upon a what it did Tammy EL at the kids during the teachers are hero's ceremony very specific things she yelled. Is it dates are. Or go to the rolling over. I you don't know the show. Listen up this is something that's very hard to do yet to play in the way he got mainly in the way work school whatever. The pay attention that closely the threat the last hour and a half you deserve those tickets congratulations. Sidney you're going to see Taylor Swift. Thank you so. So much emphatic I. All right that's on psalm Mike I can't wait out front with the that's going to be Great Britain Ireland really show again and tomorrow and Friday as well so those who couldn't get through today I'm sorry you're waiting on hold that's a drag but. Tell you what we'll get you necktie tomorrow and heavy start up playing until the show for Taylor who have tickets tomorrow we Jon Terry a little 37 KS so I.